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Conversation Between Gyardosamped and Subsonic
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  1. Gyardosamped
    August 24th, 2013 06:23 PM
    Haha, I know what you mean. I hate when teachers go on personal tantrums about their lives because then it takes away from the lesson.. Yeah.. it gets rid of class time, but when the test comes around, you're screwed lol.

    & believe me, I know what you mean. I had to do a ton of projects in high school >.< Most annoying things of life.
  2. Subsonic
    August 24th, 2013 06:16 PM
    They are okay so far. I do want to get out of sixth period though. It's pretty boring... LOL... Doesn't help that the teacher needs a whole unrelated story or topic to actually get to the main point of the day...

    Oh and we have to build things later in that class... Ughhh...

    I got assigned a big project for econ. YAY, I get to make my own business.... >.>
  3. Gyardosamped
    August 24th, 2013 06:13 PM
    I've been doing well. Just playing some Platinum. & omg. I know I start this Monday. So depressing lol. How are your classes so far?
  4. Subsonic
    August 24th, 2013 05:55 PM
    Me doin fine. School just started. How about you?
  5. Gyardosamped
    August 24th, 2013 05:45 PM
    Hey! How are you doing? Long time no speak
  6. Subsonic
    August 24th, 2013 05:41 PM
    Hey :D
  7. Subsonic
    July 16th, 2013 11:01 PM
    Nothing much. You? Oh and nice profile picture. XD He just got hotter.
  8. Gyardosamped
    July 14th, 2013 02:00 PM
    Hey, what's up? :D
  9. Subsonic
    July 13th, 2013 05:15 PM
    Hey. :D
  10. Gyardosamped
    July 2nd, 2013 06:35 PM
    He's not unattractive, but the other guys are definitely better looking. They're all super cute though. I wish they didn't have this ongoing feud with 1D, but meh. I like both bands, so that's that.

    You know, I'm not very familiar with the characters in YuGiOh, so I can't be like, "yeah, I agree", lolol. I just watched the anime because I thought it was cool how they summoned monsters from cards and it was all entertaining back when I was younger lol. xD I've never watched Digimon or played any of the games? Have you?

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