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Conversation Between KingCyndaquil and clacla$$$
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  1. clacla$$$
    July 14th, 2011 4:45 PM
  2. KingCyndaquil
    July 14th, 2011 4:43 PM
    do you think you can post the updated ips on skydrive?
  3. KingCyndaquil
    July 14th, 2011 12:02 PM
    thats alright take all the time you need.
  4. clacla$$$
    July 13th, 2011 8:37 PM
    i might be on hold a bit because for the next while i'll be learning asm from my friend and i need to dedicate a lot of time to it.
  5. clacla$$$
    July 13th, 2011 4:48 PM
  6. KingCyndaquil
    July 13th, 2011 4:38 PM
    yeah i know i spent 20 min. trying to fix it but im no good with css and everything
  7. clacla$$$
    July 13th, 2011 4:34 PM
    it looks like the sig messed up a bit
  8. KingCyndaquil
    July 13th, 2011 3:00 PM
    can you send the code in a PM here? its not letting me copy and paste and its really fustrating
  9. clacla$$$
  10. clacla$$$
    July 13th, 2011 9:46 AM
    im on
  11. KingCyndaquil
    July 13th, 2011 9:42 AM
    what???? Dang it!! well, if you can can you log into msn? theres gotta be something we can do O.o
  12. clacla$$$
    July 13th, 2011 9:29 AM
    the script compiled but it screwed up and when u talk to him it says "Hi [player]. You Win. and then u battle him and if you lose you get warped to the battle tower.
  13. clacla$$$
    July 12th, 2011 8:06 AM
    kk, i'm on
  14. KingCyndaquil
    July 12th, 2011 8:03 AM
    log in if you can i just got my backed up files on my computer
  15. clacla$$$
    July 6th, 2011 8:09 AM
    k and i know how to do the script

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