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Conversation Between giradialkia and Jack Surge
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  1. giradialkia
    February 13th, 2011 02:38 AM
    Oh dear god, it has been a while. Again. Again.
    So yeah, last summer was a good one for me, I sorta just took it easy, being done with exams and all.
    I've since repeated my final year of school, because I literally had nothing else to do. It's complicated but it's working out fantastically so I've no regrets, haha.
    So how are you? Enjoying college? I can't believe I haven't replied since May, lol, that's terrible :D
  2. Jack Surge
    May 21st, 2010 12:30 PM
    Jack Surge
    Yeah, definitely ready to be finished. I'm gonna quit my job at the end of June cause I've got enough saved for college, and I want to really kick back and have fun this summer. Hopefully get the last two chapters of Crusade posted too. Aside from writing, I'm gonna be spending a lot of time at the beach and pool, playing frisbee and football, and spending my nights gaming. XD How about you?
  3. giradialkia
    May 20th, 2010 12:27 PM
    Likewise. Next week is technically my last week, then I've got exams spread out til June 24th and then... Freedom. It's worrying how crazy everyone's going to go over the summer, lol. You looking forward to being done with it? I mean, I am. Not that I don't like school, but I'm ready for the next part of life, haha.
  4. Jack Surge
    May 20th, 2010 11:45 AM
    Jack Surge
    Eh, hanging in there. Almost finished with high school. How about you?
  5. giradialkia
    May 19th, 2010 10:38 AM
    Hi, Jack. It's been awhile (again). How're you doing lately?
  6. giradialkia
    December 26th, 2009 12:22 PM
    Wow, that's awesome, I look forward to it.
  7. Jack Surge
    December 26th, 2009 12:11 PM
    Jack Surge
    Thanks for reading. I'm working on the revamp of chapter 3 and chapter 19 right now. Coming along pretty nicely, may only be a couple weeks this time.
  8. giradialkia
    December 26th, 2009 08:29 AM
    Love it, man. Great progress, definately worth waiting for. It's so SAD! Everyone is dying! (it's good, though, really good:D). Glad you've began writing again (well, I know you've been at it most of the time, but I hope you actually enjoyed writing it).
  9. giradialkia
    December 26th, 2009 07:32 AM
    Epic, going to read it now:D
    yeah, on 360 i love it. I'm playing through on Hardened, because I always do. (veteran obviously counts as Extra Hard, so I try that afterwards. Special Ops is awesome, lol.
    You took Lorelei's baby away, didn't you:D YOU EVIL BAS-
    nah, I joke:D. I'm off to read it now
  10. Jack Surge
    December 26th, 2009 07:14 AM
    Jack Surge
    Hey, Merry Christmas! It has been a while. xP My test went well, everyone was saying I was amazing. XD

    You have MW2? Which console? I've got it for PS3 and I've already put nearly 2 days of playtime on online alone (got it when it was first released). I'm playing the campaign on Veteran and I'm slowly making progress. I'm about halfway through it now. EDIT: Ah, I reread our previous conversation and see you have a 360. Oh well, better online I guess. XD

    Oh, and have you read the new Crusade chapters? I posted complete rewrites of chapters 1 and 2, along with the brand new chapter 18.

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