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We're making progress!

Posted 1 Week Ago at 11:00 AM by flight (fly with me)

Random Pikachu gif here, yay!

So, I wanted to thank those of you who are posting and starting to frequent Pokemon Gaming Central! The forum is honestly really fun to post in, and a lot of the threads there inspire some pretty interesting and creative discussion! Anyone who hasn't yet started frequenting, should do so as soon as possible. ^_^ I'm planning an event with Ben that's going to take place after the 30-day event is...
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I'm on Jupiter

Posted 1 Week Ago at 07:31 AM by Talon

I can't feel my hands. Like, realyl. I can't. I don'tk now how I'm mananginv to do this. psyduck
send help i cant mvoe from my cvhair
you cond't imainge how much im struggling to ype. typing while hkigh is like impossible o god
the psyduck is going on
i hear sounds in my house I need to investigate. Armed with weapon and food, I am going on an adventure to the kitchen
it was cat
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Man, oh man.

Posted 1 Week Ago at 06:24 PM by Treble Harble (The Crazy Little Girl)

First of all, thank you, US, for letting everyone have gay marriage. This was great news for everyone, now if only the entire world would follow this suit...

It's come to my attention that I've lately wanted to understand everything when it comes to people. Why they feel the way they do, and what I can do to help, but of course, I feel like my words would be wasted because I'm always somehow in the deep end of myself, not knowing who I am, what I'm doing or why I'm here, but I do
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"Alli was born to Maxie and Janna."

Posted 1 Week Ago at 08:32 AM by Achromatic

This is my first blog entry. I'm not sure if you can call this a proper blog series so I'll be sure to make some blogs with better quality in the future but anyways, let me continue with the subject at hand.

So I play this game called Tomodachi Life. It's a life simulator for the 3DS where you put your Miis on an island and let them do stuff. They can be in relationships, get married and even have kids. One of my islanders is Sheep and she got married to Maxie from Omega Ruby. And...
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Just a Thought

Posted 1 Week Ago at 05:54 PM by Pepperton

Recently I've come to have an amount of clarity about my future that I don't think I've had in my life previously, before this time. There was always a gray area in between what I was doing now and why I was doing that - in other words, how that would translate to what I do in the future. However, through some research, some long nights staying up and simply thinking, and a wonderful new movie that came out, it's all become clear to me.

One of my best friends (also hands down my craziest,...
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stay positive!
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