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I'll get to this whenever.
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Just thought I'd say this here

Posted August 14th, 2013 at 2:48 PM by colours

It really is surprising how much of the fandom that I've seen is really reluctant to the idea of "change" within these games (X/Y, I'm talking about, here). You would be surprised about the immense outrage there was amongst some that the idea of Mega-evolutions would even exist, instead asking "why not give them proper evolutions?" etc. I mean, to me, does it really matter in the end, as long as that specific Pokemon has a chance to shine in the limelight for once?

During my "inactivity period" here at PC (well I only really post in X/Y anyway, which could explain why you guys havent seen me a whole lot), I've been battling a heck of a lot at our battle server, as well as Smogon's battle server as well. Trust me, you'd be surprise by how picky people are when it comes to these things.

Of course, as I've posted already in the September CoroCoro discussion thread, I really believe that MegaEvos should only be saved for those Pokemon that really deserve it. I believe GF was heading down the right path, giving opportunities to Pokemon that were long forgotten by some like Ampharos, Mawile, and even Lucario to some extent (had it not been for Lucario's mega-evo, I firmly believe it would drop somewhat in usage in OU. Of course, I haven't played the OU metagame in quite a fair bit, so someone is free to correct me here)

What I'm trying to say here is that...I'd be a lot more open-minded as to what's to come. Yes, everyone is going to have their opinions, and I respect those opinions, but keep in mind it can be a bit...how do I word this...premature to already judge something without knowing it's full potential.

Heck, I've seen people say that these Mega Pokemon are going to have a tier of their own, and with what basis, really? I don't feel that these Pokemon are going to be "broken", but that is my opinion on it, and I could very well be incorrect on this.

Either way, I'm looking forward as to what's to come, and I think the starter evolutions are going to be the biggest news that X/Y has to offer. I'm more excited for the X/Y metagame than I am for the games themselves, but hey, fingers crossed, right? It's been obvious that there's going to be quite the power creep, but let's hope there's some more defensive Pokemon to balance that out, otherwise we're going to end up with a hugely more offensive metagame than 5th gen, which may or may not be a problem, depending on the type of player you are (I've heard stall was dying, but im not too sure on this. I always wanted to give stall a try, but not in the current environment where most teams are offensive).

But yeah, there's your tl;dr blog from Derky. n_n;
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    droomph's Avatar
    I don't battle so I don't have anything to say about that but

    I really think people need to learn about change.

    I mean, life changes. When you have to move to another city, into a new environment, do you really think that "life is getting unoriginal and frankly should be killed off?" Of course not. You just go with the flow. If you don't like it, too bad. This is how life is and you can't do anything about it.

    Same goes for here. They don't make games for you, they make it for themselves. So if you don't like the direction this franchise is headed, deal with it and shut up about how "lame" it's getting. (Chances are, your life is just as lame) So strap in, because life goes in unchangeable directions.
    Posted August 14th, 2013 at 5:21 PM by droomph droomph is offline
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    curiousnathan's Avatar
    I can understand that some people need to accept change, but I also think that peoples also need to accept that others don't have to like change.
    Posted August 14th, 2013 at 11:15 PM by curiousnathan curiousnathan is offline
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    Posted August 16th, 2013 at 1:45 AM by Ivysaur Ivysaur is offline

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