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Conversation Between derozio and Forever
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  1. derozio
    January 18th, 2013 02:18 AM
    I don't really get it but whatever floats your boat. :p

    SO YOU MEAN TO SAY I'M A PART OF THE DEPRESSING PAST??!? You break my heart, Nica. ;;

    ...but honestly, it is alright. I don't really mind. I just thought I did something and you were mad at me, lmao. You don't need to explain all that stuff to me because as long as I know I haven't done anything to hurt you or make you mad - I don't really mind what you do. ;p
  2. Forever
    January 18th, 2013 02:14 AM
    it's just... hard to explain. it's like seeing things as 4's and 3's, if that makes anymore sense??

    and no, i didn't base it on knowing people, given that i cleared out a lot of older people. it's a new year, and i want to stay afresh unless i'm tight with people now or feel as if i owe them for something awesome they've done for me. :( the past is just so depressing and i just want to start everything all over again really.
  3. derozio
    January 18th, 2013 02:08 AM
    significantly saved your life? people from a forum? ohkaay, nica. ~_~'

    I just thought we knew each other enough for one not to just delete other off his/her friends list. I mean, it has been almost 2 years. But w/e, you got your reasons. Not like I'll stop considering you a friend for something as stupid as this, lmao. :p
  4. Forever
    January 18th, 2013 01:58 AM
    wat o i'm lazy with vms. :(

    but i didn't know what to reply because i was sticking to those i'm tighter with now or have significantly saved my life in some way XD; i'm sorrryyy you matter but i just... wanted stricter conditions i guess :x
  5. derozio
    January 18th, 2013 01:30 AM
    so nica doesn't really wanna talk. okay then. ignore me all you want. :'[
  6. derozio
    January 16th, 2013 06:36 PM
    nice i'm not your friend anymore? wut? D:
  7. derozio
    January 12th, 2013 05:13 AM
    Is it bad that I still haven't received my secret santa thing? D:
  8. derozio
    January 11th, 2013 10:51 PM
    Is he really? The ones I've seen on PC before were mostly trying to sell stuff so I didn't think of him being one. XD; But okay, if you say so!
  9. Forever
    January 11th, 2013 10:48 PM
    http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=294707 this is an adbot btw, you ban them lmao
  10. derozio
    December 29th, 2012 10:42 AM
    Well, that was fun! :D

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