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Conversation Between Sanctuary and Eucliffe
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  1. Eucliffe
    December 4th, 2009 12:37 PM
    Oh hey, happy birthday today <3

    /it's been a while
  2. Sanctuary
    May 31st, 2009 08:42 PM
    LUCKY SHHTARR. I've grown to love it, it's heaps cute. :) You should watch more, it's great! xDD It only gets better onwards from the first two episodes. o: You're watching the awesome sounding anime! I'll write that down in my list to watch.. it'll be right up the top! ;D

    Omgg, that sounds adorable! We don't have hamsters here (or maybe they're called guinea pigs), but I would definitely call my hamster Hamtaro or Bijou. <333 Awww, sounds adorableeee~
  3. Eucliffe
    May 28th, 2009 05:04 PM
    Lucky Star <3 I only watched, like, two episodes of it XD But I wanna watch it some more~ *currently watching Shaman King and Higurashi* <-I recommend those. Shaman King because it has cute guys *shot* and Higurashi because it's mysterious and awesome <3

    Bijou was my fave too <3 I actually named a baby hamster I got from the shelter after her, and she was the only one of the three hamsters I had in my lifetime that licked me as a baby <3 I miss her so much D=
  4. Sanctuary
    May 28th, 2009 03:00 AM
    Good to hear! n__n Uhmmm, no actually I've been pretty busy with school work and such. I am watching Lucky Star whenever it's dinner though.. and it's so random! :o Other than that, nothing else. You tried anything you recommend? :3

    Omg, I love the character Bijou! She was my favourite, although I was sorta iffy on her French accent. xD Haha, that is quite a coincidence. -looks up username- Oohh, it's Bijou! It is a really cute theme. <3
  5. Eucliffe
    May 27th, 2009 02:44 PM

    I'm fine, thanks~ Try any new manga/anime series lately?

    Actually, that's kind of coincidential, because I befriended a user known as "Bijou-chan" on my alt. She has the cutest theme <3
  6. Sanctuary
    May 27th, 2009 06:15 AM
    Zu-zu-zu-zu-zu! ;D
    I don't remember what happened to our previous conversation, but uhmm, yeah just felt like coming to see what you're up to.

    How are you Zuzu?
    Omg, your username totally reminds me of Hamtaro. ;D
  7. Eucliffe
    April 30th, 2009 02:03 PM
    I really do wanna go to Sydney. It sounds amazing <3 And even though I've only seen pictures of it (animated and real), I still wanna go so I can develop my own opinion. Queensland I haven't heard of, but it sounds nice...

    Mm, Massachusetts apparently has the following seasons: Almost winter, Winter, Still winter, Road construction. I cracked up at the "Road Construction", honestly XD

    Well, now there are reports of Swine Flu going around, so hopefully I won't catch that. I also hope it hasn't spread around too much (if at all) in Australia.
  8. Sanctuary
    April 29th, 2009 04:40 AM
    Awh, that's a good idea, don't want anyone stealing your name! >:D

    Mm, yeah I've gotten used to it, so I can't bear to change it.

    Aww, that's a nice thing to do, thank you. :] I'm not too much of a person who is open about my problems though... I do tend to just keep to myself, although my friends don't like it when I do that. n__n"

    Ah, I live on the crappy side of Australia.. (west). Not so interesting over here, but the weather is nice during Spring and Autumn and there's a lot of nice places over in Queensland and Sydney.
    Go to Queensland/Sydney.. anywhere but Perth if you decide to go somewhere.. it's boring in Perth. xD

    Well it's a better experience than staying at school? XD
    Awh, working in the rain is cruel, you might've gotten sick!
  9. Eucliffe
    April 28th, 2009 04:39 PM
    I'm gonna change it back to that sooner or later. Though then again... Mm, if I change my alt's name to Serene when it can be changed, then all will be well~

    And I like your new username a lot more. C'est pretty~~~

    Psh, I'll help anyone with their problems. I'm actually a bit of an advice giver, so if you have any problems, feel free to drop me a PM~



    You live in Australia? I've always wanted to go there D= Is it nice?

    Oh, and we went to a farm with retarded MENTALLY CHALLENGED people. It was OK, although we had to work in the rain... '
  10. Sanctuary
    April 26th, 2009 10:11 PM
    But this one is still nice, so it's nothing too major. The Serene one just sounded so much more pretty. xD Whoa, that's a total coincidence but that's pretty cool!
    Kinda reminds me of my username as well, I actually really love my old username: Star Poochyena but now that I think about it sounds kinda.. gay, haha.

    Haha, that sounds like a highly probable conversation. A psychologist? Sounds like an interesting job, it's good that you have something you want to achieve. So you can totally help me with my problems. xD

    It's not spring break here, it's.. summer break, since I live in Australia; there's different seasons. (Confusing, aye?) It's been two and a half weeks and I kinda miss school. Ooh, school trip! Where'd you go?

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