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Conversation Between Ċorazòn and Omega Zero
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  1. Ċorazòn
    May 20th, 2013 1:00 PM
    well, Rockman series (Gb,GBC, Gba and DS) are awsome!!
    Omega is my second cool, but the X is the BEST :D
  2. Ċorazòn
    February 16th, 2013 4:43 PM
    Ahh! well I played 1 or 2 network series.. i didn t like it :D
    you are ao true.. the pic is awsome! nice chose
  3. Omega Zero
    February 14th, 2013 8:12 PM
    Omega Zero
    Sorry, i'm pretty deceiving i only chose this pic cause it looked cool.
    I've only played the battle network series :/
  4. Ċorazòn
    February 14th, 2013 9:54 AM
    Zero!! cool!
    I am like you... I had played rockman since 2000
    for Gb, gba and Ds.. but they didn't complet the Zx series... :/
  5. Ċorazòn
    April 9th, 2011 6:56 AM
    Nice Profil Model OX!!
    But we waiting for Mgmn Access fiel xD like it never be realise!!

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