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Conversation Between FalconsDrummer and pokehunter87
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  1. pokehunter87
    May 22nd, 2011 11:20 PM
    ah thanks man, i couldnt remember them.
  2. FalconsDrummer
    May 22nd, 2011 9:52 PM
    Hey again. I just happened to see your post on Scraggiland's thread. Her IVs are (HP/Atk/Def/Spe/SpA/SpD): 25/31/31/30/18/31
  3. FalconsDrummer
    May 22nd, 2011 9:41 PM
    Thank you as well Enjoy the Excadrill, I worked hard on her.
  4. pokehunter87
    May 22nd, 2011 9:40 PM
    thanks man, congrats on the dex completion.
  5. FalconsDrummer
    May 22nd, 2011 9:39 PM
    Scizor learned Bullet Punch, I replaced Leer with it.
  6. pokehunter87
    May 22nd, 2011 9:32 PM
    not sure, we'll try again now.
  7. FalconsDrummer
    May 22nd, 2011 9:31 PM
    I've never done a Wi-Fi trade in gen V before...but I'm pretty sure something weird keeps happening...is it my end or yours?
  8. pokehunter87
    May 22nd, 2011 9:31 PM
    ill go out an come back in.
  9. pokehunter87
    May 22nd, 2011 9:26 PM
    i can trade now, my fc is 2021 8906 2525. meet you there. can you also help me evolve my scyther into scizor via trade back.
  10. FalconsDrummer
    May 22nd, 2011 9:26 PM
    Yep, that's fine. See you there.
  11. FalconsDrummer
    May 22nd, 2011 9:23 PM
    Awesome! Do you want to go ahead and do the trade now/soon? My FC is 1420 7172 7783
  12. pokehunter87
    May 22nd, 2011 9:18 PM
    i have that thundurus your after, i'll take the shiny excadrill.

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