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Conversation Between Clover Cat and Spinosaurus
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  1. Spinosaurus
    September 14th, 2009 7:54 PM
    Out of all the 3, he's my favorite. 8D
  2. Clover Cat
    September 14th, 2009 4:34 PM
    Clover Cat
    Him too. <3
  3. Spinosaurus
    September 13th, 2009 4:24 PM
    Entei ftw?
  4. Clover Cat
    September 13th, 2009 8:51 AM
    Clover Cat
    Yep, I love Raikou. XD
  5. Spinosaurus
    September 12th, 2009 8:51 AM
    Thanks. :>
  6. Clover Cat
    September 11th, 2009 2:21 PM
    Clover Cat
    Looks awesome! 8D
  7. Spinosaurus
    September 10th, 2009 5:43 PM

    u likey?
  8. Spinosaurus
    September 8th, 2009 2:03 PM
    Good luck
  9. Clover Cat
    September 8th, 2009 1:18 PM
    Clover Cat
    Oh. XD Okay, so I'll go back and look it up...Sometime. XP
  10. Spinosaurus
    September 8th, 2009 1:05 PM
    I meant a character from the megaman series. xD
  11. Clover Cat
    September 8th, 2009 1:01 PM
    Clover Cat
    *Swears and mashes the keyboard* But you just said that was what your theme was!
  12. Spinosaurus
    September 8th, 2009 12:59 PM
    Not Megaman.
  13. Clover Cat
    September 8th, 2009 12:50 PM
    Clover Cat
    ...Damn it. *Spaz* Okay...Try looking up those Megaman forms again...They ARE the ones, right?
  14. Spinosaurus
    September 7th, 2009 4:38 PM
    Google lied!
    Nope, not Dingodile. ( I quited Crash, remember?)
  15. Clover Cat
    September 7th, 2009 4:34 PM
    Clover Cat
    It's a dingodile! XD Yay google.

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