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Conversation Between Fairy and flight
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  1. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 06:55 PM
    Oh not much, just got home. enjoying a pb&j uh-huh! :3

    so how was your day?
  2. flight
    3 Weeks Ago 06:22 PM
    Jo!! ^o^ what's up? :o
  3. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 06:19 PM
    hey you! :)))
  4. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 06:36 PM
    Ah lucky. I just got home like twenty minutes ago.

    Yeah I don't see why not! I just wanna grab some food and hop in the shower real quick. Shouldn't be long. :)
  5. flight
    3 Weeks Ago 06:34 PM
    yeah i went home early around 6:30 pm-ish and took a huuuge nap and woke up as of 10 minutes ago.

    btw do you have enough free time to go on skype yet? o.o
  6. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 06:28 PM

    Aw I'm sorry to hear that! But I can empathize. x( For some reason like everyone i dealt with today got on my nerves. By the time like 5 rolled around I was so damn exhausted ugh.
  7. flight
    3 Weeks Ago 06:20 PM
    Heyyy Jo. ^__^

    man ive had a rough day today. @__@ had a bad migrane that killed my day at work. you?
  8. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 02:59 AM
    Indeed, indeed! :DD I'll try to hop on tonight. I've got work at noon and it's already 7am so I really need to sleep but when I get home I'll shoot you a message!
  9. flight
    3 Weeks Ago 02:29 AM
    awesome!! we can talk for like ever about stuff ^__^
  10. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 02:20 AM
    I know right? lol. Don't worry, I finally got my act together. I was just.. anxious, in all honesty? I kind of made it a bigger deal in my head than it actually was! Then I just did it and was like wow I waited two years for what exactly???

    also i got a new computer that I guess came with skype as an application and wouldn't let me log on without for some reason it soooo i had a bit of help.
  11. flight
    3 Weeks Ago 02:16 AM
    omg you SHOULD and i even asked you like 5 million times to get skype rofl ;____; the old days
  12. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 02:16 AM
    so the answer is yes lol
  13. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 02:13 AM
    And I even have skype now! songlikemay

    though to be fair i'm like never on but Went is going to seriously kick my ass if I don't get my butt in gear so out of sheer terror i'll be online more often!
  14. flight
    3 Weeks Ago 02:12 AM
    Do you still use skype by any chance? If not, PMs are fine enough!! I really want to catch up on how things on your life have been going and stuff :o
  15. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 02:09 AM
    Don't mention it! I don't forget friendships like ours so easily. :') Distance doesn't mean a damn thing and I'd love to be able to catch up anytime! We can both be scatterbrained and forgetful together lmao.

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