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Conversation Between strider9 and KinaWolf24
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  1. KinaWolf24
    May 8th, 2010 8:34 PM
    What the Hell is up with that egg?!
  2. KinaWolf24
    May 8th, 2010 8:28 PM
    Here, I'll go get it and meet you in Wi-Fi. My cloner looks like he's asleep, even though it says he's online.
  3. strider9
    May 8th, 2010 8:26 PM
    Just say when.
  4. KinaWolf24
    May 8th, 2010 8:23 PM
    As long as you give me something that my pokes are worth, I don't care

    I'm waiting on my cloner to respond now.
  5. strider9
    May 8th, 2010 8:22 PM
    Oh yeah bring the shiny Flareon.
  6. strider9
    May 8th, 2010 8:19 PM
    I think I pretty much have what you have. So i'll trade you for any pokes but let me in on some of your future shinies/legendary. And I'll do the same for you. I need to clone some new shinies(Croagunk and Skarmory) then I'll let you have them too.
  7. KinaWolf24
    May 8th, 2010 8:15 PM
    What's in my thread is what I've got.
  8. strider9
    May 8th, 2010 8:13 PM
    have you gotten any new shinies today? I got a croagrunk lvl 44 it sais distant land but theres no pokeradar on ss hg.
  9. KinaWolf24
    May 8th, 2010 8:02 PM
    What did you want for the Rayquaza? I had a long day, so I don't remember.
  10. strider9
    May 8th, 2010 8:01 PM
    I forgot to give him one of the pokes he wanted. your nezxt though and it was the milotic that is 56.
  11. KinaWolf24
    May 8th, 2010 7:56 PM
    The Rayquaza or the Milotic is lvl 54?
  12. strider9
    May 8th, 2010 7:54 PM
    I jus go it! It's lvl. 56, rather it be untouched, though.
  13. KinaWolf24
    May 8th, 2010 7:48 PM
    I'm ready to trade now for the Shiny Rayquaza. What did you want for it?
    Also, did you get the Shiny Event Milotic?
  14. KinaWolf24
    May 8th, 2010 7:24 PM
    0.0 Cool!
  15. strider9
    May 8th, 2010 7:23 PM
    I might be getting a shiny event Milotic right now.

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