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  1. sirboulevard
    September 13th, 2010 2:39 PM
    Originally Posted by Wings Don't Cry View Post
    What!? You have Other M, can you please tell me how good it is since the trailer looks awesome.
    you asked for my opinion so I can tell you here. (too long for the thread)

    The gameplay is good except for the forced first person parts (the scanner module is really oversensitive and doesnt always register the first time) its hard like an old-school metroid game. Once you practice for a few hours playing it youll get it down.

    The story... its a good concept and I really enjoyed it but many people hated how samus is acting in it. Mainly the fact she has *Gasp* human emotions. She also has a Post-Tramatic Stress Syndrome breakdown when Ridley comes back from the dead (which makes sense when you know the backstory that Ridley shishkebob'd her mom in front of her at three years old) and the part where Adam doesnt authorize the Varia Suit when you have to walk through hot areas is annoying. But besides that, it does the trick.

    It's not a masterpiece like Super or Prime, but it's very good and the game plays like a classic metroid. Team Ninja and the cinematic guys did 100% good work. The weak points come from Sakamoto-san's (the guy who made the originals) weaknesses in her character. There are two hours of cutscenes but the game is about 12 hours long including them so you dont feel like they are overwhelming. Also, this game sets up Fusion, so if you like that plot, youll love this one.

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