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Conversation Between Ash and sirboulevard
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  1. Ash
    July 6th, 2015 11:35 PM
    Eh, to each their own, I suppose.

    Team Rocket was doing really great with some really nice build up but then it just fell flat when the plasma episodes ended up being canceled and never aired at a later date like that said would happen (because they couldn't fit them in somewhere where it would make sense chronologically). The Nimbasa episodes with Team Rocket were brilliant though. Muuuuuuch better than the gym battle after it oh jesus why. Really for roleplay purposes I pretty much said it was burn out/vacation that causes Ash's 'reboot' in BW.

    skype address is digipeachfruit. i'll have to give you my 3ds FC later after I charge the thing haha.
  2. sirboulevard
    July 6th, 2015 10:51 PM
    Its just irritating because its stopped being about telling a story and its "lets keep a holding pattern since this is easy money." And since anime's a crappy business to work in, I can't fault them for it, but they could do it better. For an analogy: its like watching the Rolling Stones play everyday from their garage, but never choose to do a show. You could be so much more, but your producers don't want you to be anything more.

    Meanwhile, since I've gotten more into writing fiction professionally, its hard to watch because of what I've mentioned before. I was actually Hyped for BW when I heard they were retooling Team Rocket. Then they reset buttoned it and while they're not as bad as the old days, they've not become the threat they really SHOULD have been.

    Excelleeeeeeeent. I should probably get your 3DS FC and new Skype address in a PM.
  3. Ash
    July 6th, 2015 10:46 PM
    True. But at the same time he's kept pretty powerful mons and some powerful mons have come back. And lbr butterfree the one that people still cry about wasn't one of his most powerful ahaha.

    mmmm perhaps. But I'm the kind that just goes with the flow which is why I'm okay with how the anime is. idk I just somehow found it appealing when I decided to watch a few episodes one day because I was bored and now look at me hahaha.

  4. sirboulevard
    July 6th, 2015 10:43 PM
    Its frustrating because they chose the most popular and most powerful of his mons. Its deliberate character limiting.

    I don't mean end the show. The clip may have been about Picard facing death (spoiler: he lived for two more years of the show and 10 more years worth of movies), but the anime doesn't have to end. Switch protagonists. Get more faithful to the plotlines. Heck, despite all of Origin's flaws, I much preferred how the story turned out there. If it was say a 30 episode anime series, each dedicated to the specific version out that year, I'd be fine with it. Its just the 100+ Episode anime arcs at present are too long + the character has lost all hope of actually WINNING. Audience Induced Apathy at its worst.

    Of course! We all need to arrange a giant playdate!
  5. Ash
    July 6th, 2015 10:33 PM
    ughhhh don't get me started on Ash releasing his Pokemon it's sooo frustrating for me because whenever people bring it back 99% of the time I just feel like they don't understand his character haha. It's... a long road, definitely, but I feel like at the same time it's kinda realistic in a way??? I don't know how to really say it especially at 2am in the morning. vOv

    Ehhhhh. Ash at the Orange League still had a lot to learn though. He still needed to mellow out and mature as a trainer. Hoenn I believe might have been a better point for an ending if we had to choose a point? But my thing is I love love BW and XY so I can't really say that I would have liked to see the anime ending hahahah.

    We could! I wouldn't mind that sometime.
  6. sirboulevard
    July 6th, 2015 10:23 PM
    I won't argue that he's grown as a character. But his character goals are never achieved. And that's an unfullfilling character arc. Has he matured? Yes. Has achieved anything towards his goal? Basically, no. For instance, he caught two popular mons that evolve into very popular psuedo-legendaries and the first wasn't allowed to evolve and the second they kept in the show for a couple of months and then released. In DPPt, to keep him from winning, they pulled a Deus Ex Machima and stacked the deck with two legendaries to keep him from winning a single league. Ultimately, my issue with Ash as a character, is not Ash the character. Its the fact they don't want to use another protagonist every generation, but they won't let the one they've had for TWO DECADES finally obtain their goals.

    I'm sure you're RP is great, and I would love to hear about it some other time. Because, frankly, Ash should have left the show at the end of Orange Islands or at least no longer be the protagonist (imagine Ash as a Pokemon Master battle as the Champ at the end of the Johto arc for Ethan). They've just shoved the show into this stasis box and said, &quot;eh, we don't care to take a risk anymore.&quot; To which, let this clip from Star Trek: The Next Generation say I'll I need to about that.

    We should arrange a skype date then! Everyone's pretty much always on...

  7. Ash
    July 6th, 2015 10:11 PM
    But see, Ash has grown. It's subtle, and it's not in ways people want him to grow, I suppose. But if you rewatch the first season of the anime and compare it to the recent episodes while the writing is still... how it is Ash as a character has grown. As a roleplay and as a roleplay that roleplay Ash no less I've pretty much figured our IC reasons for why things like BW happened because I obviously can't blame the writing. But roleplaying him has gotten me to understand him waay more than I did before. Now I won't rant further hahah. But I will admit that the writers don't always handle their characters well. Trip is a very good example as they didn't really do himjustice in the anime. My friend though does an amazing job roleplaying him and brings out all the aspects of Trip that we barely even saw in the anime itself.

    Oooooh that's neat! It' snice to know how everyone has beeen haha~

    Imiss the old days too. But at the same time I look back and go 'wow i can't believe I was like that' aha.
  8. sirboulevard
    July 6th, 2015 9:52 PM
    I am still in that camp. But mostly because as a writer, never letting a character grow is like a sin to me. BW arc showed TR competently, BAM! Reset button. XY Arc, actual romance potential, bam! Ash is so dense, the 6 year old girl is facepalming at the stupid. I mean, that last part is straight up self-parody. Laughing at your own works once and a while is fine, but when its a dang subplot, you've don't deserve to be writing. Ash has so much potential as a character it makes me cry as a lover of good fiction. He's an iconic nerd culture character but he won't be a well remembered one like Captain Kirk unless they DO SOMETHING with him. Ugh. Ill not rant further.

    Well, I talk to the twins frequently. In fact, Laura is drawing me a series of STO commissions based on characters I'm writing atm. Chamo is good, in between schooling for her ornithology. Baa's also well, but busy and stuff. RubyJB88 and I have drifted apart, but he's an IT guy in Joisey somewhere. And Netto and I are, well you already know that! haha.

    I'm glad you found something like that! :D I miss the old days, but I'll admit I've found a similar community over with STO.
  9. Ash
    July 6th, 2015 9:42 PM
    Right??? Like 2010 I was all 'Red is best Ash sucks' but now I love them pretty much equally if not Ash more because I'm actually a lot like Ash. To the point a lot of people say that 'm pretty much him irl hahaha! I could say more but then I'll probably just end up babbling. :b I can just imagine the look you had on your face when you heard though!

    sadly I don't. :( I haven't heard of any of the others in forever.

    Mafia is greaaaaat~ He and I are both really active in the new mafia forumwe have here and god it's great. Probably th ebest mini community I've been in since the PokeSpe one tbh.
  10. sirboulevard
    July 6th, 2015 9:36 PM
    So I hear! Netto was talking about how much you've gotten into anime, and I got this "WTF" face going on (wish I was physically with him atm, so he could have seen it).

    I KNOW RIGHT? Do you keep in contact w/ any of the others from way back then?

    Dude, he keeps talking about Mafia and I'm over hear like "I'm browsing the internet and catching mons in Apricorn Balls."
  11. Ash
    July 6th, 2015 9:29 PM
    Show how much we can change in general! SOmethings I didn't think I liked at all back then I love now. And oh yeah don't even get me started on masa oh gosh I can't even imagine.

    Netto pls. Well, I suppose that's why he's good at mafia hahaha!
  12. sirboulevard
    July 6th, 2015 8:43 PM
    Yeah, not possible. At all. I'm also having a bit of shock at how much we've all grown up. If Masa-chan was still around, she'd be an adult now. And that scares the crap outta me.

    BAHAHAHA. I told him, but I see him without clothes on and I can't get him to tell me stuff like this. I love him to death, but dear god, you gotta beat that stuff outta him.
  13. Ash
    July 6th, 2015 8:35 PM
    Yeah honestly I don't think anyone from back then can recognize me with the name and themes I have now lmfao. But that's really sweet to know and it's really great to see you back here again!!

    Oooooh sweet! Netto actually never tells me or anyone else any of this stuff you should tell him to tell us good things like this. :b But those are all really great moments!!
  14. sirboulevard
    July 6th, 2015 8:28 PM
    Not a chance! The only reason I knew is Netto is my fiance and he had mentioned you several times recently, then I realized I didn't see you in my friends' list, so I asked him. Hahaha.

    Life has been a severe rollercoaster for me! Hahah, but I'll spare you the downers and just the big moments of the last 5 years: came out as bisexual, got out of college, got together with Netto (obviously), became a spotlight author for Star Trek Online (complete with TV Tropes page), got engaged, moving back to Seattle in 2 weeks! :D
  15. Ash
    July 6th, 2015 8:22 PM
    That I am! I was wondering if someone would tell you who I am or if you would, somehow recognize me (which is pretty impossible since I've changed a lot since 2008 hahaha!).

    I've been pretty good! Life has been well... life! What about you, Sir?

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