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Conversation Between Heaven and Retro Bug
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  1. Heaven
    August 2nd, 2012 1:41 PM
    Next post coming in a couple of days.
  2. Retro Bug
    July 31st, 2012 10:25 PM
    Retro Bug
    Well, then I'll start watching again! I love emotional stuff.
  3. Heaven
    July 31st, 2012 6:20 PM
  4. Retro Bug
    July 31st, 2012 2:51 PM
    Retro Bug
    What episode in Anime is it? If it's close I'll start watching it again.
  5. Heaven
    July 31st, 2012 5:48 AM
    D; Then you haven't seen the most emotional scenes in the anime/manga yet. (It still leaves me close to tears...)
  6. Retro Bug
    July 30th, 2012 10:10 PM
    Retro Bug
    Oh, I stopped watching for a bit. It was episode 70 or 80 something.
  7. Heaven
    July 30th, 2012 8:26 PM
    How far are you in Fairy Tail?
  8. Retro Bug
    July 30th, 2012 8:09 PM
    Retro Bug
    Thank you! I hate good ideas like that. When you need to think of them they're scarce but once you're already done with what you need to do they come flooding in.
  9. Heaven
    July 30th, 2012 7:50 PM
    Your soul magic is a good idea though. :D
    Yes, ideas just seem to come when you really don't need them anymore. D; It's like our brains are just trying to torment us.
  10. Retro Bug
    July 30th, 2012 7:46 PM
    Retro Bug
    That happens to me all the time it's kind of annoying.
  11. Heaven
    July 30th, 2012 7:42 PM
    Ideas just tend to come to me when it is too late. D;
  12. Retro Bug
    July 30th, 2012 7:33 PM
    Retro Bug
    I'm loving all your ideas I wish I would've thought of these.
  13. Heaven
    July 30th, 2012 6:23 PM
    A take over magic using animal masks.
  14. Retro Bug
    July 30th, 2012 5:19 PM
    Retro Bug
    I love the gemstones one! Geeze, I wonder why you couldn't come up with these earlier? I'm sure parallel would let you change it since you haven't used your magic at all yet. In fact, most of us haven't.

    What's the third one?
  15. Heaven
    July 30th, 2012 5:11 PM
    Another idea has hit me. D; (Another good one in my opinion... Why didn't I think of these types of magic ideas when I made my SU?)

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