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asdfjkl;sdfjkasdfsdsas OMG YES

Posted October 18th, 2012 at 09:32 PM by droomph (Grovyle's Little Diary)


What I did so far: get a Snivy, name it gunnerpow7 (:p) and get the Genesect.


(pics later, I'm doing hw right now)
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mmm gurl that 90s
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Get in the Poke Ball already!

Posted October 18th, 2012 at 06:36 PM by Hikamaru (osha osha)

Catching Legendaries is such a pain, such a pain it makes you wanna RAGE!

Come on Landorus, you have one hit point left and you're paralyzed but GET IN THE BALL ALREADY!

That has got me thinking, do you think Legendaries have such insane catch rates? Or maybe you managed to catch one in a regular Poke Ball? Share your experiences in the comments.
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get to heaven
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Why N is a Successful Character: He is not a Rival

Posted October 18th, 2012 at 06:33 PM by Rivvon
Updated November 9th, 2012 at 05:48 PM by Rivvon

I'm thinking I might make this into a "series" of blog posts about why N is a successful character. And no, I won't be fangirling about him (unless I make a "His Design is Great" post, which I actually might...but let's not worry too much about that for now). I want to analyse, as someone who looks forward to seeing how the narrative of the Pokémon main-series games improves, what makes his character so beneficial to the Pokémon series as a whole.

Right now...
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Unburden Belly Drum
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Sydney 2000 makes a comeback!

Posted October 18th, 2012 at 04:15 AM by gunnerpow7 (Fifty Shades of Gunner Disc 1)

Sooo.... Every year at our school, we do a field demonstration for our founding anniversary. A field demo is a competition wherein us, students perform infront of hundreds of people doing crazy dance moves looking like idiots. Sooo.. this year is the 30th anniversary and our theme is the Olympics. Now, our group was chosen to do a rendition of the Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony. So far, we're doing pretty good. Sooo... that is my blog entry.... To end this, here is a Sydney 2000 Trivia....
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☆ キレイハナ Kireihana ☆
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