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  1. Ayano Katagiri
    March 20th, 2009 7:25 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Yep! I may have got myself confused somewhere though... xD No I don't!! Um, what's an example of one? Awww... poor May. It's bad enough when you don't like the subject, but if the teacher's bad as well. ;_; I'd say it's only making a small minority happy. The system is still pretty bad. XD
    Yup and for making GIFs as well!! Well, I have a 250GB Hard Drive on this laptop and I have around 32GB of anime on here right now. DOTA is the Warcraft map, right? Then no, haha I can't imagine it being anywhere near educational. ^^ That's why you don't ask!! XD I have to compete with one this year for the end of year awards.
    I can get through 12 episodes a day if I had a lot of time on my hands... but it's rare I get the chance to do that. x_x I'd define a "normal" otaku to be one like Konata from Lucky Star. XD
    Yeah. I wish one did come here, I would definitely go. Oooh!! Who are you cosplaying as??
    We did that the other day. (Just paintballing that is). The teachers wouldn't join in though. D: Ours are all based off someone who's done something really special in the school's history. Bad Mayo, you should help out someway though! XD Oh, we have prefects and head boy on top of all that as well. And they can hand out punishments, which is the only difference. Yeah, my job is actually pretty easy for the most part. ^^

    I'm sure you did, getting results back is always the worst time for doubting yourself. x_x Ahh, that's way too unbalanced! XD I have to agree, there would be around 3 in my year group and we're a pretty small school too. There's just so many types of engineering that you could be, almost endless in options. Yup!! I saw it on the news the other night. I wonder how long until these robots become a common everyday thing. :3 IT'S OKAY BECAUSE IT'S MAYO~ ^^
    I've stopped over in Brisbane before, but I can't really stand the weather. It's way too hot for me. D: I've heard of "Kiwiana" before, but I don't know what that actually means. xD :O The illegal trade of Kiwis has been discovered. (It's us two, of course we would! :D)

    Yeah, and I think scarecrow. Um. XD I don't know, I associate that with Hawaii for some reason. o.o Oh yeah, the "G'day mate" greeting. XD But that's just colloquialism. :O Whaaat? You've never heard of it? Like um, All Blacks vs Wallabies, trans-Tasman stuff... Mainly sporting though.

    I would have thought it would be more advantageous to do an engineering course at uni? Unless Australia's university are really hard to get into...
    It all sounds so confusing. XD Why can't it just be "Year -insertlevel- Maths" and then streamed bands.
    So there's some doubt there? ^^

    Alex <3
  2. Sanctuary
    March 19th, 2009 12:42 AM
    Antonyms are words that mean the opposite of another word, right? XD Naw, but you use big words when we're typing right now! Omg, so lucky. I despise english, and especially my teacher. Just want to get a gun and shoot her down! XD At least NZ is making the students happy instead of living through damn english. XD
    HQ is awesome for taking screenshots and it just feels so good when it's all nice and brightly coloured. 8D Whoa, you must really use up a lot of your memory! XD I doubt it Kagu, I don't see DOTA as an educational game, haaha~ Omg, same here. Having a friend as one of those people is pretty aggravating as well, since you ask them what they get in the test even though it's obvious they beat you. XD
    Agreed, it'd probably still be difficult to watch 200+ episodes. >_<" Yeah, dittoed, since I luckily started watching while there weren't as many episodes as there are now. Otakuu~ :D I'd really love to meet a 'normal' otaku, like.. they are very casual, normal people but are complete otakus when you walk into their room. :D
    Aw, that's a shame! Anime conventions really only come to major countries. XD We have two anime conventions in Perth; the Supanova and the Wai-Con. I'm gonna be cosplaying for the Supanova so I'm super excited. XD
    Omg, yes, good idea! Andandand we can splat the teachers with paint! :D Sky Blue?! That sounds so pretty. We have these lame names for our colours. >_> Ah, we also have 8 different houses; 3 houses for each colour. I'm totally not gonna waste my whole recess/lunch doing canteen duty, nah uh. XD Ahhh, I see, so that's kinda like prefects for us. We have head boy & head girl too, although I doubt they really get much of anything special; except their photos are posted on the top banner on the school newsletter. XD Aww; that doesn't sound bad. ^_^

    Yep, I'm pretty happy, although I'm not even 100% sure if I passed or not, or my teacher is just so stupidly forgetful. >_> It is quite popular I suppose, we have one full class of boys.. plus me. XD I reckon there'd be many more classes for Engineering in an all-boy's school though. Yeah, ditto with my school. Most guys want to be engineers of some sort. I was thinking of being a chemical engineer although it sounds boring. >w< They made a shoujo robot in Japan?! I was looking up a magazine in engineering and I saw the cute Japan robots they have. They look so anime-styled! And there's one with a cute little pink dress. XD YES, I WIN. SORRY KAGU. ;D
    If you went to Australia, Perth is really boring, so I suggest you go to Sydney~ Yeh, Kiwi Land! XD Haha, well I 'sorta' made it up amongst my friends but like, I hear other people going on about 'Kiwi Land'.. or maybe it's a store that sells kiwis. XD (MAYBE KAGU!)

    I suppose so, most people think cows, chickens or horses if they think of farms. XD Eh, I thought that was the general Aussie stereotype. XD Or maybe the "Good'day mate." although I say that just to poke fun. ;D THERE'S A RIVALRY?! Never heard of a rivalry between us. XD

    Oh, yeah I believe our school follows the country's curriculum as well, so we end up having engineering. But doing engineering in high school is a very good opportunity for those who really want to do mechanical engineering when they get out of school. D:
    I have absolutely no idea. XD The highest one in year 11 for maths is 3AB Specialised, and the second highest is 3AB and then there's 2AB, 2CD, etc.
    I kinda think you're right. ;D

    <3 MAY
  3. Ayano Katagiri
    March 18th, 2009 11:51 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Waaait~ But I thought that was antynoms? ;_; Nah, my english is horrible. I only thought of it because we used it in Japanese. :3 Yup!! Only in Year 13 though, it's otherwise compulsory. It just goes to show how worthless a NZ qualification really is. XD
    Most of what I get now is in HQ, or at least a decent 200mb+ per episode. I'll probably have to buy an external hard drive soon come to think of it... :| They're freaks!! Unless they're playing "educational" games. XDD What I probably hate more is all-rounders that are hardout in everything. D: It makes it even harder to compete with them.
    And then even if you do borrow it off someone, you'd need to spend at least a week or two to get through all of it. D: Lucky, I wouldn't have the will to keep up unless I had started watching with it when it first aired. Yay, crazed fan! XD Even though that can lead to otaku-ness. :o Nope, unfortunately we don't. ;; The closest we get is the Armageddon Expo, which happens in Australia too I think.
    Yess!! Or a paintball fight, even if that would hurt more. xD Oooh, me too!! <3 I'm in a sky blue house~ :3 But we have the whole secondary school (yr9-13) split into 8 different houses. Haha, canteen duty doesn't sound fun at all! So fair enough, xD Um well, everyone in Year 13 is regarded as a senior - being the top of the school and all. So basically, everyone who has a leadership role and is in year 13 is a senior leader. :D Games don't sound too bad. I don't really have to do much for Peer Support, except have a little Year 9 buddy to look after this term.

    Yay!! <3 That's great, MAYO PASSED~ ^^ *throws a party* /random But I thought Engineering would have been one of the more popular subjects? Most people from my school are considering doing Engineering or Medicine at uni. =\ That IS AWESOME. I want to do that... it reminds me of the shoujo robot they just made in Japan recently. Awww... FINE, YOU WIN. :D
    And I don't think I'll be going anywhere near Aussie again anytime soon. "Kiwi Land"? XD That's the first time I've ever heard of that! :3 (Yeah, but we'd get pass that! Maybe~ xD)

    Sheep aren't really that associated with a generalised farm though. I'd say I have once or twice, but yeah, it's very rare to. Is that the general Aussie stereotype?? XD I couldn't really think of one to be honest. Yep and yet there's such a fierce rivalry too. :3

    I would suggest it, but as we follow the national curriculum, it would never be accepted since we'd get the chance at uni. ABs? What do they stand for?
    I think they mean the same thing. :O

    Alex <3
  4. Sanctuary
    March 18th, 2009 2:19 AM
    Haha, no way Kagu, we're doing synonyms not antonyms! :D Ah, good english you have there, I never would've thought of that! XD Whaatt, you can drop english?! That's odd, english is a compulsory subject here in Australia, except no when we get into university. That's so lucky!
    Oohhh, HQ! I never download HQ since it's just way too large for my computer to hold the 200 episodes of Bleach, although that's probably why I burn them onto a CD and then delete them. :3 Sorta unlucky, but I can't complain. :3 Yep, pretty lucky, but we'll never get more anyway. D: Omg, same, I find it annoying when people are INCREDIBLY smart and all they do is play video games all day. XD
    Yeah, Bleach has just so many episodes (kinda like Naruto) that it's impossible that you want to start unless you borrow it off someone. I'm up to date though, so I don't have much to worry about. XD Yes, another anime download 'freak'.. actually not freak, I just can't think of any other word to use. Maybe.. crazed fan! XD Do you have any anime conventions in NZ? Same, I just can't help but want to know what comes next.
    GUNS?! So we can shoot people. 8D I guess that'd be pretty awesome! It'd be awesome for the whole school to have a water gun fight. -random- Yeah, we have forms, like 3 forms per colour. I'm in BLUEE. <3 Ooh, nice! Kagu is getting into the spirit of leadership! :D We do house representatives by votes. I was a candidate and went into the 'second round' but I made everyone else vote for someone else since I didn't want to do it (I don't want to do canteen duty! XD) What do you mean by 'senior leaders'? XD The only 'leader' I am is Peer support where you spend one period with year 8's and play games and stuff. 8D

    Yay, thank you! I'm cheering for you, KAGU! Oh, I ended up passing my test. Or at least I think I did, since my teacher is so darn forgetful. D: Oh, well most people are surprised when I walked into Engineering for the first time.. they're like, "OMG MAY IS DOING ENGINEERING?! You're gonna be loner!" ;D Surprised in a good way? XDD Yep, and we can even add cameras on our robots! :D Well FINE, WE'LL LEAVE IT AT THE FACT THAT WE'RE BOTH SUPER PEOPLE! SO MAY = KAGU.
    Same, that'd be awesome. ^_^ Yep, but I doubt I'll be going to Kiwi Land any time soon. XD I just love calling NZ Kiwi Land! XD (I'll definitely be way too quiet. Like, there'll be so many awkward silences!)

    XD, I was wondering why I didn't think of sheep! Oh, really?! I really dislike stereotypes, since generally you'll never meet anyone who has those stereotypes. XD You never really see many Aussie 'blonde hair, blue eye surfer guys' around. Actually.. never actually seen one! XD Yeah, NZ and Australia are very similar, pretty much the same country~

    Aw, that's a shame, since the guys seem to enjoy it quite a bit; as do I. That should totally be given up to your school as an idea. ;D Haha, well we get Physics & Calculus too, but they changed the names of the maths courses so it's like.. 3AB and 2AB, etc.

    <3 MAY
    p.s. Yeah, same. :)
  5. Ayano Katagiri
    March 18th, 2009 12:20 AM
    Ayano Katagiri
    But Mayo, the two are meant to be antonyms not synonyms. :3 Interesting is the best word there I think. Yes, damned English. Which is why I dropped it~ XD
    6 more episodes of HQ anime. XD Ah, that's unlucky. I'm pretty much the only who uses it so I get most of the bandwith. That's lucky!! I wish that were the case for me. I know, it's good in some ways but I wish I could play on the Internet and still do awesome at school. xD
    200-something+ episodes would really make me fill up my hard drive too quickly as well, so I don't really think it would that good an idea. D: I know exactly what you mean!! I do the same thing~ I always just keep on downloading and watching them just to find out what happens even though I know I should have stopped ages ago. XD
    It does, but there's hardly any action at all! Our school should buy guns or something. XD Oooh, you have houses too? I'm one of the senior leaders in the house, so I ended up volunteering for it. :3

    I'm sure you will; I'm cheering for you! :D Yes, I'm definitely suprised! But in a good way~! ;D My plans aren't that perfect, I still have no idea what to do at uni. xD Oooh, robots. That sounds like so much fun, I wish we got to do that. Aww... poor May *pats on head*
    KAGU DOESN'T HAVE SUPER POWERS. ;_; SO MAYO > KAGU. Yeah, I'd love to meet up. Well, if you ever come to NZ or I go to Perth then we should meet up. ^^ (Don't worry, I'd probably be the same. xD)
    I know! It's so strange, but still so awesome. ^_^

    Oh yes, horses. Why don't I think of that? XD Funnily enough, the same is said about Aussies here! It is stereotypical, but it's somewhat to be expected. xD Even though the two countries are actually quite similar. Awww, okay I see. Well, I'll catch you when I see you! :3

    Nope, there isn't any sort of Engineering subject offered at high school in NZ. It's an university course here. The closest I get is Physics + Calculus.
    Maybe we should use a dictionary? :o (I think I know the answer, but I don't wanna say~)

    Alex <3
    p.p.s. It is, only slightly. But I like it this way. :3
  6. Sanctuary
    March 17th, 2009 12:02 AM
    No, Kagu, I'd say that's incorrect, as unboring rounding off to boring would not be a synonym now! XD Wait.. what's the word for "unboring" then?! Damn english. XD
    It's only 2GB more. ;D And plus, I have my sister downloading stuff as well so it's gone much quicker~ haha. Yeah, same with mine, but they'd know my sister would complain so looks like no restricting for me! YAYY~ XD But that's sorta an asian parent thing; they'd do anything to make you study hard and get good grades~
    Oh yeah, that was what put me off Bleach as well, since it's a whole bunch of episodes now. ;_; Another problem is once you start downloading, you can't help but want to download the next one, then the next! XD That was the problem with me, the stupid cliffhangers at the end, and I had to know so I kept downloading.
    Hehe, SCHOOL IN ACTION. That sounds awesome. 8D Well, I guess that makes sense as well, that's probably what our school does as well, but I'm not a house representative so I don't have to do it. ^_^

    Yep, I agree with you. I'm hoping I'll do better. ;D YEP ENGINEERING~! Surprising, hay? Hahaha, don't drop your perfect plans Kagu! Engineering is really fun, we're making 'wrestling' robot although I barely help since they never invite me to do anything. ;_; But I've got my best guy friend there, so I'm a-okay~
    KAGU IS MORE SUPERHUMAN THAN MEE. I'M GLAD YOU AGREE WITH ME. 8D Yeah, same, it'd be awesome to meet you sometime. (although knowing me, I'll get all shy at first and not know what to do or say.. even though we have so much to talk about now.)
    XD, omg, everytime we start talking about something, I find more similarities between us. YAY, somebody who believes in MAYO.

    I think of horses when I hear farm. XD (only because I like horses) HAHAHA, for some reason that's pretty funny/strange. My friend thinks that Kiwis say "Fish n' Chips" strangely. And she won't believe me when I say she's being stereotypical. XD Well, the start of the first week going into the second week, since I have to do 30 hours. I'm gonna be hanging around at the city with some of my friends after I finish community work, so I won't be around much at all I reckon.

    It surely is the imagination world! :D Wait, do you do engineering as a subject?
    We shall never know! (more like I don't know the answer so I'll just pretend like I know the answer~)

    <3 MAY
    p.s. This message is WAY too long, I'm talking too much!
  7. Ayano Katagiri
    March 16th, 2009 10:57 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    If unboring isn't a word... then it's rounded off to the nearest word = boring. xD
    You have more than me. *ttly jealous* xD I only have 10GB. Haha. My parents would be more than happy to restrict my bandwith to try to get me to study. D:
    I can see some of the appeal in it, but it's just how there's so many episodes to catch up on that really puts me off. ;_;
    Our one was just to show them around the school facilities, we have separate ones for seeing the school in action type of stuff. Ouch, that mustn't have been too fun. xD

    Since it's something you enjoy, it'll be easier to improve on and learn too. :D ENGINEERING? :O *drops plans to do medicine and chooses engineering next year instead* Waah, I don't know why, but I never would have thought you would do engineering~ BUT IT IS!! But Mayo is superhuman so it doesn't apply. ;D OKAY, MAYBE NOT FAIL BUT DO HORRIBLY YES. Definitely ftw. :D Haha, I can imagine us getting along really well in RL then. ^^
    I never do, I just... end up confuzzled. xD OF COURSE! Forever and ever. :3

    I think of sheep when I hear farm. And not in the sheep-stereotype way that NZ gets. xD I see, sounds interesting. Aww... first/second week? But don't you only get a two week holiday??

    Me too~ And here I was thinking that engineering was the imagination world. XD
    Waaait~ which one is it? :o

    Alex <3
  8. Sanctuary
    March 16th, 2009 1:49 AM
    Heh, that just shows how.. unboring you are~ BUT UNBORING ISN'T A WORD! XD
    Yeah, that's probably the same reason as me. n_n I think it's 12GB, and it's going at pretty cheap too. My parents don't want me to get anything much larger though, since they don't see why I need so much when I'm 'studying' the majority of my 'computer' time.. Ahem.. XD
    Yeah, BLEACH is definitely my favourite anime, it's really interesting. ;D I guess it's got all the genres I like.. except they don't have shoujo! :'D
    Ohhh. Well, open day isn't that bad! XD My school open day is usually during school hours though, so people can have a look at people whilst working. Although, that's sorta bad cos one time they came in during our Indonesian class and then my teacher made me say stuff in Indonesian.. and I blanked. XD

    Yeah, which is why it somehow doesn't make much sense, although I'm sure I can improve. :) I'm also doing Engineering which I'm enjoying, although I'm like.. the only girl. XD I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S UNTHINKABLE KAGU. No way, I certainly can fail my tests, cos I'm only human. XD BUT YOU KAGU, YOU ARE..... MY PAIR, WHICH MAKES IT UNTHINKABLE THAT YOU SHOULD FAIL A TEST! Yes, capitalisation ftw. XD Same, the one time I do bad in my test, it all goes.. wrong. Too alike Kagu!
    Definitely agree with you there. Well, you can always go through the test without either believing or not believing in yourself? XD YAY, YOU DO ALL THE BELIEVING FOR ME. 8D

    Yep, farm! (All it's got is chickens though) Community service is like a pre-requisite to be able to graduate school.. something about curriculum council thing. Although I'm glad we do community service since it's fun. ;D I could've chosen something else besides going to a farm.. but I can't go anywhere else since my parents have work. I might not be on as much during the first/second week of my holidays. =_=

    Dittoed! Although I try my best to pay attention. n_n Engineering is a world full of spacing out since I'm sorta not talking to anyone. XD
    MAYBE YOU'RE RIGHT.. or maybe you're WRONG! XD :D

    <3 MAY
  9. Ayano Katagiri
    March 16th, 2009 12:22 AM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Oww... well, I'm glad I'm not then. XD
    I always seem to go over mine nowadays, especially when downloading anime. ^^ How big is your current one?
    Yay. :3 I thought so! I don't watch the series, though maybe I should sometimes.
    It was for our school open day~ I had to help out as a year 13 student guide. o.o

    That happens sometimes, though generally you're meant to be better at the subjects you enjoy. D: YES, yes it is May. I believe in you, so it has to be unthinkable. ;D I do do bad sometimes and then it ends up being horribly bad.
    I know I should, I always end up changing my mind midway through and ignoring my instincts. Yup, it certainly is~ I'll believe for you! XD

    Oooh, farm. :3 Is there any particular reason behind the community service?
    Same here. <3

    I find I've been doing that more, lately in class. :o
    But don't infinite and indefinite mean the same thing? o.O Haha, yeah we are. :D

    Alex <3
  10. Sanctuary
    March 15th, 2009 3:47 AM
    No, you're not boring! Or I would've ran away and kicked your ass by now (through the interwebz). XD
    Yeah, I used up all my net bandwidth somehow.. so I want to get a larger bandwidth next time. ;D
    Awesome! Maybe once my net gets back up and running I'll start downloading. n_n Yep, Bleach is centered around Shinigami-ness. XD
    Whaat?! You go to school on Sunday? Why?! That must really suck! :(

    It's weird, the one subject that I've always enjoyed and I'm failing at it. Is it really that unthinkable Kagu? XD It's unthinkable for YOU to do bad in a test! :D
    You totally should trust yourself, just not to the point where you become overconfident. But it's always hard finding that balance, so I end up not believing myself. XD

    Yeh same! I have to do community service, but that's okay, I really enjoy community service.. even though it is working on a farm. lol
    Hope to speak with you during the holidays. <3

    Hahah, that totally describes me, I'm always zoning out.
    I've been known to stare at my desktop for an INFINITE amount of time. XD Haha, we're so alike.. well seemingly in terms of procrastinating. xD

    <3 MAY
  11. Ayano Katagiri
    March 14th, 2009 11:18 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Maybe~ But I always thought I was boring. xD
    Aww... get faster broadband if you can. It's no fun on slow internet. D:
    It's great!! You really should~ It's so much stuff mixed into one show. Bleach has shinigami stuff too, doesn't it?
    I feel tired after that. D: Going to school on Sundays is no fun, even if it's being "responsible".

    Noooo!! May can't screw up life. That's.. that's unthinkable! D:
    I don't trust myself. =\ I have a problem with being too overconfident sometimes, and that never comes out well.

    Same here. I can't wait for the term 1 holidays. xD

    Or at more than one point. :D
    I've been known to stare randomly at a page for an indefinite amount of time. Um... yes, I do that too~ ^^

    Aℓєχ <3
  12. Sanctuary
    March 14th, 2009 10:51 PM
    Hehe, yeah that's probably the main reason. xD
    Yayyy! Shame that my net is too slow to watch all those Youtube clips you put up~
    Oh, one of the things you blogged about; Soul Eater! I desperately want to watch that! For some reason it really reminds me of BLEACH. xD
    Aww, nooo! Things just keep getting harder and harder..

    I'm HOPING I did fine.. cos if I screwed up this test, I've screwed up my LIFE. (only because I failed another test and it bought my average down by HEAPS.) I hope you did well! :D I TRUST YOUR SKILL. 8D

    Yep, I just really want a break. xD

    Hehe, I guess everyone is inattentive at some point.
    Yeah same, I tend to spend a lot of time online as well like looking up silly things like pictures and Youtube videos. XD
    Yeah, awesome. n__n

    <3 MAY
  13. Ayano Katagiri
    March 14th, 2009 2:59 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Hiyaa!! *hugs*

    Yay! :3
    My writing style hasn't really changed much, maybe that's why?
    Will do. ^^ Even if it's on random stuff. xD
    Yeah, it's been quite difficult lately on top of normal work. Like how I have to go to school in an hour... D:

    I'm sure you did fine! I think I messed up my Physics test though... haha, oh well.

    I know, it never ceases to be tiring. xD

    It happens. xD I'm bad at staying attentive on things too.
    I think I still spend too much time online, I might start cutting it down now.
    But I'll come back and reply whenever I can. ^_^

    Alex <3
  14. Sanctuary
    March 14th, 2009 5:56 AM
    KAGUUU! :)

    Nope, somebody is reading it. AND THATS ME! XD
    It's in my bookmarks, so I tend to check on it every now and then. Even though I'm not speaking to you it sorta feels like it somehow. It feels nostalgic for some odd reason?!
    Hehe, keep writing Kagu; remember I'm reading it!
    Yeah, same. Year 13 must be even more difficult for you than Year 11/12 is for you. >_>

    Same to you! I haven't been doing to well in Physics.. so hopefully I did well in this test. ;D

    Hehe, yeah, it's always the same ol' thing with school. xD
    I'm feeling the same as you.

    I never tend to reply on Facebook.. actually just like I do here. xD I tend to forget very easily. I'm bad at staying attentive. :D

    <3 MAY
  15. Ayano Katagiri
    March 12th, 2009 8:42 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Hey May!! <3

    Omg omg omg. And I thought no one was reading it. xD
    THANK YOU!! <3
    I've been pretty busy lately, so I haven't had much chance to get on MSN either. D:

    Yay! Good luck for your tests and stuff~

    Mmmm... I'm great, just busy and tired from school. x_x
    How about you?? ^^

    I'll be there!! Some time or other~
    ilu lots <3

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