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Matches with Shawn.

Posted October 28th, 2013 at 07:06 PM by Synerjee


@Nabooru: I challenge you to a thumb wrestle
@Kamonegix: Challenge Accepted.
@Nabooru: Though, Ill have you know, I defeated the Thumb Champ, 3 years in a row~
@Kamonegix: hmph, trying to intimidate me hmm?
@Kamonegix: well, it's not working! ;D
@Nabooru: good then come
• @Kamonegix COMES
@Nabooru: one, two, thee, four, I declare a thuuumb war
• @Kamonegix concentrates
@Nabooru: i attack with my thumb of destruction
• @Kamonegix dodges the attack and counterattacks with her thumb of ninja-quickness!
@Nabooru: hah, saw that coming~ *dodges to the left*
@Kamonegix: :o
@Kamonegix: ain't happening~
• @Kamonegix blocks escape and pins down swiftly again
@Nabooru: *escapes* you won't win thaaat easily
• @Kamonegix feints and dances
@Nabooru: come now, is this a battle or a dance
• @Kamonegix jabs with surprising agility
• @Nabooru counter attacks with a powerful side attack
• @Kamonegix gets caught!
@Nabooru: hah~ *pins!*
• @Kamonegix struggles
• @Kamonegix manages to escapeeee
@Kamonegix: *crowd ROARS*
@Nabooru: hm, not bad~
• @Kamonegix taunts
@Kamonegix: >:3
@Nabooru: *side attack!*
• @Kamonegix side block!
• @Kamonegix attacks from aboveee
@Kamonegix: *SLAM*
@Nabooru: *falls*
@Kamonegix: >:D
• @Kamonegix holds down tight
@Nabooru: *escapes on the count of 2 and a half!*
@Kamonegix: hah that wasn't my best, my friend!
@Kamonegix: come at me brooo
@Nabooru: then, your best vs my best~ come
• @Kamonegix does a series of movements too fast to be seen by the naked thumb
• @Nabooru does a charged up attack awaiting the move
• @Kamonegix gathers energy....anticipating.....
• @Nabooru almost thereeee
@Kamonegix: juuuuust a little moreeeee~~
@Kamonegix: BOOOOOOOM
• @Nabooru triangle thumb ATTACK
@Kamonegix: both attacks make contact!!!
@Kamonegix: who will survive this vicious struggle??!!
@Nabooru: hmmm
@Kamonegix: hmmmmm
@Nabooru: it appears.. it's a tie
@Kamonegix: ...so it is!
@Nabooru: hm, very well then
@Kamonegix: good game, my friend.
@Kamonegix: we shall meet again.
@Kamonegix: different time, different place, different game.


@Nabooru: i challenge you to MARTIAL ARTS
@Kamonegix: when shall that challenge be held?
@Nabooru: hm, I dunno, I'll just walk over here and-- *SUPRISE ATTACK!*
@Kamonegix: whoa
• @Kamonegix blocks and counterattacks with a swift chop!
@Nabooru: *blocks the chop*
• @Kamonegix delivers a volley of punches to the solar plexus!
@Nabooru: hah~ *dodges everyone one*
@Nabooru: what more o you haave
@Kamonegix: hmmm what do you have??
• @Kamonegix bounces on balls of feet
• @Kamonegix raises arms in guarded fighting stance
@Nabooru: take this! my signature throooow
• @Kamonegix gets thrown! but
• @Kamonegix does a somersault in the air and lands neatly on both feet
• @Kamonegix low sweep aimed to topple!
@Nabooru: jumps!
• @Kamonegix directs kick into the air towards the airborne enemy
@Nabooru: *gets knocked baaack*
@Nabooru: chop attack~!
• @Kamonegix dodges and retreats behind you
• @Kamonegix multiple stab to the back!
@Nabooru: what the you stabbed me? :o
@Kamonegix: (with hands ofc) x)
@Nabooru: okay then *grabs your hands*
@Kamonegix: :o
• @Kamonegix HEADBUTT
@Nabooru: *withstanded!* it's time to finish you off
• @Kamonegix backs off
@Kamonegix: :o
@Nabooru: *grabs and does the super tornado throw, sending you in the air while spinning!*
• @Kamonegix flies into the air, spinning
• @Kamonegix suddenly thrusts out arms and transforms otherwise deadly attack into one of spinning power!
@Nabooru: wha o-o
• @Kamonegix descends, arms striking multiple times, powered by the spinnnnnn
@Nabooru: ergh ;-;
@Kamonegix: ahhaha you are done :D
@Nabooru: hah, i give ;3
• @Kamonegix wins the match!!!
• @Kamonegix bends down and offers a hand to shawn c:
@Nabooru: i can help myselfff
• @Kamonegix insists, grabs hand and and pulls you up
@Nabooru: thanks~
@Kamonegix: doesn't matter who won or lost
@Kamonegix: all that matters is that we had fun!
@Kamonegix: <3
@Kamonegix: xD
@Kamonegix: together we are championsssss
@Nabooru: mhmm
@Kamonegix: *We are the Champions song plays in the background*
@Kamonegix: xD
@Nabooru: :3


@Nabooru: throwing contest~!
@Kamonegix: throwing objects?
@Nabooru: ahaha, you wish~ throwing each other! or what it's called - kupoo
@Kamonegix: ahh more of this!
@Kamonegix: let's go~
@Kamonegix: how does it work
@Nabooru: sorryyyy, my computer.. d/c'd ;-;
@Kamonegix: ah no worries
@Nabooru: anwyays! s I was saying! kupoo
@Kamonegix: how does it work?
@Nabooru: basically, people throw each other into submission, along with a few martial arts! it's good excercise~!
@Kamonegix: mm sounds good!
• @Kamonegix picks shawn up and throws!
@Nabooru: gah, not bad
@Nabooru: okay, ready for my coutnter strike!
@Nabooru: focusinggg
@Kamonegix: hmmm
@Kamonegix: ready!
@Nabooru: okay, heeere I come!
@Nabooru: counte rif you dare
• @Kamonegix counters!
@Nabooru: but how~ *grabs arm*
@Kamonegix: whatchu doing with my arm? :O
@Kamonegix: gettofff
@Nabooru: *spin throws!*
@Kamonegix: ooof
• @Kamonegix gets up undefeated and comesss
• @Kamonegix MegaThrow!
@Nabooru: ergh, not bad
@Nabooru: but I'm not finished yeet
@Kamonegix: what you got?
@Nabooru: take my scoop throw!
@Kamonegix: mm good good
@Kamonegix: but not good enough!
• @Kamonegix throws shawn like a javelin!
@Nabooru: hah, please~ *rolls*
@Nabooru: how abouuut *sweep throw~!*
• @Kamonegix falls and bruises leg ;~;
@Kamonegix: no waay
@Nabooru: yea way
• @Kamonegix throws shawn highhh into the air
@Nabooru: ugh knocked the wind out of me
@Kamonegix: (how does one win this throwing match?)
@Nabooru: until one gives up ^^
@Kamonegix: Never Give Up! that's my motto (Y)
@Nabooru: through I think I'm only good for one more ;~:
@Kamonegix: haha i'm pretty beat too
@Kamonegix: but one more! here goes~
@Kamonegix: we throw together!
@Nabooru: yes~!
@Nabooru: *grabs your left arm!*
• @Kamonegix grabs your right arm!
@Nabooru: mega spin throw attack!
@Kamonegix: mega rolling throw attack!
@Nabooru: *flies hi in the airr*
• @Kamonegix shoots across the fieldd
@Nabooru: ugh @_@
@Kamonegix: *splats* >___<
@Nabooru: whew, quiiite the workout
@Kamonegix: indeeeed
@Nabooru: gods you throw hard
@Kamonegix: nahh you're the master thrower
@Nabooru: nah, you aree
@Kamonegix: finee we both aree

Amazing matches bro. We shall meet again.
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    wolf's Avatar
    Posted October 28th, 2013 at 07:41 PM by wolf wolf is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Kiriyuuki Kasuna's Avatar
    Psst. His so called 'throw' really is his signature move, it is not all that great just so you know. ;p

    I would clearly know this. =p
    Posted October 28th, 2013 at 08:51 PM by Kiriyuuki Kasuna Kiriyuuki Kasuna is offline
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    Dragon's Avatar
    Bleh, I know. It's the same tired ol' routine. I'll think of some more later :3;
    Posted October 29th, 2013 at 04:50 AM by Dragon Dragon is online now

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