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Posted October 3rd, 2008 at 3:03 PM by Counterfeit

[B]- [U]Friday 3rd October 2008

[/U][/B]Doesn't the last day of the week always feel like a god-send?

One thing i've learnt so far is that School makes writing blogs boring, simply because they take up so much of your day. ;_; But lets not get started on that because I have ALOT to say about school and whats wrong about it.

Instead lets just look at some of the highlights of today:

[B]1. [U]French Lesson In An IT Room.[/U][/B]

This essentially means listening to music and going on PC. xD

[B]2. [U]Workless IT lesson.[/U][/B]

The school computers just wouldn't have it today, so all I did in lesson was go around helping people on their flash animations. ^^
3. [/B][U][B]Teacher Absent For English.[/B]

[/U]My English Teacher was absent for about three quaters of the lesson. awsome because this meant messing around, and a sneaky nap. : p

[B]4. [/B][U][B]An Average PB Lesson.
[/B][/U]Lets just say that in my PB lessons I don't even have to get my book out of my bag, and if I did, all you'd find in there would be doodles and comics by me. xD
Our teacher lets us get away with pretttyy much anything, no control. :/

After school I went for a lil' stroll with some friends, got some chips. Mmm...

And now? Tired as hell, and thinking about starting Bleach all over again. : D

I'm still waiting for another art lesson to take those photo's. So yeah... :/

Laters Blud. Brap.

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