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Conversation Between Raaji and ShinjisLover
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  1. ShinjisLover
    August 11th, 2010 04:51 PM
    Yay, now I can, too! XD Weird. .
  2. Raaji
    August 11th, 2010 12:36 PM
    Yeah, I can't get on that forum either. A message pops up whenever I open the page. EDIT: Scratch that, I can get on.
  3. ShinjisLover
    August 11th, 2010 10:57 AM
    Nee, nee, Raaji-chan. . Are you having problems getting on the other forum? Because I can't seem to get on it. I've been trying the past week, but I can't get on the forum. . =( It makes me sad.
  4. Raaji
    August 1st, 2010 05:54 PM
    Everybody wins!

    What! No, not even, no. I mean sure, that girl over there is cute, but no, of course not!
  5. ShinjisLover
    July 29th, 2010 05:17 AM
    They must. =P And I enjoy dishing out tough lovin'. X3

    Busy? But you just said you were doing nothing. . YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME, AREN'T YOU!!? >=(
  6. Raaji
    July 24th, 2010 09:16 PM
    They like the tough lovin you give them , lolz.

    -15 decades later-
    Sorry about not replying sooner, been doing nothing and not getting on my computer much. I mean... I've been totally busy.
  7. ShinjisLover
    July 24th, 2010 01:02 AM
    I know some people who enjoy it when I hit them with things. XD Why? I. . Have no idea. . XDD

    -3 months later-
    Sorry I'm late again, man. Been doing. . Stuff.
  8. Raaji
    July 18th, 2010 05:02 PM
    Well, I don't think anyone wants to witness that, unless they're some kind of masochist.

    Only a few years late, 'tis nothing.
  9. ShinjisLover
    July 18th, 2010 12:15 PM
    XD I actually go to sleep. SL needs sleep or SL turns into the Hulk.

    My reply ish laaaate. XD
  10. Raaji
    July 12th, 2010 06:36 PM
    Do you actually go to sleep? Or are you like "GAAAAAAAAAAH! I'M TIIIIIRED! I WANNA GO TO BED BUT CAAAAAAAN'T *slams head on desk*"?

    Looking nao.
  11. ShinjisLover
    July 12th, 2010 05:52 PM
    I've tried NyQuil and all it does it make me sleepy as hell.

    I've got a place you can join so that we can chat more. =3 I'll PM you. Check it out if you want!
  12. Raaji
    July 12th, 2010 05:44 PM
    That's pretty good, have you tried taking something like NyQuil too? I hear that really helps you sleep, even if it does taste like everything bad with the world.

    Hey, it's fine, who ever does make sense?

    I need to start getting on more when you're on, PC is rather boring since we VM each other less and whatnot.
  13. ShinjisLover
    July 12th, 2010 11:59 AM
    Yeah, I'm coughing up all the phlegm, so I guess I'm getting over it. Finally. I can't wait for a GOOD night's sleep. =/ Haven't had one in almost a week. .

    Thanks! =3 Tare Panda > Regular Panda. =D *probably would've made a One Piece joke but since you don't watch that show. .*
    Dude, if I'm not making sense, sorry. XD
  14. Raaji
    July 11th, 2010 03:22 PM
    All I did was play video games with my cousins, lol. Pretty boring as well.

    Ugh, that stinks, you alright?

    Nice background by the way, 'tis pretty cool.
  15. ShinjisLover
    July 10th, 2010 01:44 AM
    Nope. Nothing.

    And to make matters worse, I'm sick now. D= I think it's a cold.

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