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Conversation Between colours and bobandbill
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  1. bobandbill
    April 2nd, 2016 1:41 AM
    No, we type on two keyboards. Simultaneously.
  2. colours
    April 1st, 2016 10:09 PM
    Do the both of you type on one keyboard simultaneously?

    Yes, I will keep making this joke LOL
  3. bobandbill
    June 7th, 2015 7:17 PM
    (That is flying). Put down that sword, Pikachu?

    And of course! I mean, OF COURSE!! >:[
  4. colours
    June 7th, 2015 4:55 PM
    pikachu with a SWORD thank you >:(

    also i still see you're as ANGRY as usual!
  5. bobandbill
    June 7th, 2015 4:54 PM
    Hi flying Pikachu!
  6. colours
    June 7th, 2015 4:46 PM
    hi bob!

    hi bill!
  7. bobandbill
    April 28th, 2015 7:34 PM
    I thought some people might think that way actually, haha. I just now need to write my posts in the manner of the character. :V
  8. colours
    April 28th, 2015 7:29 PM
    hahahah you know your avatar makes it sound like you're shouting in your posts

    ...yeah i have quite the active imagination
  9. bobandbill
    April 27th, 2015 6:10 AM
    We are both our own beings

    (but not here just about to head to bed!)
  10. colours
    April 27th, 2015 2:57 AM
    ah, the good ol' days when i used to refer to you and bill as two different people

    or is it you and bob
  11. bobandbill
    April 12th, 2015 12:36 PM
    But people love the Wess dance! =(

    And agreed, I'd like another double-battles-the-game with story on the Wii U, with extra Miror B.
  12. colours
    April 12th, 2015 12:09 PM
    lol i still remember the dancing wess

    please dont bring him back, he's retired now :(
  13. colours
    April 10th, 2015 4:21 PM
    also seriously there needs to be a flipping game that's similar to XD on the Wii U >.>;; although redundant in concept now that we have 3D ever since X/Y, I feel the abundance of features and in general "things to do" would give the games a lot more purpose. Heck even Battle Revolution was at least somewhat entertaining.
  14. bobandbill
    April 10th, 2015 4:14 PM
    Yeah, as an in-game-yet-in-tournament-mode thing.
  15. colours
    April 10th, 2015 4:11 PM
    Wait, so XD had the Orre Colosseum challenge? Could've sworn colosseum did, or at least had something similar.

    might have to lean towards XD in that case.

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