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Conversation Between Joey's Rattata and Erufuun
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  1. Joey's Rattata
    March 31st, 2011 03:06 PM
    Joey's Rattata
    Haha, no. I love the community here, I'm not leaving anytime soon! XD

    And nothing really is up at the moment. Pretty much the only interesting thing in the last few weeks is I bought a 1989 Game Boy. :V
  2. Erufuun
    March 31st, 2011 03:03 PM
    I thought you left or something bad. ;-;

    And that's okay, sometimes life is just a little too much and there is no time for the computer, no big deal and all!

    And suuuure is an odd name. XDD

    Well, I dunno... My life is starting to get much more complicated then I would like for it to be. >.<
    Whats up with you, besides the business??
  3. Joey's Rattata
    March 31st, 2011 11:29 AM
    Joey's Rattata
    My reply is later than yours! D: Don't apologize to me when I'm even worse! XD

    I've been way too busy. I originally just avoided the forums because I got B/W and wanted to beat them first to avoid spoilers. But then finals came up, so I ended up being way too busy to come back. Then my Dad came home (he's in the military, I told you that right?) and that distracted me.

    Then school started back up normally, and the forums slipped my mine until like... last night.

    So. Yeah. Sorry. XD;

    In any case, I find most (pokemon) creepypasta at a nifty site called "fyeahpokemoncreepypasta". It's on tumblr.

    So, what's been up recently?
  4. Erufuun
    March 4th, 2011 11:38 AM
    Sorry for the overly late reply.. ;;

    And where do you find all this creepypasta? o: Besides like being a lurker on 4Chan. XDD
  5. Joey's Rattata
    February 23rd, 2011 08:38 PM
    Joey's Rattata
    I just read a whole bunch of creepypasta yesterday. I saw one where this guy found his old copy of Crystal after beating SoulSilver, and booted it up.

    tl;dr ver: Gold/Kris sought revenge for being replaced.

    I can't find it again, though. ;-;
  6. Erufuun
    February 23rd, 2011 06:09 PM
    Oooh, my bad. >.< Well, obviously Vesperia and then Symphonia. :3

    AND OMG I LOVE CREEPY PASTA!! That one was awesome!! :3
  7. Joey's Rattata
    February 23rd, 2011 05:44 PM
    Joey's Rattata
    I said "any besides Abyss". xD;

    Also, epic creepypasta is epic.
  8. Erufuun
    February 23rd, 2011 05:33 PM
    Because of your question? o: Have I ever played one before Abyss~
  9. Joey's Rattata
    February 23rd, 2011 05:30 PM
    Joey's Rattata
    Yeah, Symphonia came before Abyss. xD;; Why do you ask? 0.o
  10. Erufuun
    February 23rd, 2011 05:25 PM
    Well, I never tried any of the challenges, unfortunately. :D; I never really was that good...

    OMG TAKE THAT BACK. </3 I think Vesperia is the best out of all of them! ;3; ...But, I suppose everyone has there opinions~

    And I would import it, but sadly I cannot read Japanese. D:

    And, did Symphonia come before Abyss..? If not, then no. XD;

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