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Fourth of July!

Posted July 5th, 2009 at 05:08 PM by TwilightBlade (Through the Eyes...)

Because you stalkers guys want to know what I've been doing for the past few days. :<

Basically, my mother does not trust my older brother because he's "irresponsible." Finally, my mom agreed to let THE TWINS (fyi, I have a twin brother and I shall address us as "the twins" in this post cuz I dunno; I like to confuse people by switching between 1st/3rd person :<) stay over at my bro's house for the holiday.

My brother lives with his pregnant...
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Protect his very soul.
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Shoddy Server

Posted July 5th, 2009 at 03:57 PM by bgt (Zenbonsakura Kageyoshi)

I put off fixing it after I disconnected my internet because I didn't think anyone really wanted it. Mainly because some of the Rotom forms and other obscure issues with it.

Anyways, a few people asked so here you go
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wth? why u do that?

Posted July 5th, 2009 at 03:19 PM by Drew (i drew you a heart.)

So within the last couple of days, at least 5 people have gone 'y dn't u post moar blogs?'.

'Because I have nothing blog-worthy to post about.'

That answer wasn't good enough for them.

So here you go.

I posted a freaking blog.


Let us rejoice. How thrilling it is.

Now pardon me while I go back to playing Platinum..
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So... here's an entry from my journal. :D

Posted July 5th, 2009 at 03:00 PM by Tater Tot (...My blog...?)

So yesterday I went looking for the bunny, and he wasn't there. I think he's gone for good now, and it makes me want to cry a river. He was brown and white, I think so if anyone has seen him bring him back to me.

I was talking to Chris this morning and he was like, "Hey, it's Chris." And I thought that was so funny. And I was like, "Hey, it's me." And he laughed. That was a good conversation.

I'm wearing no socks... I never wear any socks... I...
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Life Report, 7/5/09

Posted July 5th, 2009 at 05:18 AM by .inLOVE (Hollister l A-list)

Good morning everyone...

Hi guys! Hope all of you Americans had a super-awesome-terrific 4th of July! We grilled hot dogs, played with sparklers & snappers, set off fireworks, and sprayed each other with water guns at 12:00 am. It was sooooo much fun! But we stayed in the cul-du-sac, since we saw fireworks on the third in a neighboring town. ♥

In this episode...

I have a special surprise for everyone. I ATE COOKIES AND I'M SHARING THEM WITH EVERYONE....
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el su bosillo <3
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