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Conversation Between PkMnTrainer Yellow and Lilizuki
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  1. Lilizuki
    January 6th, 2013 06:02 PM
    You can just use me for my body instead~ xD

    Getting away with...what? d:

    Plans are my favorite kind of plan! I actually forget what the ability is called...but I'll likely use it if I can get away with it.

    Oooh. Sounds like something a psychic should be able to get away with; although, probably not in Fallout. It has a kind of sensuality to it that doesn't befit a game where the oldest characters are thirteen. :v

    Gross, but fair enough. d: I've become fairly numb to physical horror, so Psychics and Ghosts are the kind that I like. (I have Hypno's Lullaby as my Pokecommunity theme. :3 )

    I've written, like, half of the sheet for Fallout, except for History onwards. I'm too dizzy to continue ATM. xD
  2. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    January 6th, 2013 05:53 PM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    O-oh my... Well now I'm all flustered! How am I supposed to ask you out when my spine's all jellified?~ x3

    Hailey is a bit of a prude, to the point where the move attract doesn't even effect her on the grounds that she's too mentally messed up. That being said, she is also one of my straighter characters, so as a female Olga stands the greatest chance of getting away with anything like that. ||D

    It would be very possible. In the games, it's stated that Alakazam can learn any kind of ESP imaginable, so if it exists as a psychic power, it's fair to say that pokemon with psychic abilities may be able to learn them. Ghost types tend to be proficient in psychi powers, so that sounds like a plan!

    I personally like Kything. (Link) It basically lets you become 'one' with someone else, able to feel their emotions, their thoughts, etcetera. You can even communicate through raw thoughts, meaning no words are necessary. Your kything partner just /knows/ what you want to say before you can even get the first word out.

    Eelektross is scary. It's an eel monster that can suck people up kirby style, bite them to paraylze them, and then swallow them whole. It also has a thing for spitting acid. I have an affection for it.
  3. Lilizuki
    January 6th, 2013 05:37 PM
    Mmm, perhaps one can follow the other; fancy dresses are perfect for hiding beneath. ;3 Maybe I wouldn't mind~

    Yep, I'll be mindful of that. She won't show her power to just anyone, because showing one's hand in a game of cards is just silly (I intend for her to use gambling metaphors stolen from people who know gambling better than me d: ). There will be More Than Meets The Eye, so to speak.

    The ability to read emotions is indeed useful~ But, there is a power I'm particualrly fond of. It's the ability to touch something and see through the past to gain knowledge of its previous owners; would that be possible?

    A lot of moves are surprisingly dark, if you read them...most of them being Dark or Ghost. x3 Dark Pulse is literally thinking bad thoughts and hurting somebody with them.

    Yus. I think they could play off of each other well, given what I have planned for Olga. Mismagius wants to grab Pokemon superiority, because it's supposedly clear from the events of the near-apocalypse that Pokemon > Humans, including the fact that a Pokemon is a God. Olga, being impressionable and curious, initially went along with the idea of ensuring Pokemon reign, but acquiring Shedinja for Wonder Guard allowed her access to its way of thinking. Serenity and careful though being a part of it, so the two are kind of fighting over her to keep her mindset balanced (And Shedinja in particular is trying to let her keep her basic humanity).

    Mildly related: Eeleektross is a weird-looking Pokemon. :x
  4. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    January 6th, 2013 05:23 PM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    Don't you mean take me out /as/ dinner?~ x3 Alas, be careful. If you flirt too much, you may have me begging you to take me for your own~ <//u//<

    Yup! 6 moves for each pokespirit~ You could potentially have more moves, if you gave a reasoning in the other section, but you'd have to be careful not to break her power wise.

    Also, attract is a highly manipulative move for those purposes. She could also have some sort of psychic abilities. Perhaps some degree of mind reading, or something more subtle like the ability to know how someone is feeling at any time?

    Night Shade is an attack that would let her generate lucid illusions capable of hurting people. (Much more awesome than in-game, am I right?)

    Curse is a deadly, deadly move that is basically garaunteed to incapacitate or kill anyone it's used on unless they're being healed by a recovery move. (Though she risks being incapacitated herself in the process. They won't have a chance to finish her off, though~)

    —Oh, wait. Were you talking about my character? She's insanely intelligent for an 11 year old, as a result of her pokespirit having an unusual amount of control over her. (Pokespirits are the souls of pokemon that existed before the whole virus incident, so they're technically all at least a hundred years old.)

    The honest truth about Hailey, my character's name, is that she just thinks humans are awful, horrible creatures and hates the world. This actually comes from her pokespirit however, who has had several wielders before Hailey and had the dubious honor of watching them die tragic deaths. Basically? Because she was such an emotional pokespirit, it drove her mad with a desire for revenge, and completely destroyed her faith in humanity. (Why she has such an unusual amount of control over Hailey is perhaps best left a secret.)

    My third character, Arcea, is Hailey's best friend that follows her around trying to find out exactly that. (She's an Eelektross wielder)
  5. Lilizuki
    January 6th, 2013 05:07 PM
    Oh my, shouldn't I take you out for dinner first? ;P

    Thanks. And it's a learned skill~

    Hmm...I may need to find more move slots, if I'm going to have all of these failsafes! Does she get 6 move slots for each Pokespirit? I'm already planning for her to fashion her outfits out of magic and chitin~

    Ooh, she must be quite the deceiver if she can get so many to bend beneath her will. I could see her and Olga (My character's name, and not one of her titles) becoming quite the dynamic duo, if they could find some middle-ground between "death to all" and "rule all". Perhaps something involving making everyone a Pokemon Spirit?
  6. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    January 6th, 2013 05:00 PM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    Sweet enough to eat~♪ *Poses*

    But personally, I think you're pretty cool and sweet too~ You certainly have a knack for making me blush anyway. >//u//>

    Let's see if I can't impart you with some more ideas...

    Pain Split can also heavily discourage others from attacking. Perish Song can also force people to flee, if they can't manage to kill you within a short period of time if they don't want to 'perish'. ;p Telekinesis can completely stop enemies from getting physically close to you and effectively make you immune to close range attacks, attract (which works on anyone circa Pokemon Mystery Dungeon rules) can literally stop people from wanting to fight you forcefully to a degree. Mimic is a versatile move that can basically do anything you want it to.

    You can also give your character extra powers outside of their moves. :P

    Lastly, so far it seems like she fits in fine! I have a character who seeks to exterminate humanity altogether. (She's a bit off her rocker) She destroyed Eterna City by convincing a bunch of other kids to lend her their power under the guise of just exterminating the adults. She's a gardevoir spirit wielder that utilizes psych up and stored power. (Yes, an evil gardevoir. There's backstory to that.)
  7. Lilizuki
    January 6th, 2013 04:40 PM
    Destiny Bond...you're as smart as you are sweet. ;P I hadn't thought of that.

    Gotcha. Taking all of that into account, Imma say my concept and you can tell me if it fits.

    A thirteen year old, who's been a PokeSpirit Wielder for three years and has a particularly malevolent Mismagius bound to her. She drifts from settlement to settlement, spreading fear of her many names (For practical reasons, so she can switch between 'em and make it seem like there are more of her than there are) and making friends so she can eventually find a way to take down the Adults and establish a Pokespirit monarchy of sorts.

    That's a very long term goal, however. Meanwhile, she's trying to find a way to become immune to almost every type of attack; which will be accomplished once she finds anybody who knows Soak to absorb. Just for survivability, not to curbstomp everyone. And her second immediate goal is making powerful friends, which is what she'll actively be doing throughout the game.
  8. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    January 6th, 2013 04:29 PM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    ...Yes. Yes it totally would. ||D That being said, my spine turns to jelly when flirted with by a girl, so you could get whatever you wanted with flattery.

    You could totally make a character that avoids fights. WolfOfEve made an underage character with an excuse for having a pokespirit early and tends to depend on a certain mothering character to protect his. She has shown an affinity for mothering other kids she perceives as helpless of victimized.

    Also eating people. People have pretty colorful personalities here. You could totally put Destiny Bond in there just to give people more reason to back off and settle things with words. |D

    And of course there is! PTA allows you to have as many of your pokemon's abilities as you want. Fallout too.

    The players write the story in Pokemon Fallout. That being said, you're free to plan stuff and play it out, and even have it change the world if you wish. (If you have questions about whether it conflicts with lore or is absurd, feel free to ask me. I'm basically there to help people and make sure people aren't being mean. |D)
  9. Lilizuki
    January 6th, 2013 04:22 PM
    Would flirting with you make it more or less likely for me to get a second? xP Right now, I'm thinking of Mismagius with Shedinja as a second, for a character who's trying to get power through social means.

    I don't like fiiiightiiiing. :< Mostly because I bet I'd get roflstomped.

    There are RPs that allow multiple abilities? O_O Haha. I seem to have a fondness for pet-like Pokemon.
  10. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    January 6th, 2013 04:16 PM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    You're supposed to be restricted to one, but this is a very flexible roleplay, so I could probably make an exception for perhaps a second pokespirit if you wanted.

    (You can steal the pokespirits from fallen enemies by absorbing them.)

    And Minccino/Cinccino are probably the greatest combo of cute and beastly in battle ever. Give those things technician and skill link if you're in an RP that supports multiple abilites and you've got garaunteed 185 base power attacks including it's STAB tail slab. xD

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