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Conversation Between Sanctuary and Ayano Katagiri
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  1. Sanctuary
    March 12th, 2009 5:50 AM
    Hey, KAGU. <3

    Omg, I really love your blog, I love to read it every now and then. xD
    It really interests me, and especially all the funny screenshots!
    Well, I haven't been on MSN and I've never been able to catch you on MSN! D:

    I'm gonna be on a little more often after most of my tests and stuffs are finished.

    Mmm.. so uhmmm..
    HOW ARE YOU? <3

    Hope to see you on MSN or Facebook or some other form of communication soon! XD
    Love MAY. <3
  2. Ayano Katagiri
    February 10th, 2009 7:28 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    There probably is, like sightseeing at really famous tourist spots and um... maybe immersing yourself into their culture somehow? Depending on where you go though, of course.
    Shopping was my main motive this time. xD Like buying electronics. ^.^
    Oooh... lots of stuff. Since they have almost everything at food court in departments stores. Like yakiniku, this fried rice thing with egg on top (which I don't what it's called) and lots of fruit! Basically everything I can't get here in NZ. :D What about you?

    Yup. XD It's equivalent. I think there's only a difference because of the age when we start year 1 or something like that.
    I'm beginning to lose my will to wanting to go to school.

    Haha... why not? :3
    Alex ♥♥
  3. Sanctuary
    February 10th, 2009 3:57 AM
    RAH. ;D

    Yeah.. I guess there's not much else to do overseas. Although that's not a bad thing since the stuff I did was fun. :D
    Hehe, yeah, we did heaps of shopping as well!
    Ah.. totally agreed! The food was one of the best things about the trip. ;) What kinda stuff did you eat?

    Uwahh.. year 13?! I didn't know there was such thing. XD Would year 13 be equivalent to year 12 in Australia?
    Agreed.. I'm already pooped out.

    Have fun at tutor.. no way. ;D
    <3 MAY
  4. Ayano Katagiri
    February 8th, 2009 11:11 PM
    Ayano Katagiri

    Sounds very similar to what I did. :D
    Mine were great too. Did LOTS of shopping for lots of random stuff. xD And eating; I miss all the different types of food I could get. ;;

    School's... school. Lots of responsibility this year, since I've finally hit Year 13. ^.^
    Yeah, first week's always the most tiring. D:

    Awww. D: Oh well, have fun!
    Alex ♥♥
  5. Sanctuary
    February 8th, 2009 11:06 PM

    Yeah, my holiday was great! It was good to see my very, very, very vast asian family. XD I guess what I enjoyed most about my holiday was going to amusement parks and seeing my family~
    How about your holidays? Good?!

    Aww.. DAMN SCHOOL! How's the first few weeks of school? :)
    I started school last week.. although it's good to be back and all.. it's very tiring. D:

    Aww, you're online now, but I got to go to tutor in a few minutes! TT__TT
    <3 MAY
  6. Ayano Katagiri
    February 2nd, 2009 10:12 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Mayyo~ ^_^

    How was your holiday??
    Yeah, school started for me last week.

    I'll try to catch you online sometime~
    Alex ♥♥
  7. Sanctuary
    January 31st, 2009 2:32 AM
    Katagirii~ :)

    I'm finally back from my holiday.. but yet, it still looks like I won't be around.
    School is coming up soon for me.. what about you?

    Catch you later~
    <3 MAY
  8. Ayano Katagiri
    October 28th, 2008 8:56 PM
    Ayano Katagiri

    I miss Kagami too~ It was awesome while I had it.
    But I like my current one too. <3

    Yup, hopefully soon-ish.

    Alex <3
  9. Sanctuary
    October 28th, 2008 1:49 AM
    Rawr~ <33

    Uwah, why aren't you Kagu Kagu anymore?!
    Naww, I miss your Kagami username.. I got so used to it! XD

    Oh wells. :D
    Hope to talk to you.. soon?

    <3 Mayy
  10. Ayano Katagiri
    August 7th, 2008 12:07 AM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Awww... Yeah, I've been really busy recently so I'm not really coming back here much either. D:
    I guess we'll talk whenever we can find each other online. ;_;

  11. Sanctuary
    August 4th, 2008 5:52 AM
    Kagu! =)
    I think undoubtedly, I'm not coming back to PC.. I just never come back so, maybe I'll talk to you some time or another..
    I might just come on PC just to chat but no more posting. D;

  12. Ayano Katagiri
    July 10th, 2008 1:51 AM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Yup, probably! I haven't really been online anyway, had Internet problems and school only finished last week.
    Getting tired of this? I don't really know either. D;

    <3 <3 <3
  13. Sanctuary
    July 9th, 2008 11:07 PM
    I knowww! It's been such a long time actually.. this is probably like the first time in weeks!
    Yeah, I see what you mean.. I don't actually know why though~ :x

    Always missing you~ ^__^
  14. Ayano Katagiri
    July 9th, 2008 10:17 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Mayo! <3
    Yup~ of course. We haven’t talked to you in aaaagges!!
    To be honest, me too. I don’t really want to come online for some reason. x_x

    Miss you lots~ xx
  15. Sanctuary
    July 9th, 2008 1:13 AM
    Did you miss me? XD
    Yeah, it's the holidays now, but I still don't think I'll be on all that often.. I just really cannot be bothered. :x

    Lotsa love~ <3

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