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Conversation Between Zamorak and MichaelaTheUchiha
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  1. Zamorak
    April 18th, 2011 07:03 PM
    But viruses are infinitely complex[literally, you get into quantum science which the bases of means you CANNOT know everything] so even if you use it i'll just go and say it didn't work completely or something along those lines =D
  2. MichaelaTheUchiha
    April 18th, 2011 07:00 PM
    Nothing to do with Sarah/Odessa.

    Yue/Yui/immortal!Miharu, right before the missile hit Balice City, changed the plague into...well, it still retains all of the qualities of the actual plague, aside from the fact that the people who are infected and turn into zombies will be able to turn back to normal if Yue/Yui/immortal!Miharu sends out a chakra pulse throughout the Earth. Otherwise, it is pretty much the "plague". Yue/Yui/immortal!Miharu just likes to have a false-safe. Don't worry, I won't actually use it (probably), I just RPed it since it would be something Yue/Yui/immortal!Miharu would do.
  3. Zamorak
    April 18th, 2011 06:57 PM
    I don't get you there...
    Anyways, Odessa dn Sarah are off doing something mysterious that I won't actually roleplay until after the fact, so you actually can't have Yue interfere since that would involve bunnying, which i'm not gonna allow with those two characters =P
    And the plague still exist, I don't see how Yue/Yui is going to stop it... I already roleplayed it spreading halfway round the world, so its kinda late to stop it.
  4. MichaelaTheUchiha
    April 18th, 2011 06:52 PM
    Sucks for you that Yue likes to manipulate things.

    The "Plague" is not the "plague" anymore. XD
  5. Zamorak
    April 18th, 2011 06:50 PM
    Heh, I have either the best or worst timing in the world, i'm never sure which.
  6. MichaelaTheUchiha
    April 18th, 2011 06:47 PM
    I was just about to post something. Wow, way to go mate.
  7. Zamorak
    April 18th, 2011 06:44 PM
    We are now out of the city, and at Josh's place... just to let you know and stuff[although reading the post I put up would have had the same effect I guess]
  8. Zamorak
    April 2nd, 2011 07:09 PM
    She was in idiot, but... and this is probably pretty damn shallow considering they took her blood like, 4 times, before they let her leave... my dad came, which was awesome because he gave me $30. And I used that $30 to buy the full thing of Minecraft.
    I feel like a dick for getting any enjoyment out of my sisters suffering D=
  9. MichaelaTheUchiha
    April 2nd, 2011 01:57 PM
    Ouch. That sucks man. D=
  10. Zamorak
    April 2nd, 2011 01:55 PM
    Ahhh, alright.
    I've kinda been at a writers block since my sister got sent to the hospital for going to school drunk.

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