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Ughhh Finals Week

Posted December 15th, 2013 at 7:18 PM by Ozymandias

So friends my first finals week of high school is upon me. I only got to take Health, Math, Debate, and French though thank god... I'm scared ****less for french though XD If anyone want's to work out a cheating system with me to help.

But yeah my boring life has been going on as usual. Lately, I've been feeling like i'm getting left behind in everything. My old friends from middle school are moving on and making friends at their new schools, while i'm stuck on them. Ughhh I'm only 14 and yet I blow these things way out of proportion. Anyone else feel like that sometimes?

Anyways moving on, there was a track meeting at my school on Friday. I'm not sure if i'm going to join or not. I really liked cross country but, no one from xc does track. Also, I'm a sprinter in track and our school is ghetto as mess so our sprint team is reaally fast and i'm not sure if I can compete with them. My other option for a spring sport would be baseball. Our school has a terrible baseball team but, I'm also pretty bad so I can't really complain. It costs a lot more for baseball and if I screwed up in baseball which is much more likely than in track, I dunno it would just kill me ya know? I'm not sure which one I'm gonna do but, I'm most likely gonna end up in track. I'd like some input on this from y'all XD

Hmmm... lately I've been seeming to get pissed off a lot easier at my middle school friends at high school. Btw to give y'all a little background, my middle school got spilt up into a bunch of highschools and I ended up at the most ghetto one with about two okay kids and the rest being a bunch of.... losers :3 And anyways yeah I used to be popular in middle school and now I'm here in high school with a lot less friends XD karma? So yeah most of yall are probably like "Wow Apollo/Chili is really young! They must be an immature loser who I shouldn't take seriously" Well you're right cause some people do anyways XD

Wow this blog got reaally off topic XD I just wanted to type and let yall know a little bit more about myself... this blog really had no point...

~Chili Out
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    DLMuerte's Avatar
    *raises hand obnoxiously*

    I have my French II midterms soon. Exchange notes?

    Chili, blogs are for ranting. at least in my opinion. Also, I would take basketball if I were you, but that's only because I'm alright at it.
    Posted December 15th, 2013 at 8:48 PM by DLMuerte DLMuerte is offline

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