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Dungeon Delving Part 2 and FC recruitment~

Posted January 8th, 2014 at 11:00 PM by Xander Olivieri

This blog is very picture heavy

Gave a few screenshots of the last dungeon I ran on Final Fantasy, and now I have two more to share. Well the first isn't a Dungeon, its a Boss Battle against the Primal Garuda. I had put off fighting her after my run in with Titan because I was severely overwhelmed by Titan's difficulty, but Garuda was oddly easy.

The last one is pretty much how bad it gets with both the Boss's and all of our attacks going off at once.

I did do one other dungeon when asked by a friend to help him through it.

With this one though....the final boss was such a pain I couldn't switch my focus from keeping my party alive to taking an occasional screenshot so I don't have the final boss screenshots for this dungeon.

So mad about not getting pictures of the final boss. >.< So anti-climatic way to finish.

I'm almost at the point for the next major boss battle, but I'm too low of a level so now I get to do supplementary quests to boost my level all the way to max (which is just 4 levels. I sped through the last few quests like an underleveled champ)

In other news:

My Free Company KnightmareHaze <KMH> is going to be recruiting for anyone who is playing. I am currently hosted in Cactaur and I make it a point to help out the members that I am able to. If you are playing, not already in a Free Company, and would like to join, send me a shout out here...with your Character's name so I can add/search for you in game and add you to the roster.

Currently KMH is Rank 4:

This entitles us to a Company Chest with 3 Storage levels. Each holds 50 Items I believe. We can also deposit Gil, for FC Housing ONLY. The Gil is deposit only and all funding goes to the Housing. Once the house is bought, all extra funding goes to furnishings as well as purchasing of gear for other players within the FC.

We are also entitled to Company Crest. We can put the crests on various weaponry and Armor to show off your Free Company.

This is KMH's current crest. I can unlock more designs at a much later time.

Once I hit Rank 5 I am allowed to buy 24 hour buffs for the Free Company. These include EXP boosts to both Gathering and Crafting disciplines. There is a Bonus to Spirit Bonding (which is essential to getting Materia.) It can increase Gathering Rate and or Quality as well as Crafting Rate and or Quality. Increase the amount of Seals earned. Increase Battle EXP for you or your Companion Chocobo. Decrease the cost of teleportations. Decrease the rate in which your gear breaks. Increase the duration of food perks. Decrease the duration of enfeebling effects. There is even one to increase your battle parameters for classes below level 10.

Once we hit Rank 6, we get to buy a Free Company House, which can be set to being our main home teleport, log out section, or just a place to hang out.

Rank 7 and Rank 8 increase the abilities of the perks for Rank 5. EXP perks I think were 10% at Rank 5 and jump to 25% at Rank 8.
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