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Conversation Between The Girl from the Well and Clover Cat
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  1. The Girl from the Well
    December 31st, 2009 04:54 PM
    The Girl from the Well
    Right here, m'lady! *brings out biscuits*

    It could work! @^@
    Bijou~: How?
    Well, I get carried by Sonic, Tails flies and follows and carries Clo, and you Chao can just fly on your own!
    Bijou~: ...You just really want to be carried by him.
    So? >w>

    Umbri: And about how we turned into this? I guess when we entered this world...something happened, and made us turn like this.
    ...I looove this world. I'm never leaving.
    Umbri: What?!

    *after a while, ends, sadly* Whoooah, whoooah-ooh-ooh, whoooah, whoooah, whoooah!

    How about...FIRE? *spark of fire comes from mega buster*
    Bijou~: ...It'd probably work. What do you think?

    Cosmo: ...I'm not sure...I can't remember much at all, really...
    GASP! =0

    *writing* MWHAHAHA...oh...AW CRAP!
    Umbri: What?
    I accidentally wrote a fic about PMD! With my other characters, not any of you!
    Umbra: Whoo-hoo!
    SHUSH! The time for your fluff will be later. And this fic...I'm not sure to even call it a fic. It includes their 'portraits' and actions in *s. Either way, I couldn't upload it to ff. But I will post it in spoilers if you wanna see! (This takes place during when you don't get to eat dinner, after what happened at Apple Woods. I got Sky, so I was able to put in actual dialouge!)
    Sigh… Skuntank’s team showed us up over and over again…
    It’s great that Wigglytuff didn’t blow up at us.
    Urf… But we didn’t get to eat dinner after all…
    I feel horribly hungry…

    *sweatdrops* Sorry, I know you’re hungry too, Rach.
    (What I’m really worried about is Blur… I don’t want him to be so famished…hm…)
    (Oh! Maybe… Yes! I could…)
    We should just go to sleep…huh?
    Rach, what’s on your mind?
    Hm? Our Big Apples? But, we couldn’t…
    Besides, you really need those for dungeons. I don’t want you to faint!

    Wow… You really want me to?
    …Rach… I don’t know what to say…
    *gets out Treasure Bag and pours out Apples*
    Rach… You’re doing so much for me… Thank you. *eats* Please, have some with me!
    … *eats*
    *gulp* You know, I got something to say after all.
    You’ve always helped me out, ever since I first met you. From getting back my Relic Fragment to exploring Waterfall Cave
    To getting our first recruit, even! It was so exhilarating!
    Sure, we’ve gone through, and are currently going through bad times and let downs, like when Team Skull took all those Perfect Apples.
    And finding out Wigglytuff had already explored that cave…
    … But it’s okay! We got through that, and we’ll get through this! It’s all behind us! I know we’ll be chosen, if we just try!
    You’ve helped me through all of this. I wouldn’t be in this guild, training to be in a rescue team if it wasn’t for you… And I…
    I…oof… I gotta say this…
    Whew… I… I…
    I think I’m in love with you!
    … (Oh no! Did I really say that out loud?)
    (I hope that it’s okay…)
    (Oh my gosh! Does he… Does he really mean it? I feel… Oh… This is so strange, but…)
    (I feel like I love him, too…)
    *sniff* …
    You… You feel the same?
    *phew* …
    I… I can’t believe it!

    Rach… We’re doing this together. No matter what!
    You said it! We’re unstoppable!
    Hehe… Well, it’s really late. I know it might be hard to sleep after this excitement, but let’s try to.

    Ah… Good night, Rach.
    Let’s keep at it tomorrow… Oh?
    Love ya.
    … (Wow, all of this in one night. Good night Blur…. And… I love you too.)

    The next morning…

    UP AND AT ‘EM! IT’S MORNING! *leaves*
    Ugh! Good morning, Rach… *gets up*
    (I always hate that…) *gets up* (Better record my progress…)
    Ah… Last night… When we said we loved each other…
    It was the best night I ever had! I feel like I’m on top of the world! Even not having dinner with the others didn’t ruin it!
    Hehe… We better go. We’ll be late.
    …*leaves with Blur*

    Guild Sublevel 2

    Ahem. One last item.
    Tomorrow or the day after… Or perhaps in several days’ time…
    We plan to announce the members of the expedition party.
    By golly! The members are finally going to be picked!
    Oh my gosh! It will be so fun!
    Everyone, this is your last chance to make an impression.
    Work hard and impress us if you want to be chosen.
    All right, everyone. Let’s get down to work as usual.
    All: HOORAY! *all go to work*
    Wow, are we lucky…
    If it weren’t for your idea last night, we’d be incredibly hungry right now! Ha-ha! I can’t thank you enough!
    ! (I’m glad he’s happy. And so am I.)
    Ah, you two.
    You two should take care of listed jobs today.
    We’re counting on you.
    There’s one other thing. About the expedition…
    You should give up on being chosen as expedition members.
    Huh?! Wh-why?!
    Your failure yesterday weighs heavily.
    As you know, it is difficult to tell what our Guildmaster is thinking from his demeanor…
    But there’s no doubt that he must be seething with anger inside.
    It’s unlikely that he would bother to choose you for the expedition.
    So when the time comes to announce the members, don’t get your hopes up.
    That’s all. *leaves*
    I was kinda thinking this would happen… There’s no way I can get motivated after that…
    (Oh… I really wish I could’ve done something… Especially to get those Perfect Apples…)
    Psst! Listen up!
    Huh? I heard a voice somewhere…
    Shhh! Over here!
    *turns* Oh! Bidoof!
    Shhh! By golly, not so loud!
    *looks around* Come this way!

    Rach and Blur's Room

    Whew! No one saw anything, except maybe Croagunk…
    What’s going on? Why did you call us in here?
    Well…here you go. *sets down Apples for Blur and Rach*
    Oh! Apples!
    You must be very hungry.
    We all set aside a little bit of our dinners last night for you.
    Now, eat up!
    Whoa, thanks everyone, but…
    But what? Aren’t you starving? Go ahead!
    Well, actually, we had something to eat after dinner… Rach gave me her apples that we had in our Treasure Bag.
    Oh my gosh! Even when she might be hungry during missions! How thoughtful! Shows that we all need help when we’re down!
    She insisted, I swear! Isn’t that right?
    ! (I think insist is an understatement, though.)
    Well, every one of us needs to be able to work hard in order to be picked for the expedition. Yup yup!
    Sniffle… Thanks, everyone… Especially you, Rach, for being so kind first, though anyway…
    But about the expedition… Chatot just came and told us…
    We’re probably not going to be chosen…
    How could you say that?! There’s no telling what might happen! No sirree!
    The members haven’t been picked yet!
    Everyone… Thanks for trying to cheer us up, but…
    Doesn’t everybody want to go on the expedition?
    What if we were chosen to go?
    If that happens, someone here might not get to go.
    Would you all be OK with that?
    No, I wouldn’t like that…
    But, of course, if someone is chosen…
    Then someone else can’t go.
    That’s just the way it is!
    If you don’t get picked for the expedition, you should cheer for those who did.
    Yup yup! And everyone wants to go on the expedition with you, Blur and Rach.
    Sniffle… Everyone, honestly, thank you.
    OK! Then we’ll keep trying our best to get picked for the expedition.
    We’ll keep on trying to the end!
    Yup yup! That’s the spirit!
    Yes! Let’s all do our best!
    We’ve got to try hard so we all can go!
    … Psst, Rach?
    Should we tell them about…you know?
    (Hm, I was thinking about when to tell the others, too…what should I do?)

    I’ll tell them about us.
    Maybe it’ll wait until later.

    >I’ll tell them about us.
    (Huh, there’s no time like the present, I guess…)

    Okay. Um, guys, there’s something I probably should tell you…
    Huh? What is it?
    Well, you see, when Rach got us those Apples… We ended up talking and then…
    We just sparked.
    Oh my gosh! Do you mean…
    Yes, we’re together! We’re just starting out, though.
    By golly, that’s exciting! I wish you two luck!
    ! (Wow, this went over well!)
    >Maybe it’ll wait until later.
    (I think it’s too soon. Better safe than sorry.)

    Oh, okay.
    Huh? What is it?
    It’s nothing.
    If you say so!
    Then, we should all get to work!
    Okay everyone! Let’s all try our hardest!
    All in room: YEAH!

  2. Clover Cat
    December 31st, 2009 01:51 PM
    Clover Cat
    Oh, tea! Do you have biscuits?
    Egghead: DON'T IGNORE ME!!
    Sonic: Sure, I'm game!

    Tails: Er, Sonic, I don't think you can carry many of us are there?
    Let's see, there's me and Sadako, you and Sonic, and Bijou and Clo~ the Chaos.
    Tails: So six. Yeah, I think it'd be better if you went ahead and found someone who could give us a ride.

    *continues drooling*
    Dark: Um, well, we're not really sure either. Umbri, you explain.

    *launches into epic guitar solo*

    Clo~: Great, Sadako has returned. Now help me with Clover.

    So what brings you back from the dead?

    Fai: *appears* What!?
    NOT YOU TOO!! *steams*
    Dark: Way to go, dude.

  3. The Girl from the Well
    December 29th, 2009 07:53 PM
    The Girl from the Well
    Yeah. You guys do it all the time! *sips tea*

    Sonic: In this form? I'm not sure...wait, is it daytime?
    ...There's that sun over there, right?
    Sonic: Then...*turns back into regular Sonic* Whoo! We could make it in no time!
    Yay! *jumps in Sonic's arms*
    Sonic: Ack!

    And Umbri?! 8F
    Umbri: Well...possibly because we are now human-like as you.
    Umbri: Stop gazing and pay attention!

    My armor stays unbreakable!~ Battle every hour!~

    Bijou~: ...She can't really do anything. Get that picture out of here! *takes*
    Bijou~: No. *rips*
    AWWWH. 8<

    Yes. X3
    Cosmo: Um, thank you?


  4. Clover Cat
    December 29th, 2009 06:44 PM
    Clover Cat
    Tails: *sigh* Should we? Really?
    Egghead: BRING IT ON!!!
    You could or you couldn't. Either way, I'm sure Egghead is quite serious.

    Tails: Or Sonic could just run until he reaches civilization.
    *stops crying* Really? Could he?

    Yes, why? WHY DOES DARK LOOK SO SMEXY? *drools*
    Dark: Uhm...

    Our castle is a massive force~A stronghold of power~

    Clo~: Aren't you coming with us?

    She's so cute~:3

    Dark: WHAT?
    Well? *glares*
    Dark: Um, well, see, it just...happened?

  5. The Girl from the Well
    December 19th, 2009 07:26 PM
    The Girl from the Well
    Yes, quite! On with the battle!

    TT^TT We're so gonna die! *sobs*

    How-why-but-Rebecca said-
    Umbri: Stop ripping off the Homestar series.
    Sorry...I'll finish my sentences But how did you become like this? And why?

    My Kingdom~ I'm the Kniiiiiiight of the Wind!~ The Knight of the Wind!~ I'm the Knight of the Wind~

    Bijou~: *flies away*
    Metal-kun~ *stare*

    I dunno...and she turned all fairy-like?
    Cosmo: I'm sorry. Let me tun back to normal...*changes into normal Seedrian form*

    Umbri: Um, well, maybe this sounds kinda silly, hehe, like that one time-
    Umbra: It was Dark's idea! He knows how!

  6. Clover Cat
    December 19th, 2009 06:23 PM
    Clover Cat
    *Spanish* Az iz thees.
    Tails: Guys? If you're finished doing fake accents, I think you should GET OUT OF HERE.
    Why? Thees cood be a very nice battalion!

    I don't like them either! Waaah! TAT
    Tails: Oh, great.

    Dark: Me? *also enters as a Pokeginka with long white hair tinted blue in places, a large gem on his forehead and a sword/scythe in his belt*
    OH MY.

    As I said! As I stand! By the pain, that I command~*goes into guitar chorus*

    Clo~: After them! CHAAAARGE!! *floats off*

    Wh...why is she here?

    THAT. IS. IT. *scribbles* 'and so Dark, Kaine, Umbri, and Umbra were all forced to appear in front of our very angry authoresses!'
    All: *appear* Uh-oh...

  7. The Girl from the Well
    December 19th, 2009 06:07 PM
    The Girl from the Well
    Mmmhmm. Indeed. *British* And this is necessary.

    I don't like deserts! Noooooo! DDDD8

    Isn't I don't know! DX

    'Til this war is won~And I'm meant, to rule, by the sword~Slashing through the every inch of the power, the power in you~

    Bijou~: Sure, I got nothing better to do.

    Oh my god :0

    I don't know! 8C That's not fair!
    Umbri: *appears* Do you think I care? *disappears*
    ...Maybe I do.

  8. Clover Cat
    December 19th, 2009 04:57 PM
    Clover Cat
    It's more fun, Tails!
    Now the necessity of THAT, I do question.

    We'll die! D8

    ...Excuse me for saying, but that is one HAWT Umbreon. *shot by sniper bullet*
    ?: Well, this seems like fun!
    Oh, great, who is it now?

    *launches into drums at high speed* In a rage~I slay~Each and every each and every each and everyone~

    Clo~: Should we go after the others?


    ...What happened to our authoress powers? D8

  9. The Girl from the Well
    December 17th, 2009 10:12 PM
    The Girl from the Well
    Sonic: *comes in with an explosion* Whoo! Time to beat you again, egghead!
    Tails: *flies after* ...Was it really necessary to do that?
    Sonic: ...Maaaaybe.

    D-desert? D8 How will we get out?

    ?: I'm sorry, I'd thought you'd recognize me...imbecile. *comes in as a Pokeginka(human with Pokemon features), with black hair and pointy ears, with red rings everywhere*
    ...I'm still lost.
    ?: *ahem* ... Umbreon.

    Oh goodie! In a flash, I'm gone~ Hold the old crown high!~

    Bijou~: ...That's what I think, anyway.

    Cosmo? *green fairy appears*

    Lumina: *appears* This is fun~ *disappears*

  10. Clover Cat
    December 17th, 2009 06:51 PM
    Clover Cat
    Yay~ *hi fives* And my Tails senses tell me he should be here in

    Tails: Sorry about that, you guys distracted me-
    Tails: In the Sahara Desert.

    *Launches again into chorus with guitar and drums* On the ground~To the sky~ Face with you and I! (learning more words~)

    Clo~: ...They...aren't going to, are they?

    COSMOOOO!! *cries hysterically*

    Kaine: *appears* Hee hee~ *disappears*
    SLKEILSJFEOWJ<-- speaking gibberish

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