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  1. Tox
    June 17th, 2010 02:34 AM
    Haha, ah well, I don’t think you were ever this late. It’s great to hear from you too.

    Wow, they really are spread out. Ouch, German and Design. :/ I’d hate to be trapped inside. This week has been unreal. I’m lucky I don’t have sunburn. Haha, lucky - I want to go to a nineteenth. Still, I have five parties in the next two weeks so I’ll have loads to do, lol. The first one’s tomorrow night. :3

    Ah right. That would make sense alright. I suppose now you have a free year though. At least it’s a break from exams. And saving up could be good. I’m still saving for a car, lol. I’ll never get there. I only have £200 and I’ve been saving for over a year. Haha, I’m terrible at saving. Oh awesome. That sounds pretty cool. We had to pick our Leaving Cert subjects a while back. Mine are simple enough, but I need them to get into any of the courses I want to do. I’m doing English, Irish, Maths, French, Accounting, Physics and Chemistry.

    Haha, ah right. I know the feeling. xD HGSS are awesome games besides the grinding. I could really use a VS Seeker. I’m refusing to restart because I’ll have to grind all over again. I promised myself I’d finish the game. Ah, the Pokéwalker. I lost mine to the washing machine before I even got to Kanto. xD I did manage to get Elekid and a couple of the others though. A wild Hoothoot joined me. I put it in Day-Care so now it’s at like Level 50 or something. I can’t be bothered taking it out. xP

    Haha, oh awesome. :] Sure, if you could send me the sketch whenever you’ve time, I’ll gladly do the overworlds. Haha, the mystery things are savage. I can’t wait to see the thread. :3 Aw man, well I’m hopeless at scripting. Hopefully it’s an easy fix, whatever it is.

    No problem. Yeah, I hate things being spread out. We had like one or two summer exams a day and like three hours of study. It lasted six days! They could have easily just given us three a day for three days. It was the boring thing I’ve ever sat through.

    Well, at least you’ll be done forever soon. That’s good. Oh awesome. Yeah, footing turf sounds really bad – like a foreigner trying to fit in. Final Fantasy 13 looks so cool. I really want it but I don’t have an Xbox. My brother might be getting one for his birthday next month, so if he does I may just spend some more of my car money… :3

    Yep, I saw it on Serebii a few days ago. Yeah, it does look really impressive. I can’t wait to see how they make it work. I love my laptop. It’s like my second phone. <3

    Nope, sorry, I phrased that badly. I’ve been finished since May 19th. I’m busy working at the pub (I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned my parents own a pub before?). Anyway, yeah, it was knocked and rebuilt last June. It has to be finished in just over a month so we’re really busy. It looks a lot better than before, so hopefully it won’t just be full of old people when it’s done. x) Thanks, it’s great to hear from you too. No problem, my message is just as long. xD
  2. giradialkia
    June 16th, 2010 03:53 PM
    Hi, it's been ages! No worries, you're entitled to be busy/late, I've been late loads of times- it's fine, it's just great to hear from you, man :)
    Regarding the Leaving, thanks- 4 more left. I finish next Thursday, feckin second last day. Music :/ but it's the 3 between now and Thursday I'm more worried about. Friday will be hell- German and Design. Monday will be very "meh", it's Physics. Just want to get them out of the way, and get on with the summer. So much drink to catch up on. What's brilliant is my best friend's 19th is on next Saturday too, so there's like.. Twice as much drinking to do. I exaggerate the amount I'll drink myself, but it'll still be class :P
    Actually, no, I'm not going to college until next year. Talked it over with the aul ones, we decided I was a bit too young for it, this year- I'm 17 in September, so like a whole year of being in College but not being a legal adult. I kinda regret the decision now, but there's nothing else for it but to look for a job for the year and save up for it. When I do go, I'm thinking of doing Arts in NUIG, for Irish and Maths teaching. Originally I'd Irish and Music in mind, but NUIG doesn't do it, and I've the year to think it over, anyway.
    HGSS... I actually restarted since, haha. Was tired of trying to grind. I'm at Clair's gym now though, with a Meganium, Pidgeot, Graveller and Gyarados all around 38. I went through it alot slower this time, and made use of the PokeWalker. I usually just shook the crap out of it, but I've unlocked a load of the courses on it, and got things like Smoochum and Elekid and Murkrow before you can get them in-game, which is cool. If you walk around without anything in it, a Wild Pokemon "joins" you for a stroll after a while, which is cool. Usually common things like Zubat, but I was still surprised, as I hadn't remembered it was in my pocket.
    Ah, the sprite. Still haven't done out properly, but got the sketch done. You'll see in my album the latest Infinity spoiler- put up yesterday- has the Player's silhouette. That was literally a 3 second edit of Red's overworld (I just added hair to the top- I think I'm still gonna need you to do it for me, if you want), I left it black because of that. It's so easy to look mysterious, lol- just don't show certain things and constantly say "coming soon". It is though, I just have to solve some scripting problems I'm having- after several attempts, I now actually know how to write several different kinds of scripts for the game- but they don't work. I mean, I'm absolutely certain that I'm doing everything right, but it just won't work, so I've to see if anyone knows what's going on. Should be fine, though, I expect to have a thread within a few weeks of finishing the Leaving.
    Thanks again for the well-wishing. It's just so damn tedious, I just want them to be done. I mean, some people are finishing tomorrow, whereas the music class (incl. me, duh) are waiting til next thursday. They should have a few subjects going on at once. Complicates the system and all, but... Well, I wouldn't care :D
    Another day off tomorrow, six or seven hours wasted studying :( bleah. It'll pass.
    Despite my whinging, I'm good thanks :) got €50 from my uncle for footin turf (you can't say "footing, it feels wrong :3), I want Final Fantasy 13 after the Leaving... But I'm not quite sure why.
    Have you seen the 3DS? It actually seems pretty impressive. But something else I want but haven't enough money for... Feck it, I'm saving up for a laptop.
    So are you still in school now? Or did I pick that up wrong? Again, great to hear from you dude :) (so sorry for the uber long message, lol).
  3. Tox
    June 16th, 2010 01:30 PM
    Hey Eoin,

    I’m really sorry for the massive wait. I’ve been so busy over the past few weeks, though I doubt anything’s been as bad as what you have to go through right now.

    First of all, thank you for the happy birthday. :3 Also, good luck in the Leaving, or whatever’s left in it. Sorry I didn’t get to say it sooner. We’ll hopefully have a lot more time to talk through the summer. :)

    -Now for the big post-

    I hate when I get errors in Opera after typing out huge messages. It’s one of the worst feelings ever. My internet doesn’t work either. D: I’m hopefully getting broadband soon. Well, that Meteor thing. I’ll keep annoying my mam about it until she gets it.

    Haha, awesome. That sounds like fun. I really can’t wait to get out of school. You’re going to be in college next year then?

    I wait downloading Opera over and over again, lol. Especially when I lose all of my bookmarks. D:
    Haha, I’m not sure what to use. I’m still on Opera Mini 4, because it’s really grown on me. Opera Mini 5 just isn’t the same, lol. It’s cool, but I can’t get used to it.

    Oh cool. Yeah, I haven’t finished it yet either. I only have 13 badges. My team is Meganium, Arbok, Ampharos, Togekiss, Espeon and Slowbro. They aren’t that balanced but that’s what I ended up with, haha.

    Glad to help. It was much easier than I expected it to be. I can’t wait to see the trainer sprite. If you have anything at all to do, feel free to let me know. I should have a load of time for spriting soon. I’m dying to see what the hat looks like. :3

    I’m pretty good, thanks. How about you? No worries about the wait. I’m sorry I took so long though. Take your time. We’ll have plenty of time to talk in another while. Again, good luck with what’s left of your exams. Sorry I didn’t say that sooner.
  4. giradialkia
    May 30th, 2010 03:37 AM
    Belated happy birthday, dude
    You're closer to being legal than I am, lol :D
  5. giradialkia
    May 9th, 2010 02:32 AM
    God damn it, I'm getting worse. I'm really sorry, yet again I honestly tried to reply (albeit only a few days ago, but...) I typed out the full thing, and got an Application error from Opera, which made it close, so I went "Damn it, I'll try again later". Sorry, procrastination's a bi***.
    From a quick reply to over a month. Fecking irony. Anyway, no, that sounds easy- it's what I do. It's what I HAVE to do, our internet isn't worth trying to use, so I have to use Opera Mini all the time (literally).
    Well, the college party was good, but you can't beat a good aul night out with the lads.
    (Jesus, got another Application Error. I'm copying everything though, so I don't have to type it ALL again. Actually, I lost a good thousand characters there... I'mma redownload Opera about now, haha...)
    On that topic, what version do you use? 5.0, or 4.2..?
    (DAMN. Another Error. Right, I'm switching to 5.0 right now).
    (right, switched).
    Ok, this just keeps screwing up on me. 4th attempt, lol.
    My team is Typhlosion, Poliwrath, Hypno, Togekiss, Munchlax and Raichu. All around level 72, so I still haven't beaten Red, though I rarely get to play it, anyway.
    Oh, that Gold overworld is perfect, like the rest. Thanks SO much, you make life alot easier, :D.
    I'll actually have another job for you in a few weeks- spriting an OW of your character? I've not finished the Trainer sprite, but when I do I'll show you. It's essentially the design you showed me, but tweaked a bit.
    So, how're you doing? Sorry again for the month long wait . Hopefully I'll be a bit more diligent after the Leaving's done :/
  6. Tox
    April 5th, 2010 07:46 AM
    Wow, quick reply, lol. :D

    Haha, aww sure, what can ya do? They’re only the mocks. :L Haha, ouch. I’m sure you’ll be grand for the Leaving though. :D Haha, I use Opera Mini 95% of the time. I make my sprites on my laptop and just transfer everything to my laptop then, lol. It’s a lot easier even though it doesn’t sound it. Ah, two months now... :/ Oh the pressure! I have pretty much three weeks of school left and some work experience. :D Haha, oh nice. That sounds like fun. :D

    Wow, that party just told kicked the-party-I-went-to’s ass! That sounds like so much fun. :O I want to be in sixth year! :L Aww, Kick Ass? D: I WANT TO SEE THAT SO BADLY. McLovin’s in it. D: I have no money left though. D:

    Yep, memory pictures are the best. :L Especially when they aren’t all revolving around you. :D We did, but I’d say it wasn’t as good as that apartment party was. :L I have yet to be caught. And I have another litre of vodka stashed in one of my drawers.

    Sure a different name wouldn’t make too much of a difference. By the time the game is done, the new name would probably be revealed anyway. You should include them both, regardless. That’s the least of our worries, really. Aww well. I’m sure that streak will be back eventually. Time’s flying anyway so you’ll have the Leaving done in no time. Your tiles sound awesome. I can’t wait to see everything. Yeah, I think I’m starting to improve on things too. Everytime I do something, it’s makes my last thing look like crap. Haha, you’re miles ahead of me. :L I can get overworld sprites from VBA (thanks to you :L) and make more from scratch. That’s it though. And I’m TERRIBLE at shading anything, lol.

    Sure, I might as well work away with the job I’ve got anyway. I’ve actually done Gold sprites. I have the front, side and back. I need you to take a look at them before I go ahead with making the others though. The hat and the bag are impossible. I’m basing him off the Gen IV Gold. Is that right? Christ, all the 18th’s! I can’t wait till I’m that age... My days are so uninteresting at the moment. :L

    Oh yeah, awesome! I got SoulSilver as well. They’re epic. I’m going as slow as I can. I’m at the Pokémon League. I’m getting my party up to Level 55 at the moment. I’ve been breeding Pokémon, doing the Pokéathlon and spending time doing things that never really take time to do. :L I need to make it last the whole Easter holidays. :L I got it the day it came out so I’m doing pretty good. I finished Pearl in two days so I don’t want to repeat that. :L Lol, I hate level-grinding. What Pokémon do you have? :D
  7. giradialkia
    April 5th, 2010 06:57 AM
    Hallo! Lol.
    Mocks were shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite. I did alright in Irish and Music, but nothing else. My tutor/form teacher actually took me aside and asked if anything was wrong. I said no, and that I was a lazy prick. Case closed. But I've not touched my computer in yonks now (Opera Mini ftw), so it's just studying, and occasional phone-internetting from now on.
    I'm really glad of the holidays, too- I took a wee break for two days last week, and went to my friend's place in Galway City.
    My college friend.
    It was BRILLIANT. There was this house party that I left at about half one, then about 7 of us went back to my friend's apartment and.. Kinda crashed. Well, some of them went back home after a while, others went to bed, til it was just me and this guy called Brandon, who decided for us to watch Wolf Creek at half 3. He fell asleep mid-film, which was good, coz I'm embarrassingly jumpy for any horror film, so... Yeah:D
    I got about an hour and a half sleep on the floor (it was surprisingly comfortable, more so than the armchair).
    Then the next day we saw Kick Ass. Man, see it. Just see it, it... It.. You have to see it, simple as that. It's fecking epic.
    Anyway, memory-pictures rock, I always take videos of drunken friends and piss them off the next day. Sounds like ye had great craic, so .
    Oooh, deceiving parents... Been there! Good thing you didn't get caught, lol.
    Drunk friends are great, though, they'll believe anything... I haven't got anything to back that up, but.. Yeah, that's all :D
    Anyway, I never thought about Zoroark having a different name- but you're right. Although I did some pretty cool sprites for Zoroa and Zoroark- animations and all- so I'll see what I'll do. It's a pity I can't go on the computer much, I was on a spriting-streak. Seriously, trees and mountains were coming out of my ears. I hope I can get back to it, it was really convenient:D No, but I'm glad I no longer depend on tiles made by others. It's funny to think there was a time when I couldn't even insert my own tiles- I'd have to use pre-made Roms with different tiles. Yeah, learning is great, lol.
    Anyway, regarding anything to do with the hack from now on, there's no rush on anything. I definately wont make any real progress til after the Leaving, so it's unimportant, to a certain extent.
    Anyway, overall, things are fine. My best friends' 18th- twins- is on Saturday, so.. BOOZE.
    Oh, yeah, I got Heart Gold! Got to Red in 3 days, but was twenty levels below, so.. I need time to level-grind, lol.
  8. Tox
    April 5th, 2010 05:39 AM
    Haha, no bother. Take your time. I know you’ve got a lot to be doing. I’m not any better anyway, sorry. Ah, I hate when that happens. It’s happened to me three times. I never know if I’m going to get a reply finished. I keep drawing blanks now and just giving up on PC. I think I have a bit of time for stuff now again though. Oh Christ, that sounds horrible. I actually have no idea how I’ll get through that. :O

    Haha, oh wow. Nice. Lucky you. I love when that happens. :D I actually went out the other night too. :L It was my friend’s 16th so we went out. I split a litre of 50% vodka with my friend. :L I don’t know how we survived. It was hilarious though. :L He passed out and eight of us who couldn’t stand called his brother and tried to carry him down the hill. He dropped him six times – twice on his head. :L He got sick over every single person except for me. :D I was supposed to be staying at his house but his parent’s told his brother to take me home. Instead, I went to my other friend’s house and my parents don’t know a thing about it. :L Awesome night. :L (Well, besides the fact that we thought my friend was dead). :L We took pictures of us holding him for the memories. :L They’re so funny. :L

    It does feel weird going back to this old conversation. Anyway, we can end it now. :L Yeah, the twins were hilarious. They get paranoid about everything. :L Oh wow, that would’ve been funny. :L I really wish we’d done that. :L One guy did announce something about a teacher over the speaker thingys though. I just wish I could remember what.

    Yeah, an all-lads school is pretty weird at first. I’m used to it now though, I guess. Monogender. :L Anyway, yeah, there’s not much to choose from where I live. There’s four schools:
    1. The knacker school: Full of the future dropouts and tinkers. There’s always fights there after school and most people who get into trouble with anything happen to be from there. I like Pokémon so.... That one was out... :L
    2. The posh school: It’s private school. You pay to go there. 90% of people accepted are Protestants. And yeah, I can’t afford that. :L
    3. The convent: Self-explanatory. The girl’s school. If our school collapses (which is likely enough :L) we get to go there. :D
    4. My school: All-boys. It’s a small school and it’s falling down. :L It’s a laugh most of the time though.

    You should be, ‘cos it looks so awesome. :D The suspense is killing me. :L Ah okay. I’ll try again this time so. You’re choosing the first four so. I don’t mind what Flying-Type. I like Pidgeot and Noctowl, but I don’t really mind what. I like all of them really so it won’t matter that much to me. If there’s Fakemon, that’ll be awesome too. :3

    As for the Normal type, the only ones that really come to mind at the moment are Granbull, Furret and Zangoose. If you have any suggestions, I’m happy to hear them. I honestly don’t mind how my team looks. If you’d prefer to make the whole team yourself to keep it balanced better, I’d be perfectly cool with that. You know a lot more about this stuff than I would. I never paid attention to that kind of stuff before.

    I’m not too sure on the cool type either. Marowak, Primeape, Mawile, Masquerain, Scizor.... I’m not sure really? Thanks for explaining all that to me anyway. I know exactly what you mean now. I just can’t think of anything for some reason. D: Zoroark is kinda cool but he might end up with a totally different English name. Whatever you think would work the best, I’d say. I’m pretty hopeless. :L

    Wow, I think I actually got through this post this time. :D I’m doing great, thanks! I’m so glad it’s the holidays. :D How’re you? Most of those projects are done, thank God. :O They were so boring. This week I have to make a video though. Possibly a music video for a Lady GaGa song. :L How did the mocks go? :D How’s your Easter been?

    I actually just realised that you asked me to do a Gold sprite which I haven’t done yet. I’m so sorry, I totally forgot. D: I’ll have it for you as soon as possible.
  9. giradialkia
    March 21st, 2010 07:02 AM
    Jesus, I've never been this late. Really sorry, Andrew, everything's been hectic. I haven't actually spoken to any of my closer friends (you, Kai and Sav) here at PC in ages, which is retarded. (I wrote about twelve replies to this over the course of the two weeks, but I never got to finish, and ended up closing the browser for something). I've had to put a lot of work into school recently.. And it's so damn tedious.
    That said, I went out last night, and it was brilliant. I didn't have to spend a cent all night. It was my friend's birthday, but everyone bought my drinks as well :D Ah, I love people with money . Lol, jk.
    Anyway.. It feels strange to refer back to stuff we were talking about two weeks ago, so.. I'll be short and sweet.
    Disneyland, yes, was all round epic for me, too. I'd go again, no question:D
    (that was hilarious by the way, about those twins. Would have been even funnier if someone went "Hey, *one of the twin's names*, your the BOMB" really loudly. We did that to each other on the plane, til the teacher told us to stop joking about stuff like that :/)
    Oh, you're in an all lads school then? That'd be strange. I mean, not for you, surely you're used to it by now- I've always been in a mixed school. It's hard to imagine being in a monogender (wtf) school. (Ok, no, there HAS to be a proper word, in place of Monogender. I.. But...
    I got nothing).
    Anyway, thank you, I'm rather proud of my little teaser, I'm surprised I'm actually getting feedback on it. But unfortunately, I haven't worked on it in ages, I've been to preoccupied. That, and I'd probably have creative-block if I tried.
    Nevertheless, the team-thing: I didn't explain properly, at all. Here is exactly what the rival needs on their team- I'll explain the various things-
    Grass Type
    Fire Type
    Water Type

    Flying Type
    Normal Type
    Cool Type.
    Ok, the first three, in Italics- they depend on the starter chosen. For example, in Diamond, if you pick Turtwig, the Rival ends up with Infernape, Roserade, and Floatzel. It's to keep the team balanced.
    The Flying type, is that region's signature Flying-type Pokemon- I think I explained that, in my last comment. If I have Fakemon, then this Flying type'll be one. If not, then it's for you to decide.
    Normal type- self explanatory. Preferably something that can take a few hits, but isn't a total wall (I mean, nothing like Chansey, Snorlax or Miltank, else the battle's would take too long). Other than those, anything goes.
    And lastly, the "Cool Type". Basically, it's an uncommon, but not a rare/legendary Pokemon. Like Heracross, or... Grumpig, or Lucario- preferably not Heracross or Lucario, as Heracross's been done by both Green and Barry, and Lucario has turned into a noob's legendary Pokemon. But, be imaginative for this one- be random.
    Oh, yeah, for any of these, they can be from any Gen (even if you want Zoroark for the Cool- type, go for it), and any region.
    Ok, now that I've finally replied to you successfully, how the hell are you doing? How're those projects going?
  10. Tox
    March 5th, 2010 04:42 AM
    Sorry, everything's been really busy over the last while. I'm sick again today. Next week should be pretty busy too. All of the work is beginning to pile up. So many projects. D:

    It's great that your mocks are over with. I hope you did well. :D Haha, yeah I hate going back to school after not being there in so long. Especially when they throw all the work at you the minute you're back.

    Heh yep, that's me. I just decide I'm hungry in the middle of the night and get up to make something. xD

    Nice. xD But yeah, I completely agree. I was afraid that I'd spend all of my money on food over there. O.O

    Yeah, I love croissants... just not those ones... I was expecting the French ones to be a lot nicer. They were the last time I remember. Meh, I suppose you can't expect much more from a two star hotel with fold out beds, lol.

    Haha, really? I thought it was unreal. It was basically a six-year-old's imagination, but it still looked awesome. All of the buildings were cool. :3 The pink castle was one of the coolest things I've seen in my life. It was so much better than the historical stuff. xD Yep, the rides were awesome. Yeah, I thought Space Mountain went really quickly too. It was great though. The second time, it was even better. I remember it a lot better anyway. :3 Pirates of the Caribbean was so much cooler than I expected. My friend got soaked, lol. I was at the edge, but I pushed in when it picked up speed. xD

    I'm up for any job you have. Haha, no problem. I'll have it for you as soon as possible. :3 Sorry for the wait, by the way. I'll try not to delay things too much anymore. I suck at spriting in general. OWs are about all I can do. xD Everything else just turns out terrible.

    Thankfully, my ear's finally back to normal. :D It was unbelievably irritating. Oh man, yeah, toothaches are horrible too. I didn't think it could get infected from not popping either. I was told that I probably infected it myself, lol. I kept going at it and trying a load of stuff to make it pop. That was pretty stupid of me, but yeah. xP

    Haha, that sounds hilarious. xD I love paranoid people. There's twins in my year and it was they're first time flying so we threw coins in they're hoods so they'd go off in the security things. They were both panicking at everything. It was a little mean, but it was hilarious. xD

    Haha, nice one. Ye sound like ye had a load of fun. We didn't get to do anything like that. Our room was the one that everyone went into. At one stage we had about 25 people squashed into it. Nobody could move. xD Our school's all lads as well, which made it less fun. D: The only girls in the whole hotel were in sixth class, so yeah, we didn't go there. xP

    Oh, awesome. :3 Yeah, no problem. Don't worry, legendaries and teams full of starters really aren't my thing. xD Well, I have a few Pokémon that I love taking around with me. I'm just going to assume that I shouldn't have another fire, water or grass type. I'll give you an idea so you can choose which would fit the best. If you'd prefer me to be more specific with the three, you can just say. I've always liked Arbok, Scizor, Ampharos, Weavile, Mawile and Banette.

    Ah, I also just saw your signature. That looks amazing. The game's called Pokémon Infinity then, I'm guessing? :3

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