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  1. Tox
    August 29th, 2010 10:41 AM
    Lol, I rob most of mine from my friends too. I hate carrying around cameras myself. I never know what to do with them. xD Haha, you don’t look nerdy, just drunk. x)

    Ah right. Both of those sound great. Hopefully you’ll be able to get what you’re hoping for. The points system would drive me mad. I still have no idea what I want to do after school.

    Yeah, the same thing happens to me all the time. If it was the wrong person, it’d really embarrassing. xD I’m pretty good, thanks. Just making the most of my last day and half. xP How’re you doing?

    Summer was alright. The weather was nice, though I spent most of my time indoors at work, but that should pay off when I get my car. :] I swear, my school always starts first, finishes last and deprives us of half days. D: Oh yeah, the new courses. That would suck so much. It might all be worth it in the end though. More eighteenths time to revise and another shot at it while you’re still young. How’d your summer go, or whatever question I should be asking here?
  2. giradialkia
    August 29th, 2010 6:09 AM
    Pfft, I robbed my profile pic from one of my friends :D I'm the nerdy guy, the only one looking at the camera
    Yeah, I guess we DO have pretty lengthy conversations, hehe. That's probably a good idea, then.
    Yeah, it's enough for two courses I'd been thinking about (Games Development or Teaching/Arts). But either (or both) could go up, so.. I don't really know where to go from here atm. Ah, I'll worry about it another day, lol :D
    No problem re the add btw, sure why not? I was a bit wary to say anything though, in case I'd the wrong person, haha. So how've you been? Was your summer good? (and it sucks School starts on Tuesday, my school- my OLD school is going back next Monday, so they've another week. Hell, I may be going back. It'd be like revision in some areas, yeah but I'd have to learn a new music course and some new English things so I'd be working pretty hard to get that covered.
  3. Tox
    August 29th, 2010 5:50 AM
    Haha, dude, don’t worry about it. I know what it’s like, especially when most our messages are seriously long. Maybe if we cut down on the amount we write then replying would be easier. Anyway, take your time. I can’t stress that enough. I’m not going anywhere. xD

    Ah, that’s great. Well done. :3 You could get a wide range of stuff with that. Oh right. Another year of that. Ouch. I suppose it would be a lot easier the second time round though. Sort of like a whole year of revision. Anyway, that sounds cool. xD

    No problem, heh. Yep, you got the right one. I look like a complete spaz in my profile picture though. xD Thanks for the add, by the way. :]
  4. giradialkia
    August 29th, 2010 5:23 AM
    Muke, sure I'm worse :/ Look... I genuinely AM sorry for always taking so long, dude. It has to be incredibly annoying for you, and for that I'm sorry. Now that I'm a Mod (thanks for the congrats by the way ) I will be even busier, you're right. So rather than making promises about replying right away- while I'd like to, it rarely actually happens- I CAN promise that I'll always respond, even if it takes a while. So yeah, that sounds like a crap arrangement, but I'd just like you to know that I'll never deliberately leave you hanging or anything. So... Yeah.
    Also, no problem whatsoever :D it was... Pretty good, really. I was aiming for anything over 400 just to be happy with, and I got 410. While I could do better, I'm not turning my nose up at it. Having said that, though, I MAY have to repeat- I'll be applying to college this year, as I'm not 17 til September and you have to've been 17 as of last January or something, so... Hm. Taking the year out, dunno whether I'm repeating or not. That's the story of my life right now, hehe
    Thanks for VMing, dude
    Btw, I added an Andrew Shortall on Facebook, but I dunno if it's you, lol. Do you have an Eoin Finnegan in your friend's list? :D
  5. Tox
    August 29th, 2010 4:47 AM
    Hey Eoin,

    Whoa, I completely forgot to ask how the Leaving went. Sorry! >< It completely slipped my mind. Gah, I'm back to school on Tuesday. D:

    Also, holy crap. You're a mod! Congrats, dude. You'll probably be busier than ever now. xD
  6. Tox
    July 14th, 2010 5:18 AM
    Yeah, I preferred most of XP’s features. Everything was way easier to customise, it was much easier to use and it came with a lot more. I had to download so much stuff for Windows 7. I never had to put up with Vista though. My friend’s laptop has it and it’s the biggest mistake ever.

    Aww man, that must suck. I’d hate to switch my computer from XP to 7. I can put up with having it on my laptop, but I love XP. Well, maybe the broadband is worth it. I know what you mean. My mam’s the same. My dad wouldn’t have a clue though.

    Well, at least you’re making progress again. I see you’ve opened the thread. Yay for basic dialogue! <3 I hate switching programmes for things when you’re so used to another one. Back-up is a smart idea. :] Hopefully the errors are finished with now.

    Well, roughly €700 this month. There’s a lot for me to do. But next month I might only make half that. I should make a load on the August Bank holiday weekend. :] Ah yeah, piano lessons is a cool idea. If you were good at teaching it, there would be a load of money in it. Heh, I’d say it’ll be enough alright. Thanks, good luck with finding a job. :]

    Ooh, awesome. I like the sound of new forms. Deoxys has so much that could be done with it. I really want to see how Team Technic is involved. :3

    Oh cool. Lol, our house is never clean. We try sometimes but we’re always rushing for something so we never finish. Then, things just go back to the way they were. I’m at home now, but I’m too tired and lazy to do anything. Yeah, the Frontier looks awesome. I actually haven’t even gone there yet. I’ll wait until I’ve finished the game properly.

    Lol, yeah, I love Desperate Housewives. Season 7 isn’t out for ages though. D: Oh yeah! I never thought of that before. Sure, I think you’ll find me if you search for MrAndrewShortall. Yeah...
  7. giradialkia
    July 13th, 2010 1:35 PM
    You know, I was more comfortable with XP. It's like 7 is a bit more complicated, from them trying to make it easier to use or something. I actually tried reinstalling XP first, and it worked fine, but the only disc I could get of it was an extremely old version of XP. I had the code I needed to register, but needed to connect to the internet to do so- and the problem was, since the version of XP on the disc was so old, it didn't support the USB Broadband. I literally had no choice but o install 7, as it supported the dongle. (I'll be honest, my friend showed mw how to get it for free, because I'm the only one in the house who knew where to start when it busted, and I would've felt bad asking Mam to spend a load of money on something she barely understands. (Not that she's stupid, she 's able to use a computer and all, just doesn't understand some aspects too much.
    Wow, that turned into a rant. Oh well, lol.

    Yeah, it pretty much just sucks. I got a bit done today, though. Tile inserting is hard with Paint, but I managed the trees and mountain tiles. I also reinserted all the FR OW sprites today, thankfully I found a really quick way. I've stored them on a memory stick and the internet so if a catastrophie ever occurs again (FINGERS CROSSED IT WON'T) I won't lose EVERYTHING.

    Jesus, 700 in a month? That's... good. I need whatever source of income you'vegot, lol. Everyone's telling me to start giving Piano lessons, because there's loads of money in that, but I don't really like the idea of teaching it. I'll seriously think about it, though, because... money's money, hehe.
    Anyway, I'd say that'd be enough. I know nothing, but it seems like enough to me, so good luck with finding one, lol :D

    Yeah, Deoxys is class. I make use of all its forms, too, as well as... Introduce some new ones, fufufufu... Deoxys Sp Atk, Sp Def and HP forms, coming right up
    (Actually, not 'coming right up', but they'll be in it, is what I mean).

    Well, we finished bringing home the turf over Monday and Tuesday, then I just cleaned the house alot. I just played Heart Gold, too (Frontier = Great for boredom, its savage they even included that). Then we had visitors Saturday and Sunday (more cleaning was done for them). I think I'll try to get a job soon.

    (Desperate Housewives = Class, lol).

    I was thinking, are you on Facebook or anything? We could add each other there, if you want. I don't really mind, I just thought of that now, lol :3
  8. Tox
    July 12th, 2010 11:49 AM
    Haha, don’t worry about it. I know how difficult it is to keep up constant replies. Take your time. I’m not going anywhere.

    Ouch, that doesn’t sound too good. I get the occasional Blue Screen of Death with my crappy Dial-Up on Windows XP. Wow, I’d hate to lose everything on my computer. Windows 7 is alright –I’m getting used to it on my Laptop, but XP was just so much simpler for me. Well, at least it kicks Vista’s ass.

    Ah, I hate those trials. They never give you long enough. I wouldn’t know what to do. Maybe it has something to do with the websites? Crappy internet is usually too slow to download anything.

    Heh, yep. No problem, I should be thanking you. Yeah, I’ve seen everything. It must suck starting the entire thing again fully. At least this time, the Leaving Cert isn’t going to be in the way.

    Nothing sounds better than getting drunk in a load of muck. :3 I want to go so badly. My younger cousins even get to go. Well, at least I won’t be spending. I’m still working my way towards that car. I have €500 so far. At least, it’s something. If I don’t spend anything I get from working, I should get another €700 in the next month. That should probably be enough. I’m not looking for anything too great. Then, I just need to pester my parents about insurance. :]

    Heh, thanks. The engineer turned out better than I thought. I’m still not sure about the Mom. I think my spriting’s getting a little better. It’s about time too. I have to use Windows 7 Paint which sucks. Now I’m getting used to it though.

    Haha, yeah Final Fantasy hacks would be impossible to get through. I attempted a couple of sprites in the VI style and they looked horrible. The hairstyles are insane.

    Oh awesome. Yeah, it always annoyed me that my dad was called Norman. xD I always loved the nonexistent dad too. Awesome. Deoxys is a really cool legendary, but it hasn’t had a proper part in the games yet, and that always annoyed the crap out of me. Haha, no problem. It only took a minute. I’m not that good with graphics, but I felt like making something. I can’t wait to get back into Infinity.

    I like the name Technic. It’s easy to remember and the alliteration works. There’s still a load of time to decide all of those small things anyway. Haha, I’m dying to find out. xD I love clever storylines.

    Ah, that’s good, though having money would be nice too. Jobs are hard enough to find at the moment alright. A new shop opened up next door to our pub and over half the people who were in my class in primary school work there. It’s a nice shop and all, but getting up at 7am? I’ll just stick with the pub. xD

    Nice. You’ve nearly done it twice, and I’ve failed to complete it yet. Actually, I’ve started playing it again. I’m refusing to restart because grinding is too much work. I’ve beaten all 16 Gyms now and I’m grinding outside Mt. Silver. My Pokémon are mostly at Level 62. I’m trying to get to 70 so I can challenge the League again and Red. I’ll trade a few Eggs over afterwards. :3 There are five children in my family and we have a DS each. My spoilt little brother has a DSi as well. I can trade at anytime, which is one of the few advantages of having a big family.

    I worked for most of last week and played SoulSilver when I wasn’t busy. My sister bought Seasons 3 and 5 of Desperate Housewives on Friday so I spent the entire weekend watching them. There’s at least 50 hours of episodes and I’ve watched them all. My sister even played some twice. xD So how’d you spend the week? :]
  9. giradialkia
    July 12th, 2010 4:57 AM
    Right, well... My promise to be diligent in replying was evidently a hard one to keep. Although it wasn't like a month (the worst I've ever been), so I suppose I'm not getting WORSE, but still, sorry again. Anyway...

    The broadband yoke has proved a bit more troublesome thatn expected. We had Windows XP when we got it, and the day after I sent my last VM to you, we got a Blue Screen of Death. Apparently they vary in seriousness, but this was so bad we had to get Windows 7 just to be able to use the computer. Still have the broadband thing, but the trial expires on Wednesday (it Should be Friday, legally, but the shop said thay'd prefer Thursday. So I have to keep using it to see if we get any more problems. Got another Blue Screen the other day (after getting 7), but the computer seemed completely fine after that one, so some people are telling me to make as good a use of the Broadband as possible, while others are saying to avoid using it for a few days to determine whether or not it's the source of the problem. Meh.

    Ah, so if you bookmarked the thread (thanks, btw), you'll have seen that I had to restart. Because of the Blue Screen of Death, I lost everything- literally, everything- so I have to start again from scratch. I'd done plenty of restarts before, but none of them were totally clean restarts- I could always import all the graphics and stuff. Oh, well, nothing I can do about it, I just have to get working. :\

    Oh god, everyone loves Oxegen. I suppose, getting drunk in all that muck... lol. That's exactly what one of my friends said- "Going next year no matter what." I don't really care either way, But I'd need money first. Broke after last weekend, think I spent about 50 euro (OMG, there's no euro symbol on the keyboard, rofl :D). I won't be going out for another while...

    Dude, your sprites are savage, I'd never have been able to do them. I love that Mom overworld, too, thanks for that And the engineer man, they're perfect.
    Lol, I didn't mean it like that, hahaha. Hell, at least I'm not hacking Final Fantasy, you'd have weird ass hairstyles everywhere, lol.

    Nope, I hadn't planned a parent being the Gym Leader. I prefer the Pokémon games where your father is nonexistant, hahaha. I don't know why- nothing against my own auld lad, either- it just feels weird to include a father. They only did it in RSE, so I'm sticking to the style of the other games, in this regard. But yeah I'm keeping Deoxys as a legendary (THANK YOU FOR THAT USERBAR, I'M PUTTING IT IN MY SIGNATURE RIGHT AWAY ). I'm really happy with how it fits in with my story, Team Technic and all. 'Technic'
    as in scientific, not really sure if it's a great name, but I can always change it. Anyway,Deoxys... Well, you'll see. I'll probably tell you in the meantime anyway, hahaha .

    I'm pretty good. Broke, as I said. I think I'll get off my ass and start trying to find a job. If I leave it too late, I'll be sickened and wont even get one. I mean I'd need one for the year, so... I really need to get a move on. Nearly finished Heart Gold now though, family friends were over yesterday so I took advantage of their young lad's DS to trade from my Pearl to Heart Gold. Nothing high levelled, just starter eggs and I evolved my Graveller and stuff. You been busy over the last week, or just takin' it easy ?
  10. Tox
    July 4th, 2010 4:47 AM
    Haha, no worries. That happens to me a lot too, lol.

    Awesome! Lucky you, I have yet to get it. xP Haha, that’s great! Christ, 15 Gigs? That’s great –I’d never use it either though. xD

    Haha, oh right, lol. Yeah, you’re new sig is pretty cool. :3 Aha, I saw that. I’ve kept the thread bookmarked so I’d know what was going on. I prefer Ruby to FireRed anyway. The graphics suck though, but you’re replacing them anyway. Emerald is the best by far, but if it prevents you from moving ahead, you’re probably better off for now. Well, hopefully you’ll be able to fix it up somehow later on. If not, this should still be pretty good. Ruby has a lot of really cool features.

    Haha, yeah, the pub is going great, lol. I’ve been getting drink regularly lately. Lol, lucky. You’re getting drink at 19th’s. I’m getting it at 1st birthdays. xD Ahh, yeah, I really want to go to Oxegen. My cousin’s are all going and I’m stuck at home. D: I’m going next year no matter what happens. :O

    Sure, I’ll get to work on that right away. Hopefully this will go better than the last few. xD I got bored and tried a Mom overworld but I think it looks like a regular NPC or something. Maybe it’s the colours? :/ Sure, I can’t wait to see how she works out. Sav’s picture was pretty interesting. Haha, I’ll do my best at it. xD Haha, way to rub it in my face, lol jk.

    Ah, I’ve also been meaning to ask you if you’re going to do the parent/gym leader thing that’s in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald? And are you still sticking to the same legendary? x)

    I’m pretty good, thanks. :] I was sick all last week so this week’s going great! How about you? :]

    EDIT: Engineer/Worker dude is done. Let me know if you'd like me to change anything. Otherwise, feel free to fix it up.
  11. giradialkia
    July 3rd, 2010 4:42 PM
    Again, I thought I already replied. Sorry, it sounds like a crap excuse, but it's so true!

    Anyway, I FINALLY got broadband today- actually typing this on the computer. 3 Broadband, but it's brilliant so far anyway. I've a 15 gig download limit which I'll never use, lol..
    The reply I thought I sent before had agreed with you about the sig, but I've changed it now, regardless. I've since had to switch to Ruby, because Emerald was being a handfull to script with. I can do them, but when I actually put them into the game, they would make the maps go all glitched. That means they were overwriting the Map Data, which is easily fixed, just repoint the scripts to anoter offset.
    Didn't work. I expanded the ROM (made it twice the size, with the expanded part being nothing but free space), and the script program wouldn't allow me to compile the scripts in the expanded area.
    Long story short, Ruby lets me script, so for progress' sake I switched. I'm still looking for a way to make Emerald work for me, so when that happens I'm going back to it.

    Jaysus, may go down to this pub of yours! I do love food. And drink, for that matter XD That's cool, though, I'm sure it'll work out great.
    Ak, parties. Had a 19th last weekend, have a 19th next weekend. I love that my friends are so old, hahaha. This next one is instead of Oxegen, which I doubt I'll ever see in my lifetime. No worries, alcohol and YouTube is a good substitute :D (Ok, no, it's not, at all, but w/ever)...

    Overworlds... Actually, there is one. You know those Engineer/Worker lads in the mine in DPPt, Oreburgh City? Could you do a FR one of them, please? Sorry, I always pick the ones with the awkward hats :3
    I'll have a Heroine sprite for you to overworldify, soon. Finally got off my ass and made an effort on it. I'm working on the hair, it's a bit tricky (not to scare you, lol) but I should have it soon. And I'lll actually be able to upload it from my computer, because I FINALLY GOT THE REAL INTERNET! I'm just so frickin happy, lol.
    So, how're you doing?
  12. Tox
    June 29th, 2010 9:55 AM
    You might want to update your sig soon. ;D You're probably getting to it anyway. I really just wanted to annoy you. :3
  13. Tox
    June 22nd, 2010 1:21 PM
    Lol, I hate when that happens. I refuse to take too long either. xP I’m getting a lot better anyway. I’m starting to regain my addiction to the PokéCommunity. Hopefully, I’ll stay consistent with my replies. :3 Haha, thanks for that. I hate when that happens. Sometimes I can do ten amazing (for me) sprites in a row, and other days they just all go wrong. Dx That’s great. :3 How’s the girl coming along? :3 Wow, your almost done. Those flew past. Did something happen with the accounting paper? I don’t think it makes a difference to you, but you probably know more about it than I would (if something happened). Well, best of luck with your last one anyway. :3

    Haha, I know right. It’s just something I’ve always wanted. I saw a perfect Golf a few weeks ago. It’s a 01 and I want it. xP Haha, savage. I can’t wait to see what my friends start driving, lol.

    Oh awesome. That’s great news then. Ah right, yeah. I know what you mean. Nowadays they all have the same old things going on. Hopefully Infinity will stand out. :3 Heh, don’t worry, I have one of the worst memories ever for things like that. Yeah, it’s actually looking fairly decent now. It’s so much bigger than before which is great. We’ll hopefully be serving food too. :)

    Haha, ah yeah. That’s the most annoying part. Ah, Fakemon starters would be amazing. I’ve seen some really cool ones. Well admittedly, the Kanto starters are my favourites BUT they are way too overused as far as I can see. They’re EVERYWHERE. I’d probably use either Hoenn or Sinnoh. Hoenn are pretty underused and Sinnoh are non-existent. I think we’ve seen enough of Johto for a while too. Sure, you’ll more than likely replace them in the end anyway. Yeah, sure there are no evolutions for the Isshu starters yet anyway. :P

    The party was pretty good. We just had a bonfire, a lot of drink and watched movies on a projector on the side of my friend’s house. :3 Well…that’s all I remember anyway. xD

    If you need me to attempt any overworld sprites or any other jobs, just let me know. I can redesign the NPCs too if you want. I could spend a bit more time on them or something. It’ll give me something else to do. xD
  14. giradialkia
    June 22nd, 2010 11:05 AM
    Damn, I keep trying to reply and something else distracts me... I REFUSE to take too long anymore.
    Anyway, they're fine dude. As a matter of fact, I've tweaked them slightly, and they're inserted, running/walking frames too. Thanks a million, man
    Anyway, I have ONE exam left, and it's not til Thursday. Had Physics yesterday, and.. Yeah, twas alright. I just can't wait for Saturday, it's going to be brilliant.
    Lol, saving up for a car. I've never even thought about that, even though alot of my friends drive, and some of them with their own cars. Two of them have Hiluxes, which is funny, seeing a massive... Jeep truck yoke coming into school every day.
    Yeah, I've found out the cause of the scripting problems, and I've been glancing at an accurate tutorial now and again. Still practicing, but I'll get there soon at this rate. I just need a few events to put in screenshots so the thread looks decent when I put it up. I could just do map shots, but that would only show graphical edits, so.. I need to script stuff
    My bad, I dumb- you did tell me about the pub before. Hopefully you'll get more than old people now :D
    I was thinking... I'm not sure what starters I should use for this wee hack, lol. I mean, I'd planned on having Fakemon in the future, and have Fakemon starters, but until then I need placeholders. I've inserted the Sinnoh starters, which starters do you think I should use? (collectively, as in the Kanto starters or Sinnoh starters, etc). I could insert the gen 5 starters, but I.. Don't want to, lol.
    So how was that party a couple nights ago?:D
  15. Tox
    June 21st, 2010 11:33 AM
    D: My overworld's aren't going too good. I can't get them to look the way I want them to do. Check my album. The first row is the original, the second was after editing, and the third was using the sprite colours. I'm not sure what to do with the hat, especially on the back sprite. Halp me (when you're ready, no pressure). D:

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