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Super Mario World - The Haunt (One-Off #2)

Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 9:59 AM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated 2 Weeks Ago at 11:21 AM by Rainbow Chara X

You know, Halloween is pretty much my favorite holiday. It's not even necessarily about the candy, though that's a major plus thanks to my sweet tooth. The main reason I love it so much is because I'm an absolute sap for spooks and creepy shit, if my adoration of zombie movies and the supernatural are of any indication.

I've done romps through Halloween hacks before, as evidenced by my playthrough of this unnamed FireRed hack (by Neko Jams) during the Pokemon Snakewood let's play...
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Impossible to gauge!
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Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 7:11 AM by StaticJolteon

So does anyone want to just talk? Just because? I'm going to try to not sound desperate or lonely. Just want a small conversation.
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Is it just me or...

Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 5:48 PM by StaticJolteon

To be honest, I feel relatively young compared to a lot of people here. Some people are 20+, others are 15-20, and I'm just sitting here. My 13 year old hispanic self.
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God Why...

Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 9:34 AM by StaticJolteon

My mom makes my life a living nightmare. And I mean it
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We Are Home Here

Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 2:26 PM by Tek (This Chance to Be Alive and Breathing)


It's taken material science hundreds years to figure out what explorers of inner space learned thousands of years ago.

Every place and time in the 'multiverse' is not only connected, but is always and already available here and now; which part of it manifests depends on your actions.

You might know this about me already, but I get super frustrated with the scientific materialist worldview that dogmatically restrics reality to the surfaces of...
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