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Conversation Between DrFuji and giradialkia
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  1. DrFuji
    June 6th, 2011 4:05 PM

    lol :P

    I haven't worked on it for a while, but sometimes when I don't want to do anything else I just go on it and do it for fun. I guess you could say I'm still working on it, but it is nowhere near a priority.

  2. giradialkia
    June 6th, 2011 3:56 PM

    Oooooh. Duh, Deathstrike has the nails, just remembered. Coolio. :)
    Out of curiousity, are you still working on Retro Red? :3

  3. DrFuji
    June 6th, 2011 3:32 PM

    You're in the Marvel ballpark. It is X-23 :3

  4. giradialkia
    June 6th, 2011 12:45 PM

    That profile image, is that Lady Deathstrike or am I way off? :x

  5. DrFuji
    June 5th, 2011 5:52 PM

    I ain't worried, I just hate fudge :x

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see then :P

  6. giradialkia
    June 5th, 2011 6:44 AM

    Ah, don't be frettin'. Everybody likes fudge
    Well you might. We'll have to see how it turns out, haha.

  7. DrFuji
    June 5th, 2011 5:01 AM

    Why has everyone been calling me a varient of 'fudgey' lately? :<

    Thankies~ I'm confident that I'll play the crunk out of your project when it is time :D

  8. giradialkia
    June 5th, 2011 4:58 AM

    Ditto, Fudgie :D

    I was playing Lilac again today. I love every single thing you've done with the graphics. I can't stress that enough :D

  9. DrFuji
    June 5th, 2011 4:52 AM

    Cool sig, gira :P

  10. DrFuji
    June 3rd, 2011 6:13 PM

    But I'm not going to do that in the near future ;_;

    Good plans, bro.

    You know you want to bring back the Scrapbox just for *SuperSecretProjectName* - You can't deny what you truely desire. On a related note: Join the darkside, we have cookies and lolcats.

    I already added you to my siggy XD

  11. giradialkia
    June 3rd, 2011 5:58 PM

    Ooooh, do. That'd be great. :D
    I've sorta half begun with my sticky plans by putting notes in some of the Rules threads, elaborating on stuff- for example the fact that mapshots don't count as a hack thread's screenshots, or that a hack story doesn't count for anything in a Team thread. They're two problems you see so much when approving threads...
    No, nay, never! Haha. I may get it posted this summer, maybe. Only after more planning, though. I'll aim to get enough done to post it directly in the showcase or something :D
    It's official. I'm adding you as a tiel buddeh to my signature... When I'm on a computer..

  12. DrFuji
    June 2nd, 2011 8:36 AM

    I should make a team thread one day and make it fulfill everything in the requirements. I wouldn't be suprised if it was three times as long and have a hundred times better spelling than the average right now. It's a shame they don't read it - In the end not only are they hurting you, but they're hurting their chances of actually getting a good group of people together :<

    I heartily approve of your sticky plans. I remember when I was posting Lilac's thread late last year that I was extremely excited, but I wasn't fully ready to post it. Harry was on MSN pretty late for his timezone but I asked him to stay only for a little bit longer so I could submit my thread and he could approve it immediately. I hadn't even made a draft at that point so I had to quickly throw some stuff together and eventually put it in an hour later, making it a super crappy thread and a hectic rush job. The moral of the story is it is fun to keep people up at night :D

    I'm still daring you to. tiel buddees 4 eva! :3333

  13. giradialkia
    June 2nd, 2011 8:19 AM

    Oh, yeah. Lengthy introduction, application form, and so on. People NEVER read the Requirements thread though :(

    True, I did that with Infinity, even though I said to myself before posting "Do not, do not, do not rush this". Don't want to do that this time though :D But I really need to put up a big ol' sticky trying to persuade people to take their time. That way I won't need to type 5 paragraphs everytime I have to tell someone I reckon they should wait a while, I could just link them to it...

    Doooode, I'm not bringing the Scrapbox back just to post my hack :D Yes, that's where I got them too :3 TIEL BUDDEHS YAYZ.

  14. DrFuji
    June 2nd, 2011 8:08 AM

    There are requirements for team threads? Strange, I thought there weren't any XD

    Yeah, I'm never sure why people want to post as soon as they can rather than waiting a day to make their work better or actually flesh out their ideas. Then again, I know that I've been pretty excited to post stuff in the past (and subsequently post it too quickly) so it's not like they're trying to be disorganised on purpose :<

    Quit teasing me about your hack, man! I wanna see your thread in the Scrapbox already! I got the Gym, Mart and PC from Wesley FG's Project Marnian - If you got them as well then we can be tile-buddies! :3

  15. giradialkia
    June 1st, 2011 9:25 AM

    Well, yeah. Hack threads aren't so bad- you see them, and you usually know straightaway whether or not they're valid. Team threads are a bit awkward, in that you really have to comb them carefully to see if they meet the requirements. They often don't and we pretty much get a few of them every day :/
    Lol, that was a recent example. Other times people post them with like a third of the required material, and 'will edit later'. Why not just wait til you're prepared, you know? :c
    Well, that was one of the influences I was referring tooooooo~ hehe.. I think I may also be using the same Gym/Center/Mart tiles, but I only realised that AFTER playing Lilac. Sorry for having similar stuff and all, it's just really, really nice looking and some of it is genuinely coincidental. When I make the thread I guess you'll hopefully agree it's quite different :>
    Well I just checked today, and it's officially 37 A4 pages. So that's 18.5 actual sheets overall. 37 sounds better though. And my writing's tiny. :P

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