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Conversation Between Oryx and Tyrantrum
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  1. Tyrantrum
    October 26th, 2012 07:50 PM
    I love Firebug so much, now, haha! XP

    Also, hi! It's been a while since we've talked! How've you been? :3
  2. Tyrantrum
    August 23rd, 2012 12:53 PM
    Haha, I guess. XD Eh, I'm just afraid to drive out here; New Jersey has some small roads, and the drivers are always in a rush, it seems, so it's a bit unsettling. D;
  3. Oryx
    August 23rd, 2012 03:59 AM
    It isn't that hard! It should really only take 2 or 3 lessons before you know enough to drive on your own, but you probably would want more just to be safe XD
  4. Tyrantrum
    August 22nd, 2012 10:59 PM
    Haha, really? XD My dad is going to help teach me how to drive, but he lives a ways away, so it might not be all the time, especially since school is starting up soon and he's a teacher. :\
  5. Oryx
    August 22nd, 2012 07:42 PM
    The manual doesn't teach you crap, lmao. Just gotta do it!
  6. Tyrantrum
    August 22nd, 2012 07:40 PM
    Yeah, I'm kind of afraid to drive out here. :\ Not to mention I haven't been reading the manual. XD
  7. Oryx
    August 22nd, 2012 05:15 PM
    Ahhh. I only just recently got my license as a junior in college XD;
  8. Tyrantrum
    August 22nd, 2012 03:12 PM
    I haven't applied for college; I think I'm just going to take a break from school and apply next semester. I need to get a job and get my license. ;o
  9. Oryx
    August 22nd, 2012 11:45 AM
    Whaaat? Don't you have school eventually?
  10. Tyrantrum
    August 22nd, 2012 11:19 AM
    Pretty good. :) Sitting at home doing nothing like I always do. :\

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