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Conversation Between Tox and giradialkia
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  1. giradialkia
    January 11th, 2010 1:40 PM
    Lol, I don't think you're vain, man, it's fine:D.
    EXCELLENT, she's great, that's exactly what I meant. Thanks a million:D
    Ah.. How I would like to not go to mass regularly. My mam is like, trè religiquê (bit of a random one there, as I haven't done french in 4 years lol). No, she's overly religious nowadays, and I'm still trying to convince her that, try as she may, forcing her beliefs onto me isn't the same as me believing. Well, that makes her sound really bad- she's alright, I'd say give it a year or two and she'll leave me alone.
    Wow, sick for five? And they wouldn't make you do them whe- wait, you're in TY. Of course they wouldn't :-P.
    Lol, I live smack in the middle of nowhere, I know how you feel- if it gets you any closer to civilization, take it:D All my friends are spread out, frickin annoyin during the summer when there's nothing to do.
    Ah, barbands. Your dads preparing for them, my dads in one. It's one of the most embarrassing things in all of existance, trust me. Although the two other guys are pretty cool, so at least he's not playin with.. I dunno where I'm goin with this one.
  2. Tox
    January 11th, 2010 12:50 PM
    Okay then. If she doesn't look right, I can change her or you can feel free to change her if you want. Sure, I have her finished. Albums. I think this is the one you want? If she's not, sorry, lol. I'll try again. I didn't tweak her very much. I was afraid she'd turn out bad.

    Heh, most people our age are the same. Haha, nice. Sounds better than my religion class. xD Yeah, I don't even know why we have a religion class. We really don't need it. It's actually just a waste of time. I don't go to mass or anything besides at Christmas when my mam makes me. Yeah, he is a dick. Everyone hates him, even the teachers. He's a complete loner. Yeah, sure I only did three tests this year because I was sick for the other five. I got 81% in English 95% in Business and 34% in Irish, lol. I hid my score card anyway, because it looks ****. My report card came anyway and that's fairly decent so my mam won't be looking for anything, heh.

    Oh God, I hate when people say that. I didn't really care until this hippy came up to me in the city and wouldn't stop saying it. I really wanted to punch him. D; Haha, fuc* I'd go psycho. That's even worse than "right". Nice one, lol. She sounds a bit like my sheep teacher. She's actually hilarious. She stole a packet of crisps from a first year before and gave them to me because she felt bad. xD Then, when I opened them, she stuck her hand into the packet and took like half of them, lol. I made her buy me a cream egg in the tuck shop last month too. She's so stupid, it's funny. She wrote "BE QIUTE" on the whiteboard before because we wouldn't stop talking. Yes, she spelt it like that. xD It was hilarious. The whole class nearly died laughing. Here I go with my life story again, sorry.

    Yeah, that sounds like my business teacher. He completely ignores anyone who he doesn't think is an A student. I have no idea how I got included in his smart people group because I'm terrible at business. I'm hopefully dropping it for my Leaving Cert. Haha, what a tool. Some teacher guy in my school is the same. He shows off so much and only the people in the slow class listen to him. They always talk about him and he thinks that all the students think he's amazing. Haha, lovely. xD

    Haha, I do. I love pulling pints, but I can't stand the people that come in, or the smell of them. Well, I stock shelves, serve people, sort the bottles, etc. At the moment, my dad's rebuilding the lounge and putting a massive extention onto it. He said that we're possibly moving in there when it's done. That actually suits me fine though because my best friend lives like three houses away and I can walk to my bus stop (Right now, I live in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere). It'll be fine when it's done because the young people will come back. There's going to be a massive stage and stuff so we'll have bands playing. I can escape from the old people then, so it's all good. (Y) [/Life story]

    I really need to stop talking about myself. I'm not vain really. D:
  3. giradialkia
    January 10th, 2010 7:15 AM
    Oh, she's grand:D I'll insert her later, I'm not at home now. If you have time, could you do another girl for me? I'll describe what I'm looking for- if you play RSE (literally, open the Rom now, lol) and go to Petalburg City, exit to the left. The very first girl you see, walking around near the "tall grass"- that's what I'm looking for, but in FR style. Only if you have time, and still, you can tweak it however you like.
    Ah, religion. I'm at a stage in my life where I question the existance of God, and Religion class is currently "offtopic" anyway, haha. Our teacher spends the class talking about sex, STIs, alcohol and drugs and stuff, nothing really to do with Religion. But boring enough to fall asleep, so... xD He sounds like a dick, though, if he failed most of ye :/ but that makes it ok, if almost everyone else did =] OMG my religion teacher says "a'ight" (as in "all right" but it just sounds like "ITE") too much. We once counted in 3rd year, something like 337 times in a class? But she caught us and went all sombre and lesbian, saying it was "a very serious offence, that could put us in alot of trouble if we did it again". Naturally, we pissed ourselves laughing when she left.
    Eeeeuh, your business teacher does sound a bit creepy. There's a teacher a bit like that in our school, but he only really favours those who are good at it, or those who lick up to him. I never had him as a teacher (thank FUC*, because he talks the greatest amount of muke. He once supervised me for a free class, and he kept trying to show off the music on his laptop, and how he bought a software that lets you make video presentations with soundtracks and crap. I was all "So? Windows Movie Maker can do that and it comes with the laptop for free, you ****"). Then I did a bad Physics test, or something x3
    Oh right! Do you get to serve people? Lol jk. (do you?) what kinda stuff do you have to do, cleaning and stuff?
  4. Tox
    January 9th, 2010 11:46 AM
    Haha, thanks. It was actually surprisingly easy to do. Nerds are my new favourite sprites. :3 I did that one in about ten minutes. The girl took forever. She kept turning out like a cheap knock off of the Beauty ones. Now, she looks like the scary cat lady in the Simpsons. :/ I think I should make another one instead. xD

    Heh, awesome! That sounds really cool. Yay, they worked then. :] Lol, purple. That sounds great. I actually think purple probably looks better. :3 I just picked random colours. Hence why one dude currently has green hair, lol. No problem. Thank you for including them.

    Haha, that's grand. I say a lot of completely random things. I started talking about Final Fantasy a few days ago for no reason at all. xD Heh, Irish was so cool last year but now we have the most boring teacher in the world. He makes a joke and doesn't laugh, he's always early for class, he gives us work in TY, he gives us work if there's only three people in the class, he failed 90% of the class in our Christmas test (myself included) and he says "right" way too much. We actually count how often he says it. The record is 561. The least amount of times is 234 and that day the class got interupted to go pick up litter. I can't stay in that class. DDD: Haha, fluent in maths. Some dude I know actually is. :o I don't know how and I really don't want to.

    Essays, HA. I do nothing. I fell asleep in religion twice this year, lol (Same teacher for Irish </3). Haha, some of my teachers like me. My business teacher, english teacher and health and safety (lol) teachers think I'm great. If I ask for ANYTHING, my business teacher lets me do it. Then, he says that how could anyone say no to me... A little creepy, but I got a out of a lot of classes to go to the library and talk to my friends (I ask can they go with me, haha).

    Yep, heh. I was working in my parents' pub, gahh. I was forced to. D: I don't do so well with old people. If I say anything they glare at me. D:
  5. giradialkia
    January 9th, 2010 10:44 AM
    No bother at all, sure we're all busy Great, you sprite awesome nerds. I got to insert your earlier ones today, too, and they're perfect:D I've had to edit the colours a bit to make them fit (ie the Black haired boy now has dark purple hair, lol) but they actually don't need much editing to fit into existing palettes, so you're grand. Thanks, man:D
    rofl, I just read back over my last message and that Gaeltacht part looks completely random, like it came outta nowhere. I'd written that I liked Irish, but must have erased it somehow. Lmfao, it looks like I said I was fluent in maths, wtf?! Sorry, I'll be more careful (how did I manage to do that? Lol)
    yeah, school is awful. Stupid essays and doing stuff... Yeah, some of my teachers are pure annoying. Others I like, but are still annoying at times:D
    so you were workin yesterday? What did you have to do? xD
  6. Tox
    January 9th, 2010 9:57 AM
    No problem. I'm sure there's more important things for you to be doing. Sorry about the really late reply.

    Oh thanks. Yes, I'm up for it. In fact, they're done. The girl one looks a little strange to me. :/ If you don't want to use her, it's cool. Heh, thanks. That sounds complicated. Colour order. Alright then. (Y) I see what you mean, heh. My colours are probably totally off so. o.O

    Ah, oh right. Yeah, I'm not great at maths. I had to read four different revising books, get grinds, go to extra maths classes and two courses on maths just to get a B in the Junior Cert. xD Awesome. I went to the Gaeltacht twice, but I usually found myself in detention for speaking english.

    Haha, Swolphe. Nah, it's grand. Don't go to too much effort. I'm in TY. I need to kill time. You have more important stuff to do. I'm sure the region will have an awesome name anyway. (Y)

    Haha, I hate getting up early. I had to work yesterday. Aww, it must have been horrible going back to school. I'm still on my holidays. xD I can't believe school's cancelled until Thursday! That's the best news ever. Haha, aww god. Your teacher's sound nasty. xD One of mine looks like a sheep. She's unbelievably stupid too. She gave me an A because I carried her books for her before. xD
  7. giradialkia
    January 8th, 2010 12:28 AM
    Sorry I didn't reply til now, was doing homework and crap.
    Thanks for the sprites, they're great. Next (if you're up for it), I'll give you three to do (if that's ok. Sorry, thanks). I need a School boy sprite- you know the guys in RSE who are nerdy-like? I need one in FR style (I've got the Super Nerd sprite from FR inserted, but still need to replace the schoolboy-nerd). Also, another plain boy and girl. (both normal sized). Take your time, as I certainly have to now that school is back. I barely got anything done.. Again, colours can be anything, as I'll have to edit them anyway (although you've a nice eye for colour, changing a palette slightly won't be too hard. You see, it's the colour order that matters in the OW sprites. If you just import any old indexed sprite, it'll look fine itself, but would screw up any other sprites using that palette. Which is why it was easier to import all of FR's overworlds together, everything just looks nice, lol).
    Yeah, maths is my only ordinary level subject, thankfully. I went to the Gaeltacht 3 times so I'm actually nearly fluent in it ("nearly" because naturally there are still some words I don't know, usually about stuff I don't find interesting, haha).
    Since you're doing the Overworlds for me, I'll do a special patch for you with Swolphe as the region name, lol.
    Gah, this is like the only advantage of being up early, can go on the mobile internet to reply, lol. The weather is worse today, but school is still on. I haven't my German done . I hate German. My teacher looks like a frog and has a shrill voice.
  8. Tox
    January 7th, 2010 8:15 AM
    Heh, I know right. :3 I had nothing at all to do and I just get off anyway. Cool, I have her finished now so then, along with the updated version of the boy (I kept the clothes but changed the hair). You'll find everything in my album from now on. If you have any problems with them at all, just let me know and I'll change anything. I tried to keep the colours similar to FR/LG. You can change whatever you need to. Cool, that sounds awesome. :3 Thanks, lol.

    Aww, that must suck really bad. D: So, was it closed? Nah, the roads are unbelievably icy though. You can't go outside without slipping. Your roads sound like ours so.

    Haha, thanks again. Lol, yeah cramming is awesome. Haha, my sister always does stuff like that. Nice one. I failed a lot of maths tests in my time. Oh right, that's cool. Most of my friends are in ordinary level maths... and french... and irish... I'm not allowed drop down in anything. I'm planning on doing ordinary irish though.

    Lol, Swolphe. I'd so play a game with a name like that in it. xD Idola is actually sounds cool enough too. You can't beat Swolphe though, lol.

    That sounds awesome. I hope it goes well. Oh yeah, I know right. D: That must be annoying. Haha, yeah, that just sorta came out of nowhere. xD You didn't even look for a team and you basically have one. xD Heh, not much really. I'll probably have to work. Maybe spend extra time on the internet. Nothing too exciting anyway.
  9. giradialkia
    January 6th, 2010 4:57 PM
    Bah! You are EVIL! I NEED there to be no school tomorrow, I've far too much to do, lol. Yeah, a midget girl is good:D no "inner tube" on her, though, I've already got the FR tuber sprite (btw, don't delete those from your album, plz and thanky). If you want to do more exciting ones, you can. I've yet to come up with final concepts of the important trainers, but once I do I'll give you details on the Rivals and Leaders and such. Thank you, you are teh epick x3.
    Blast, i'll be in school in... 8 hours. Meh, not tired. There is a good chance it'll be closed, though, or that we mightn't be able to go. The roads are really bad, it's a bit freaky. Is it snowing in torrents down in Corcaigh?:D
    (by the way, that's a good Junior Cert, well done. Yes, cramming works, lol. For last years maths Christmas test, I had to do a rehearsal after school for the Talent show the night before. So I asked my little brother to take my bag home- left it on the bus for him and all. I get home, no bag. And my maths test being the next day, I was furious. I had to cram in two classes, and I got a B. I was satisfied. I'm in Ordinary maths, but frankly I'm fine with that, Higher Level frightened me at the start of last year (I'd done Ordinary for the Junior, but tried Higher level in 5th, for a couple of weeks. It was awful. At least I know what I'm capable of, now). Don't worry about "rambling" or talking about yourself, I don't mind at all. I do it myself (even if, as you say, you do it more than anyone in the world, that's fine, lol):D
    Ah, that random buttons thing could work. I'll do it now, on speed text-
    Rofl, 5 closed-eyed results. I may go with Idola, it sounds regionish. Unlike semi or toil. (wtf, Swolphe?)
    omGEEE. I've come up with a new story, evil team and all. This is excellent, the only thing wrong is between now and June I've feck all time to hack :`(
    It's hilarious, I technically now have a hacking team. You're my spriter (per se), and two of my other friends here are coming up with Fakemon for me. This just came together in like two days, rofl. Great.
    So what are you gonna get up to while you're not at school (you evil evil man).
  10. Tox
    January 6th, 2010 3:53 PM
    Lol, thanks. *bows*
    I can make a more exciting one if you'd like? The hairstyle might be a little boring. Alrighty, ordinary girl it is! I'll get to that right away... Girl as in one of the midget ones with tiny sprites who run around the place (Tuber, Schoolgirl, etc.)? Heh, no problem. I like making them. :3

    Haha, yep, I know right. How could someone do that to their son? Aww, I'm glad my parents aren't teachers... Actually, on second thought, I wish they were (besides the birthdays and strictness and all that). Heh, your 18th will probably be the best one. (Y)

    Oh right... Vodafone... I'm O2 so I wouldn't know. I get charged 99c a day when I use the internet on my phone regardless of how many browsers I use.

    Lol, it could work. It would probably take ages to think of a name that sounds good though. Haha, another idea would be be press random letters and see what you end up with. That usually doesn't work too well though. xD

    Haha, that's similarish with me. Good luck with the Leaving. My turn for the life story. xD So yeah, I used to be a swot. I was afraid I was going to be stupid and everyone else would do good. Then I got the highest results in my year in first year and the first half of second year. Then I stopped caring and realised almost everyone else was failing when I was getting As. Then I got my first C and parents killed me but I just doing crap and not caring. I started studying again two days before the Junior Cert and went through a whole week and a half of cramming and I got 2 As and 9 Bs. Cramming does work. And best of all, my history teacher tried to force me to drop down to pass and I got an A. :] So yeah, I've basically told you my life story already. xD I tend to talk about myself a lot. I don't mean to, I swear. xD

    Haha, you'll learn that I do that more than anyone else in the world in the next while. xP
    I take it you got the sprites. You can use any of them if you want to. I'll make more exciting ones if you want though. Its actually no trouble whatsoever. I like making them anyway.

  11. giradialkia
    January 6th, 2010 2:36 PM
    Hi, sorry, just saw them- *claps*
    They're perfect! You're a legend, thank you. If you want to do more, an ordinary girl will do. (the only ones left are "ordinary" people that aren't trainers, lol). Not a young woman though, a girl, with pigtails or something. Thank you SO MUCH, this is brilliant. *runs wildly*
  12. giradialkia
    January 5th, 2010 4:57 PM
    Sorry man, I can't see any sprites. (I dunno why? If you want, just make an Album and upload them there. No hassle, though:D)
    Oh my god, your poor cousin. Talk about awkward. I've an aunt teacher myself, and her kids are kinda harmless. They'll undoubtedly have 18th's like that, but probably would be too innocent to care.
    I dunno if I'll have a big 18th. All my friends'll be 19-21, so they'll probably be too far in life to celebrate 18ths. Then again, they're not dick heads, so if I did actually celebrate it they'd come, so.. Meh .
    You know, I may re-download it. Although.. I'm pretty sure it charges a few of my friends who use it, too, so that sucks too. I wonder though, that's probably Vodafone charging me, because Opera obviously uses their network to connect to the internet.
    Rofl, Finntoh. That is an excellent idea. I might actually do that (incorporate my name into it). Like Eofin. No or.. Finnoh. Nah, sounds too much like I'm suggesting a fish theme. Lol.
    Oh, yeah, my parents used to get pissed at low grades. If I'm honest, in National school I was a swot. First two years of secondary school.. Were crap for me, so I didn't bother. But then around last year I sorted it out and now I'm relatively good in school (aaand just in time for the Leaving Cert! Excellent timing! Lol)
    [/life story]
    sorry bout that, I vent, occasionally :D
    So yeah, if you want, can you post the sprites in an album (or just try again, so I can see them)? I think you tried one before, I couldn't see that either. Sorry for the trouble, man.
  13. Tox
    January 5th, 2010 12:35 PM
    Lucky. I wish mine would. Well, I suppose they have a little. I used to get in trouble for getting Cs in school. Now, if I get a D or a high fail, they don't say anything (as long as it's not a big test, i.e. The Junior Cert). xD Haha, I'm the one who's always in trouble here. I'm haven't been trusted to mind my brother and sisters since I locked them in the attic two years ago. I'm not trusted going out either. My mam thinks I'm on drugs half of the time. I've never actually been caught doing anything wrong though so I don't see why.

    Haha, thanks. Yeah, I get that a lot. That's why some people don't believe me. It sounds like a really bad prank call name and I'm stuck with it now.

    I started messing around with some sprites. These are just quickly done so there's no need to use them. They're fairly boring looking. I was just wondering if they're the right height and stuff. Do they fit in with the other sprites?
  14. Tox
    January 5th, 2010 12:33 PM
    Awh, that must be annoying so then. Maybe you should download it again or something? Yeah, I can't stand any other browser. They're all so bad. I hate the ones that come with the phones the most.

    Nah, not Emerald. I have the ROM, which I'm guessing you have too. Yeah, I just have the GB/C games on my phone.

    Oh nice, it sounds really cool. I love the ones with new regions. I get bored of seeing the same things over and over again. Rentoh sounds pretty cool. Maybe you could use your name, lol. Eointoh. Finnto... Yeah... I'm not going to be much help with the name, sorry. xD

    Fakémon can be quite cool if they're done right. I just laugh at the crappy ones that some people have. I've only seen a few cool looking ones. Awesome, I'd love to see them. Your friends sound awesome. They can do everything. xD Haha, I tried to make Fakemon before. One of the bodies turned out savage but the head is so messed up. It's way too big, lol. The other ones look like really bad mixtures between Charmander and Pikachu even though they weren't supposed to.

    Cool, sounds good. You should include one that isn't Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Suicune, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Palkia, Dialga or Giratina. They've all been used before so it would be cool to use another one. I'd probably go with one of the legendary birds or maybe one of the other dogs. I don't know what I'd do really. This is why I haven't attempted to make a hack. I lack the ability to think of stuff on my own. xP

    As in you're the same height as me? I'm slowish so I need you to spell it out for me. xP If you are, that's unreal. :D Almost all of my friends are taller than me too (except for one girl). D: I was taller than two others for ages. They passed me out now though. </3 Lol, teachers. Ouch. My aunt's a teacher a she freaks me out. She made my cousin have an-alcohol free barbeque with 15 year olds for his 18th. Sucks to be him.
  15. giradialkia
    January 5th, 2010 10:29 AM
    I'd meant if Opera Mini was free to use. If it is... That's annoying, because it charges me 99c/€1 everytime I use it. Which is much more often than the regular Mobile internet, as I don't like how it's rendered, the pages are split into loads of mini pages and it takes ages to see anything.
    Again, going back to an earlier topic, did you say you had Emerald on your phone? (or was it just the GB/C games?).
    Anyways, my hack- it not a remake, it's got a new region, which is currently unnamed (something like Rentoh, but that's too much like Kanto, Johto or Sinnoh. If something original, but not stupid sounding, comes, I'll use it, haha). I had planned to have a few fakemon, but now I'm not really bothered. I lack enough creativity to make up too many new ones. I may insert a few- a good friend of mine said he'd come up with some, and I haven't heard from him in a while, so when he gets back I'll see what he has for me and use it. I owe people enough to use what they give me, haha. Unlike me, he's really creative, so they'll be much better than teh epick 1s Ii maed... Lol.
    If you have any ideas as to what Legendary would be good to use for the story, send me a PM. I'm kinda stuck, I had a story planned but when I changed my base to Emerald, limitations occured and such, so that story/Legendary doesn't really fit anymore. It can be a Sinnoh legendary, too- they're easy to insert.
    I've just got my sister to measure me and...
    I'm actually 5' 6 1/2", lol. That's savage, I misread your msg at first, and thought you said just 5' 6". After measuring myself, I read yours again, hahaha. They're.. All taller than me. One of them 6' 4", lol.
    The friend who got smashed is 17. And both his parents are teachers, his mother actually teaching in our school.
    Oh god, my parents.. well, they were really strict. Now, though, they're kinda laying off? I haven't done anything to get in trouble for a few years now (unlike my brother and sister) so they trust me the most. Which means they don't check up on me often, so when I ask to go out they wouldn't need to hear from me til the next day, lol.
    Rofl, greetings Andrew Shortall (formalities ftw). It sounds like "short-tall", and your of average height, haha- fitting.

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