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Conversation Between chrunch and Omega Zero
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  1. chrunch
    September 20th, 2013 03:28 AM
    ok goodnight ;)
  2. Omega Zero
    September 20th, 2013 03:25 AM
    Omega Zero
    Bro i'm off to bed
    night, talk to you tomorrow
  3. Omega Zero
    September 20th, 2013 02:44 AM
    Omega Zero
    I just remembered how fun Rom hacking was now I liked the hack. And definitely the custom music. also where in the hell do you get such nice tiles? Also why are you such a better mapper than me?
  4. Omega Zero
    September 20th, 2013 02:26 AM
    Omega Zero
    Bro soz but can you send me a patch, i live in a country with **** internet. :\
  5. Omega Zero
    September 20th, 2013 01:30 AM
    Omega Zero
    Yeah and whats wrong with it
  6. chrunch
    September 20th, 2013 01:28 AM
    just the script?
  7. Omega Zero
    September 20th, 2013 01:27 AM
    Omega Zero
    Screw it, just link the god damned think to me and tell me whats wrong with it LOL
  8. chrunch
    September 20th, 2013 01:25 AM
    That's fine haha. I'm struggling getting this script to work and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  9. Omega Zero
    September 20th, 2013 01:22 AM
    Omega Zero
    Lol nah i find it from a bunch of games i've played I like the second rivals theme the most And i would offer to help your script but i'm so ridiculously tired LOL i might fall asleep and play it in the morning
  10. chrunch
    September 20th, 2013 01:20 AM
    I need supporter, I don't like constantly deleting PMs. :P I really like the music. You make it?

    Also one of my scripts is refusing to work. This might take a little longer.

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