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Aaron's useless ramblings
Don't really expect much here. I'm not as active on this site as I was so I'm not gonna post blog entries as often,.
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Considering collecting cards again.

Posted November 17th, 2013 at 8:49 PM by Treecko
Updated November 17th, 2013 at 9:06 PM by Treecko

So about 3 weeks ago, I got a booster pack of Plasma Storm cards for the heck of it and got a really neat Team Plasma Snorlax card that I really like.


Which turns out being an actually rare card. And I really like the background/layout for the Team Plasma cards.
A week later I happen get find a pack opened already near Target so I picked it up and now yesterday (or this Saturday or 11/16/13) I found a pack of Next Destinies opened at the same Target and decided to pick those up too.
Best cards being the Beartic and Reverse Foil Elgyem


(if you want to see more of my recent pulls go here. )
I actually just filled up my first binder of cards.Have had this thing for over 10 years and finally filled it up

I have tons more lying all over
After getting so many cards in the past few weeks, I'm considering getting back into the card game again, but mostly just collecting. I'm not sure if I want to starting playing the game again. While I got the gist of how to play and understood most of the rules, I still didn't get everything about the cards/game. I usually only played against my brothers and friends and never entered a single tournament. So I'm not sure I'd ever play it again. But I love the idea of collecting the cards. Some have really neat art and there's the chance of pulling a rare holo card or something like that which makes it exciting. I remember I bought a Dark Explorers pack just for a Umbreon card I liked (I think the art is really awesome) and I got it and was so happy I did. I really like that feeling of getting a card you I really like or a really rare one. So I'm definitely wanting to start collecting them again. Plus I feel like the open pack were open cause someone was trying to steal them and now I feel sort of bad for taking them. XD So now I want to buy a few packs with my own money to make up for it. lol. But also cause collecting things is a really fun and good hobby and Pokemon cards was one thing I love collecting.

I may do the Online Card Game , cause that looks fun, not really sure though. I have tons of codes and haven't used them yet so might as well. I don't know really. Collecting them might be the only thing I do.
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