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Conversation Between Sawakita and Danny-E 33
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  1. Danny-E 33
    March 17th, 2012 11:58 AM
    Danny-E 33
    Hello Sawakita,

    Im very new to the PokeCommunity, but not so new to rom hacking, although im no expert! I only have a few questions about the sprite decompression routine to do similar to what was done for Pokemon Brown. Ive read in a few different places that the best way to use nicer gold/silver sprites in red/blue for front and backsprites, would be to remove the sprite decompression routine and place the new sprites in blank space of the rom and have the sprites repointed to the new offset of the uncompressed sprite. But what/where is the sprite decompression routine exactly? And how can it be removed or ignored? Also, how exactly is an uncompressed sprite added to blank space? And how are the pointers changed to point to the new sprites? I understand hex editing fairly well, so i dont need any beginner things, which im sure you dont want to waste your time with, but i have only founded a few places talking about the sprite decompression routine and nothing talks about it in depth enough for me to understand what to do. Any sort of advice to help me understand would be soo appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this! I've asked Coolboyman for help on this also, and he reffered me to this link: but all of these documents haven't helped me understand gameboy language or anything about removing the sprite decompression routine. Any advice you can give me?

    Danny-E 33

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