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Conversation Between 11wildy and She_Delphox
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  1. 11wildy
    April 6th, 2014 11:40 AM
    Agreed with the Dutch music xD. it's just boring and stupid.

    You seem to have had so many more shinies than me too! :o. I'm just not lucky I guess... And don't have time or will to hunt for them :x.

    And yeah wifi helps a lot, but I miss Pokemon Crystal.... I wanna play it with someone D:
  2. She_Delphox
    April 6th, 2014 6:31 AM
    Yeah, I was aiming at the typical "Dutch music", it's just too... awkward imo .__.
    I prefer (especially) British Heavy Metal anyways :3

    True that, I feel the same way! :D You don't meet these kind of people a lot so it's always nice to talk about these things. Whew nice your aunt got a NES, unfortunately it's broke, but it isn't impossible to get a working NES from somewhere nowadays

    Rofl really? I got a shiny Gligar and Pidgey too (Pidgey was in my Gold version), Poliwag, Spearow (heabutted from a tree lol), Rattata (Gold), Girafarig (Gold), Pichu, Magby, Igglybuff, Swinub, Golduck (Silver) in the Gen.2 games :3
    Pidgey was my first-ever-found shiny, didn't even know what it was at the time but the sparkles
    seemed something special to me so I caught it :D (before the 'standard' Shiny Gyarados).

    Oh yes that would be so awesome, glad we have WiFi to do this nowadays, we aren't limited by a
    Link Cable anymore haha

    You're welcome, if you need anything else just fire away
  3. 11wildy
    April 5th, 2014 2:14 PM
    Well, it kind of depends on what kind of music you are looking for. We got some great symphonic metal bands, like Within Temptation, Epica, Nemesea, After Forever...

    It's just awesome to have met someone who also cares about the old games a lot! I bought the NES Remix game for wii U, it's a lot of fun :3. My aunt had a NES, but it's broken. So now she has a LOT of useless games.. :p.

    And well, I WILL find a way to replace my battery, I can't miss my Pokemon Crystal game, I wouldn't survive that D:

    And yeah, Crystal has the standard 1/8192, which makes it even more special. Even though I never found any other shinies in other games myself xD. And in Crystal I found: Pidgey, Geodude, Tentacool, Ekans, Gligar. I think I forgot one, but not sure. And of course Gyarados and the Odd Egg Pokemon ;3

    It would be so awesome if I had anyone to play Pokemon Crystal with. Like, start over, train a new team and have a battle after every gym, or 2 gyms... Like real rivals/friends!

    Thanks for all the help and being such a nice person
  4. She_Delphox
    April 5th, 2014 12:52 PM
    You're welcome! Glad I could help you out with this

    Same for me though, sometimes I'm even ashamed I'm Dutch to begin with .__. (no offense but for one example we have ridiculous lame music and TV shows... makes me want to throw it out of the window).

    Anyway, Thanks! And awesome you would like to have a NES too, I just got one a few
    months ago and I can still play it :D By the way, if the battery runs out of your game, you could take it to a (Retro) Gameshop to let them fix that for you by replacing it with a new one I believe that the last website I sent you even takes care of this as well You just need to contact them!

    English is not a problem at all, 90% of the time I can express myself way better in English than Dutch... That's fine, I agree the Gen.6 games are somewhat easier, but still I have enough challenges to face in my Pokemon X game, so I'm not too bothered because of that I just started a new (and first) adventure on my Y game so I can try out some new teams :3

    That Lucario (actually Riolu) was a very grateful encounter I can tell you that, I was actually looking for a Shiny Riolu in the wild at that moment To have some shinies in Pokemon Crystal is awesome too! :D because the encounter rate was still 1/8192 for wild Pokemon (a lot harder to get them back then when it is now). Buuuuut when you get to the point of getting into Goldenrod City and your first visit to the Daycare, you'll get an egg that has a (guarantee) 50% chance of hatching into a shiny! :D You will have the chance of hatching the Egg into a Magby, Pichu, Smoochum, Elekid, Cleffa, Tyrogue and Igglybuff, but if you save before receiving it just keep going until you get a shiny :D (I actually got a shiny Pichu, Magby and Igglybuff once because of this, in different Save files ofcourse).

    But good luck finding a NES, you can find these too on the websites I gave you
  5. 11wildy
    April 5th, 2014 12:04 PM
    I will definitely check those websites, thanks a lot! And well, I've had a lot of negative experiences with Dutch people, so them being Dutch isn't really a reason to trust them. I'm not judging for it though, so no worries for you, you seem to be awesome .

    I also kind of want to have a NES... :3 I've mainly been searching for Pokemon Crystal for a friend, so I can play together with him. I love the game, but never have anyone to play it together . Just like you, I also have the box and love to play it. I'm so scared the battery will run dry though.. It might just be my biggest treasure, secretly. So many emotions in it as well.

    I prefer talking English, if you don't mind. I think it's easier to express myself using it . But I don't really play my Pokemon Y, I usually like to play through the games multiple times and do monotype runs etc, but Y was just way too easy for me. I might look up my fc sometime though .

    Thanks, I'm jaleous of your shiny Lucario! (And the other shinies too, I only got a few).

    PS: The only shinies I've found myself are on Pokemon Crystal (or a hack of it). The others are all traded or gifted to me :X.
  6. She_Delphox
    April 5th, 2014 5:38 AM
    Hey there! Thanks for the friend-add here on PC And nice to see another Dutch person who is interested in the good old games and consoles too! There are a few sites I can surely recommend (I have great experiences with them, they are all Dutch websites so you don't need to worry it's a scam or so ).

    If you are looking for a new Gameboy Advance SP you should definitely try one of these websites: (great example of a fairly new, boxed Gameboy Advance SP)
    www. (GREAT website! They currently have Pokemon Crystal available)
    These websites offer all the consoles and games you can possibly think of! Please do note that when you do want to buy a Gameboy Advance SP or Pokemon Crystal game, that boxed versions are way more expensive than just a game cartridge or console without a box!

    Therefore, I do totally agree with you that Pokemon Crystal is an amazing game, got that on my 13th birthday or so, and I still play it and have the box and everything in my collection Since Pokemon Crystal (and some other older Pokemon games too) is kinda hard to find, you are looking at prices around 40-50 euros for a (secondhand) boxed one. The prices of just the game cartridge will be around 20-25 euros (or maybe even less if you are lucky).

    These are just a few examples but if you would like to hear more, feel free to ask of course, I will be happy to help! Talking Dutch is fine too if you'd ask me !
    If you like, you can add my friend code (please send your FC too so I can add you back); it's 1134-7011-4017

    So let me know and "spreek je later nog hopelijk!" Groetjes,

    PS: Gave avatar, ik heb nu zelf een Shiny Lucario in Pokemon X :D
  7. 11wildy
    April 5th, 2014 3:01 AM
    Hello, I saw this post of you, and I had a question about it!

    Originally Posted by She_Delphox View Post
    Well, there are still gamestores that sell used and NEW Gameboy consoles At least here in the Netherlands, but I can imagine there just have to be some neat gamestores in your area too!

    For example, there are gamestores selling Gameboy Classic, Pocket, Colour, Advance and so on in the original packaging/ sealed sometimes and those are still new! You prett much can buy the Pokemon Games new as well, or second hand but you ave to be aware of the internal battery that runs dry in about 10-15 years (pieve of cake to replace it though, a lot of gamestores can do this for you).

    Since I am a (retro) game collector, I have every single Pokemon game because I grew up with them and still play them on my Gameboy Pocket/ Gameboy Color from time to time You should really look into this, it's true they don't produce them anymore but it isn't impossible to buy them new (and Ebay has a lot on their website too!)
    I'm dutch too, and looking for a new Gameboy Advance SP, and a Pokemon Crystal game. (I love it so much ><). So what kind of stores did you refer to, so I can have a look at those?

    Thanks in progress. (And if you would rather talk in dutch, just say so n.n)

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