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Blog #11 - Tim's Black 2 Unova Adventure Collection

Posted May 29th, 2013 at 3:07 AM by T!M

[B][COLOR="green"]Blog Synopsis[/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR="Green"]I've decided to compile all my Unova Travel Journey posts into one convenient blog post. So enjoy![/COLOR]

[COLOR="Green"]2 Years after the events that N created with Ghetsis and their team hell bent on bringing the end of the world...

A boy named Tim was told by his mother that a young lady with a green bonnet was looking for him. Tim and his "friend" Benjamin or Ben, began their hunt for Professor Junipers assistant. Heading to the lookout of his hometown there waited the girl with the green bonnet. The lady's name was Bianca and little to Tim's knowledge this "Bianca" traveled with the legendary savior of the Pokémon League against N and Ghetsis team 2 years earlier. Holding a small case in which three PokéBalls were in, Tim was given a choice to choose 1 of the 3. Tim picked the center Pokémon and within it was Tepig; The Fire Swine. After taking Tepig, Tim was asked by Bianca to engage in his Pokémon Trainer Battle against his friend Ben.

The battle began and Tim used Leer to lower Ben's Oshawatt's attack and then finished the battle with several powerful Tackles. Ben, distraught asked for PokéDex from Bianca; assuming it would make him stronger. Tim, who had been given a PokéDex prior to the battle with Ben, set out to Route 19 (or 18, I can't remember). He was given 10 PokéBalls by Bianca and before leaving his town was given Running Shoes and Town Map from his mother and Ben's younger sister respectively. Before leaving Tim stopped at the PokéCentre where he asked the Nurse to heal Tepig and he also bought 10 Potions for his adventure.

On route 19 (or 18) Tim captured a Purloin. Moving on from Route 19 (or 18) he met with a mysterious flame haired man named Adler, who analyzed Tim up and down and asked him to meet him in the next town over. Tim agreed and followed the man. While in town, the man noticed that he had two Town Maps with Tim and deduced it was for Ben. Before Adler said he would train Tim he wanted him to go to the next route and give Ben his map.

While Tim set out, he encountered two trainers and battled and won flawlessly; while traveling further towards Ben. Tim found a Seawaddle, captured it and allowed it to join the team, hoping that a Bug-Grass hybrid would be useful in the future. Tim now rests at the PokéCentre...

(sorry if there is spelling or grammatical errors; to lazy to check for spelling and shaz.)[/COLOR][/spoiler]

[B][COLOR="green"]Chapter I[/COLOR][/B]
[spoiler][COLOR="green"]The next day... After emerging from the PokéCentre Tim set out into the wild to find Ben, his friend, and give him a Town Map.

Tim took the time to stop and train both Pignite and Seawaddle while also encountering two other Pokémon. Psyduck and Pidove; to which Tim promptly caught.

After training them all to equal levels, Tim proceeded to a nearby Ranch to which the owners explained their grief about losing one of their Herdier of the pair they always have together. Fearing the worst, Ben and Tim decided to venture into the thick woods to look for it.

Some time into the groves, Ben and Tim split up and looked in different directions.

Later, Tim found it, a pirate dressed "bandit" had the Herdier against the trunk of a tree. Upon being spotted and Ben's arrival, the pirate reluctantly handed over the stolen Herdier. But not before telling the duo that he was once part of the notorious and maniacal Team Plasma. He scurried off and Tim and Ben escorted the Herdier back to the Ranch owners.

To thank Tim, the Ranch owner handed over "Rock Smash" TM (I think... might of been something different) Before Ben left, Tim handed him his Map and he left.

Tim trekked back to the initial town (can't remember the name) and met up with Adler who asked that Tim battle his pupils, Tim defeated them easily. Proud of the victories Adler did something... I can't remember... and sent Tim off-- OH! He told Tim he should challenge the Pokémon League by battling the [Insert first Gym Town name here] Town/City Gym Leader.

So Tim returned to the town and entered the Trainer's School that had the Gym within. The Gym Leader Cheren (I think that was his name, right?) who, much like Bianca, traveled with the Legendary Hero who saved Unova from Team Plasma 2 years ago.

After Tim battled his two trainers Tim proceeded to Cheren for a final confrontation.

The battle began and ended quickly when a simple miscalculation of strategy caused Tim to fall at the hands of Cheren and his Herdier. Distraught and a little upset, Tim returned to the Gym quickly and employed another strategy and easily bested Cheren!

Cheren happily handed over his badge and Tim was finally on his first step to the top of the of Pokémon League.

As Tim stepped outside of the Gym; Bianca, Ben and Cheren swarmed him. Exchanging Xtransivier numbers, Tim had a list of people to help him on command.

After everyone said their good byes, Tim set out again in the wilderness to find the next Gym Leader.

After much traveling Tim arrived in the next city. As soon as he entered however he stumbled on a father and his daughter bickering. The female returned to the Gym. Tim identified his next target.

Tim wasted no time rushing to the Gym. Tim soon discovered that the Gym was a night club. Tim entered nervously. Inside the basement of the Gym/Club he saw the female Gym Leader's band rehearsing. Tim approached the drummer first, battled and won flawlessly, then the Bassist and finally he approached the leader (who I can't remember the name, Roxy?) Whatever, the battle was quick and decisive. And Timothy being new to the Pokémon world in Unova (Also because I know very little about the Pokémon in Unova and Black 2) he lost his first round with the Leader.

Annoyed, again, for losing an initial encounter, Tim returned to the club and engaged the leader once more, this time. Irreversibly messing her stuff up with his awesome Pokémon. By the end of the battle Tepig evolved into Pignite and this was a bonus. The second badge Tim had finally acquired.

Tim exited the club and entered the town again. But was pulled into the theater, movie shooting part of the town, the Hollywood of the Unova region. After watching the Leader's father's movie (which sucked) Tim was asked to shoot and star in his own. To which Tim agreed (because, ultimately, I have no other choice) Tim's movie was a hit and he was given permission to make more at any time he felt he wanted too. Happy, Tim took his new badge, his evolved Tepig and blossoming movie career and skipped gaily outside of the gates of the town and towards the docks. :D

2 Years Earlier...

The Legendary Savior of Unova's grandfather from Johto. Sent countless Pokémon to aid him in his quest to defeat the Elite Four. The Savior's Pokémon were too weak and training them for battle would be to much time wasted.

His grandfather sent every Pokémon he had captured in his youth from Johto. Including mystical and legendary types. The Savior, with his team of The Legendary Oh-Ho, the Elder Venasaur, the Monstrous Tyranitar, The Heavenly Dragonite, The Stoic Golem and the Mystic Alakazam, defeated the Elite Four and finally bested Adler gaining the title of the Unova Champion... The rest is history.[/COLOR][/spoiler]

[B][COLOR="green"]Chapter II[/COLOR][/B]
[spoiler][COLOR="green"]Long ago... (2 Years)


After the Unova Savior became Champion he ventured even further out of his way, searching unexplored areas of the region, primarily the east side of the country. After days of traveling, the Savior showed up in a small village on a hillside. As he poked around the houses and residences. one house he entered had someone there.

A tall, blonde haired woman of stunning beauty in a beautiful black jacket stopped him as soon as he entered. She approached him and asked for a battle, the savior being the Champion could not deny her this and so they did...

After an intense battle, the Savior finally came out as victor. Having only his Alakazam left in his roster. The woman admitted to being Cynthia the former Sinnoh Champion. The Savior noted the brute strength of her Pokémon in the battle and was not surprised by her claim. She said the Savior reminded her of another strong challenger... Was it the current Champion of Sinnoh? The Savior would never know...[/COLOR][/spoiler]

[B][COLOR="green"]Chapter III[/COLOR][/B]
[spoiler][COLOR="green"]Just as Tim headed the dock he encountered the town's Gym Leader and his rival Ben confronted by the pirates he met earlier. Confirming they were assembled from the remnants of the former Team Plasma they engaged both Roxy and Ben to which Tim intervened. Battling one a-piece, Tim's Sewaddle dispatched of his enemies Purloin with one Bug-Bite.

The Plasma grunts ran away, attempting to escape. Roxy asked us to fall out to Route 20 but not before giving Tim HM01 or Cut. Tim and Ben trekked to Route 20 and searched for a Team Plasma grunt. Tim found one first and battled her into submission, again the Grunt ran away.

Back at the town. Tim found Roxy talking to her father who asked him to ferry Ben and Tim to Castelia. To which he agreed.

Tim boarded the ship and after only moments he was awestruck by the Castelia skyline, the buildings towered above the world and frankly it scared him.

When they docked Ben traded phone numbers and departed. Not even five seconds of stepping of the pier Tim was beckoned by a jester. He asked that he partake in an event and gave Tim a bicycle. He gave Tim three locations of 3 other jesters. Tim first stopped at the Battle Company and beat all the trainers, including the companies CEO and found the jester.

Tim then went to the Analytic HQ and answered 8 surveys and talked to the jester.

One more to go. Tim went to the next location (I can't remember) and spoke to him. After exploring Castelia extensively and then returned the first jester and told him that he had found all his friends. Elated he handed Tim a Rare Candy which he promptly fed to his Pidove.

In this huge city, Tim would have no idea where to go from here.[/COLOR][/spoiler]

[B][COLOR="green"]Chapter IV[/COLOR][/B]
[spoiler][COLOR="green"]Tim confused on where to go next thought no better place to start than the Castelia Gym. However the Gym Attendee stood like a soldier at the front entrance. Tim was told that the Gym Leader was not present. When a mysterious woman, that Tim had already hated despite meeting her for the first time, named Iris approached them. She asked if Tim was looking for Team Plasma. He said yes, which caused her to lead me to the sewers of Castelia. But not before my annoying, idiot, friend Ben decided to tag along and make a team. Tim, frustrated that he couldn't venture alone (due to poor game design and being treated like a child and stupid one at that by GameFreak) had no choice but to accompany Ben. As they traversed the sewers Tim became lost in the maze but was able to catch Rattata and Zubat which were promptly send to the box.[/spoiler]

[B][COLOR="green"]Chapter V[/COLOR][/B]
[spoiler][COLOR="green"]Tim and Ben scoured the sewers of Castelia and after finding some hidden treasure throughout, they found the Plasma members. But not before Tim's Sewaddle evolved into Swadloon and one level later Leavanny and Pidove evolving into Tranquill. Entering a duel battle the Grunts were defeated. Before again running they told them of their failed King, one who coward'd his way out of Plasma. Ben suggested Tim go deeper into the sewers but Burgh appeared and said it was not necessary, instead he asked them to return back to the city and challenge him at his Gym.

Tim obeyed but not before a scientist stepped out from the cave within the Sewers. Tim immediately didn't like him. A vibe such as this had never come over him. The man identified himself as Colress and asked to see Tim's Pokémon. He declined but the scientist snatched his Pokémon anyway and looked (Jerk). Interested he asked to meet him on Route 4, north of Castelia and battle him.

Tim exited the sewers and Ben took off. Iris was happy that they got the members of Plasma and suggested that Tim battle Burgh. (Already was told, dumbo).

Tim found the gym and after clearing the certified Gym trainers he challenged Burgh. Using a combination of Tranquill, Leavanny and Pignite. Burgh was easily defeated and he promptly administered the official league badge to Tim. Tim left the Gym and traveled north.

Before heading directly to Colress, who was waiting on the road, Tim took a detour and after three failed attempts caught a Sandile with the appropriate nature. Putting him in the back of the team and attaching an EXP Share to him he battled Colress and won handily. Colress left waxing his views on Pokémon. Tim rested on the road until the next chapter in his adventure was recorded.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/spoiler]

[B][COLOR="green"]Chapter VI[/COLOR][/B]
[spoiler][COLOR="green"]Tim had spent literal months training his team in the Desert Resort to over prepare for the next Gym in Nimbasa. After finishing, he finally arrived in Nimbasa. Slowly exploring the town over. His beautiful Leavanny performed in a musical. He then went to the Small and Big Dome and battled several athletes.

Soon after he battled two idiots in front of the Battle Subway with a mysterious female trainer. After winning, Tim and the chick received access to the Subway whenever they wanted. Tim headed east and visited the old Nimbasa gym battling former official Gym Trainers and then moved to the current Nimbasa Gym and witnessed Elesa's obvious over-compensating gym. After beating her into the ground with Krokarok... [i]alone[/i]... Tim left the gym with his fourth Gym Badge and sense of satisfaction of beating the crap out of Elesa...[/COLOR][/spoiler]

[B][COLOR="green"]Chapter VII[/COLOR][/B]
[spoiler][COLOR="green"]> Caught the legendary Unova Trio
> 8 Gyms beaten
> Seperated Kyurem and Zerkerm (or whatever)
> Defeated Ghetsis
> I'm now enroute to the Pokémon League to put a cork in that dumb-dragon master's mouth (Iris <- Hate)

> Spent 4 hours trading the Legendary Unova Savior's Pokémon to Tim. (ie. Black Pokémon to Black 2)[/COLOR][/spoiler]

[B][COLOR="green"]Chapter VIII[/COLOR][/B]
[spoiler][color="Green"]Tim has traveled far and worked hard. His team had been groomed for greatness and now was the time. After beating all 8 Unova Official Gym Leaders, forcing Plasma to retreat and defeating Kyurem he was standing at the foot of Victory Road.

Realizing that his team was not as strong as it could be. Tim went into the wilderness, training his Pokémon hard. After 2 days he returned from the wild and stepped into the cave that was Victory Road. Battling many trainers who sought the same goal, he finally emerged at the exit. But not before his friend and rival Ben appeared, issuing one last challenge.

The battle was quick and Tim came out on top. Ben, wishing Tim good luck in his conflict against the Elite Four left and returned home.

Tim climbed the steps of the Elite Four, bought items and entered the League's Challenge Platform.

Starting with Grimsely, Leavanny was Tim's go to Pokémon, next was Caitlin with which Tim chose Krookadile, after beating Caitlin into dust, Tim battled Marshal using his Unfezant. Finally Shantel was his last battle. This member gave him more trouble than the others but was still easily bested.

Tim teleported back to the platform and opened the path to the Champion.

Walking up the grand staircase he finally saw the Champion with his own eyes, always knowing that it would be Iris the battle commenced and Tim did away with Iris easily with a combination of his Haxorus, Golduck and Leavanny.

In the end Tim laughed as Iris was beaten. His dream came true, hating Iris so much he was elated to beat her and went into the Hall of Fame room with gusto.

After many days, his journey was complete. Tim made a name for himself in Unova and the bond with his Pokémon was strong and always would be.

Tim was now the Unova Champion!




OOC (out of character) Notes: I beat the Elite Four and champion in one go. :D

My Pokémon entered at Level 62 and exited with the strongest level being 64.

[b]Champion Team[/b][/COLOR]
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