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Conversation Between PkMnTrainer Yellow and Fox♠
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  1. Fox♠
    May 26th, 2010 01:44 PM
    He said if you shot yourself through the head with the entry point being your mouth you would die, which you would. I've given you facts which you've chosen to ignore with your ignorance.
  2. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    May 26th, 2010 01:35 PM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    The angle was not said. It was not specific enough. I think my point is made.
  3. Fox♠
    May 26th, 2010 01:30 PM
    Vendak clearly said a shot through the head, a shot through the head at that angle is a 100% chance of death. You would have to shoot at a different angle (thereofre botching it) for it to not be a 101% of death
  4. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    May 26th, 2010 11:45 AM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    But you just admitted the chance wasn't zero.
    See, by saying it's always zero you'd be assuming someone couldn't botch it and lived, which isn't really the case because as you said it's possible.

    I mean we could say that if so and so is destroyed they're dead but the fact is so and so is not necessarily destroyed just because someone shoots.

    I'm aware that shooting yourself in the mouth is deadlier. I'm just saying, it's not an absolute 100% chance. There is room for error.
  5. Fox♠
    May 26th, 2010 10:47 AM
    The chance is actually zero. The combustion of the bullet itself alongside the action of the handgun is enough to dislocate/break the jaw and shatter the back of the skull/tip of the spine. The bullet itself would rip through the brain and the nervous system. The ONLY way someone could survive is if they botched it and aimed low and it exited below the back of the skull, however this would still cause near fatal injuries and would still wreck the spinal cord, resulting in probabal death anyway.

    Also that video was JFK's assination, he was shot with a rifle albeit, which is a far heavier and faster round, but given the distance similar physics can be applied to a handgun at point blank.
  6. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    May 26th, 2010 08:20 AM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    I'd say you could. I admited the chances were probably considerably lower than to the forhead. But I seriously doubt the chance is zero.
  7. Fox♠
    May 26th, 2010 07:47 AM
    Early Nuclear bombs on a city are completely different to a .45 through the roof of your mouth. You wouldn't survive.

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