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.. and you thought the IRC chat was perverted.

Posted May 2nd, 2011 at 11:34 AM by Opposite Day

[COLOR=#A00C9E][FONT=&quot](21:25:53) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=&quot] You know
[COLOR=#F8760D](21:25:53) [B]Vrai:[/B][/COLOR] my life needs more cookies
[COLOR=#F8760D](21:25:54) [B]Vrai:[/B][/COLOR] thus
[COLOR=#F8760D](21:25:55) [B]Vrai:[/B][/COLOR] brb
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:25:58) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] you're not the only one who battle today.
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:26:04) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] i know
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:26:12) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] but i got revenge on wolf!
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:26:13) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] yay
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:26:17) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] Your mother might have so crazy stories to tell about herself and her experiences with me.
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:26:21) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] lol
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:26:28) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] this sounds hostile to me
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:26:38) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] we should have a dialog to figure out conflicts
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:26:39) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] I "battled" her, if you know what I mean.
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:26:41) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] however, i enjoy these stories ;)
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:26:47) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] aaaaaaaa
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:26:50) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] (that was wolf)
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:27:00) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] Naturally I used Protect
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:27:08) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] just to be safe.
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:27:16) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] then I put on some Safeguard.
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:27:44) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] let's get to the action >:<
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:27:51) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] then I used a little bit of Arm Thrust
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:28:07) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] and she used Water Spout as I used eruption
[COLOR=#F8760D](21:28:11) [B]Afternoon Delight:[/B][/COLOR] no!
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:28:23) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] She proceeded to use Lick
[COLOR=#F8760D](21:28:29) [B]Afternoon Delight:[/B][/COLOR] Attract/Harden/Gunk Shot/Rest
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:28:49) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] As you can probably tell, I was paralyzed by her great technique.
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:29:28) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] turns out your mother wasn't very safe sadly, and used Discharge later on.
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:29:44) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] At that point I used Mean Face, and she couldn't leave becasue she felt so bad.
[COLOR=#F8760D](21:29:46) [B]Afternoon Delight:[/B][/COLOR] Erg-- Ew. :(
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:29:47) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] not of blood
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:29:48) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] i hope
[COLOR=#F8760D](21:29:49) [B]Vrai:[/B][/COLOR] Mean Look*
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:29:55) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] thanks vrai ;D
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:29:56) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] lol
[COLOR=#F8760D](21:29:56) [B]Vrai:[/B][/COLOR] mean face lmao
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:30:03) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] xD
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:30:21) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] She clamped hard, to say the least.
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:30:28) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] ew
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:30:35) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] this is slowly getting too far
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:30:40) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] but i'll tolerate it for a little
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:30:41) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] I used rage to e-raticate her from me.
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:30:50) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] raticate
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:30:51) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] lol
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:30:54) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] see what I did thar
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:31:07) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] hmm
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:31:18) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] interesting...
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:31:23) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] ~_~
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:31:24) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] lol
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:31:36) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] *one second*
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:31:44) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] i'm typing this as it happens.
(21:31:55) Lifereborn changed teams.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot](21:31:56) Luke left the channel.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot](21:32:06) Battle between Lifereborn and th3rday started.[/FONT]
[COLOR=fuchsia][FONT=&quot](21:32:06) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=&quot] i think this is getting out of hand
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:32:10) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] although i understand it's a joke
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:32:17) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] I gave in to her fake tears, and lowered my guard against her horrible diseases.
[COLOR=#F8760D](21:32:27) [B]Vrai:[/B][/COLOR] okay let's be done
[COLOR=#F8760D](21:32:28) [B]Vrai:[/B][/COLOR] :(
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:32:31) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] :<
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:32:33) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] Ruining my fun.
[COLOR=#A00C9E](21:32:35) +[B][I]Aero:[/I][/B][/COLOR] I see how it is.
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:32:44) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] well it's about my mother
[COLOR=fuchsia](21:32:46) +[B][I]Mountain Bill:[/I][/B][/COLOR] ~_~
[COLOR=#F8760D](21:32:48) [B]Afternoon Delight:[/B][/COLOR] No wonder no one ever comes here! [/FONT][FONT=&quot]>:[/FONT]


Look at cute little dragonomega there, pretending to be the voice of reason.

[SIZE=1]And fyi, if nothing else Aero came lots. Buckets, even.[/SIZE]
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  1. Old Comment
    That wasn't me, just so you all know. It's a different Aero.
    Posted May 2nd, 2011 at 11:37 AM by .Aero .Aero is offline
    Updated May 2nd, 2011 at 11:42 AM by .Aero
  2. Old Comment
    TwilightBlade's Avatar
    looks like a party in someone's pants
    Posted May 2nd, 2011 at 12:36 PM by TwilightBlade TwilightBlade is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Alternative's Avatar
    I stopped paying attention as soon as I saw that horrid moveset. Who uses Attract nowadays anyway?
    Posted May 2nd, 2011 at 5:41 PM by Alternative Alternative is offline
  4. Old Comment
    wolf's Avatar
    +Valkyrie: aero
    +Valkyrie: water my berries

    edit: I just realized it's for Dream World. :\
    Posted May 2nd, 2011 at 9:10 PM by wolf wolf is offline
  5. Old Comment
    champagnepapi's Avatar
    Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Comment
    looks like a party in someone's pants
    Posted May 3rd, 2011 at 7:56 PM by champagnepapi champagnepapi is offline
  6. Old Comment
    Anti's Avatar
    And...more proof that Lala is 65 years old. But we like you that way <3
    Posted June 28th, 2011 at 6:00 PM by Anti Anti is offline

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