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Conversation Between Fairy and Patrick
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  1. Fairy
    February 15th, 2013 02:16 PM
    Love your discussion thread in A&D. I'm about to really sink my teeth into it now, but I wanted to give you a thumbs up for a really great discussion.

    Speaking of discussions... I haven't forgotten to reply to your VM, I promise! <3;


    Also, talk to this user. He's new, but he's also easily one of the smartest people on PC. You two are kindred spirits.
    .....he's also my irl boyfriend.
  2. Patrick
    February 10th, 2013 07:48 AM
    Hah, one other thing. About that style comment, I'll admit I can be guilty of that, too (I've done all three, I'm sure). In my defense, I jump around from one style to the next with intention. I just get bored drawing the same thing all the time the same way. Plus, I enjoy doing intentional off modeling anyway. I probably don't make the most reliable animator because of that. Disney would hate my guts. XD;

    My personal style is probably closest to what my current avatar looks like. It's a blend of everything that's ever influenced me ever, but mostly illustrations from the 1920s + newspaper comic artists with a touch of manga style just because it's undoubtably adorable.
  3. Patrick
    February 10th, 2013 07:40 AM
    Ah, it's not like I'm here every day, once classes started up, it got real. I heard next month is gonna be the hardest.

    I sent a PM going on about comics I've read. It was longer than usual, so I did it to spare everyone from swimming through text.

    On a different subject altogether, why does it seem like all the cool art (of anything, really, but we can include Pokemon) is on Tumblr nowadays? I guess Tumblr's just more trendy for twenty-somethings than Deviant Art? Then again, I'll admit there's a lot of derivativeness to be found within Tumblr, too (almost everybody either does super derpy or faux Adventure Time/Scott Pilgrim), so it's not like it's super original. The production values seem to be better overall, though, I guess because most of them are art/animation students trying to break into the industry. If you do a Google image search on anything, based on the style alone you can tell what art is on Tumblr vs. what's on DA.

    That's not to say you don't have people who treat it as a portfolio, who have some really neat stuff.

    Frankly, I don't care for either site wise (Tumblr's annoying, DA has an ugly color scheme, yadda yadda other silly little things), but cool art is cool art either way, I don't care how it's delivered. I never minded actual blogs, though. Or personal websites. :P

    Just an observation, anyway.
  4. Fairy
    February 9th, 2013 05:07 PM
    Fooo brother. Sorry I didn't respond! I've been in a bit of a haze and running all about. Just got to my VMs @_@;

    Ehhh, Scott Pilgrim. It's not my cup of tea, but bless them (and Kick Ass) for bringing comics to new people. A lot of people feel daunted by the story lines of other characters, so these new geek-chic comics are a perfect conduit into the heavier stuff.

    It's not quite like they were *leading up to it*. It's more like... anyone who is well aware of the event can pick up hints of it. It's kind of like seeing what you want to see, you know? All that stuff at the end of the third movie (or at least.. think it was the 3rd?) with Magneto and Xavier talking. "Endless search for Hope" on the back of the death of Jean Grey, the original host of the Phoenix Force. "Hope" being Cable's daughter (who was living in the future at the time Hope was growing up -- something Xavier can see!) and the next heir to the Phoenix. Magneto says something to the effect of "you can't prevent the disasters that are about to happen". SPOILER Xavier died (again) in AvX so... ya...

    Like I said, it's just vague enough for diehard fans to milk something out it of. Idk, but I do hope they make the movie! The series AvX was only like.. 6 books long or something. They've made movies (and butchered) out of 600+ series sooo...
  5. Patrick
    February 8th, 2013 07:33 AM
    That's what you consider a wall of text? Oh no, that's maybe a page in a book at best. If the font size is large enough, anyway. I've read things that go on for length and still aren't enough to turn me away unless it's over my head. If I can write them, I can certainly take them, too.

    The problem is that we gotta be mindful of VM real estate.

    Well, there's no doubt you know probably everything there is to know about anything related to comics. That is, relative to myself, who knows nothing aside from what he watches in the movies. That also answers that question, yeah, I've seen all the X-Men movies, except maybe one. I think there was a Wolverine movie, but I never saw it. Honestly, Wolvie was never my favorite. I don't even think I have a favorite, I just thought that Wolverine specifically was a spotlight hog, though. I was happy as heck when Scott died off at the beginning of the 3rd movie. Man, I was so tired of his whining.


    Did you ever get into any of the Scott Pilgrim stuff? I really only like the game and the movie. I never read the comic, but my sister said that the books were hard for even her to get into, and that she also preferred the other two. At first I didn't want anything to do with the movie, you know. Another Michael Cera flick and all, but it turned out to be really cool, or at least it seemed to be a movie that was aimed at me (and I barely get a chance to say that considering I usually only watch animated films and the occasional superhero/sci-fi flick). So many references that I actually got, and felt like they fit at that. The game is easily the best thing with Scott Pilgrim's name attached to it, though. At least that's how I feel about it.

    Avengers vs. X-Men would be interesting, but I never got the impression that they were leading up to it. As for Batman, all my knowledge of it comes from a few Batman video games on the Sega Genesis (and nothing newer than that), Batman Returns, the three latest movies, and Batman: The Animated Series. That's probably not bad, but it's certainly not good.
  6. Fairy
    February 6th, 2013 07:12 PM
    Wow, a wall of text. ._. sorry about that.

    Comics man. ;o; I can go on forever.
  7. Fairy
    February 6th, 2013 07:09 PM
    lol, I just meant people who only have a personality on the internet, and that personality is a regurgitated, typical "internet" archetype. Concluding that they are probably very nice, yet socially awkward people. This obviously isn't necessarily my opinion, but you get the imagery I'm setting up here.

    Yeah, Wolverine does tend to be... very good at coming back to life. :x Happened in Avengers vs X-Men too. He was completely destroyed by the Phoenix Force and ~miraculously~ recovered. Again, it's just the writers illustrating the devastating "power" of a force and the protagonist's abilities to overcome and triumph, be it physical or mental. That's the wonderful thing about comics! Take Avengers vs X-Men, for example. That was the climax of a story that had been occurring since the 50s. Have you seen the X-Men movies? Because they hint to an AvX movie (in my opinion) which seems to correspond suspiciously well with the release of the Avengers movie (although, I think they're producing a second movie but idk). Anyway, unless the writers specifically deem something as otherwise, everything is canon. Everything is being carried over from when Wolverine was a sketch on the back of a paper plate. It's all relevant.

    As for the biological end of it, well, it's a mixed bag. Wolverine always had mutant DNA which provided him with claws and supernatural regenerative abilities. I'm fairly confident that they released an arc about Wolverine and his powers actually, so you can always pick that up if you want to learn more! From what I understand, and according to how it is explained, Wolverine can be reduced to a skeleton, much like he was in that atomic explosion. So long as some of his DNA remains intact and he's not in contact with the Muramasa blade, that mutant DNA produces and replicates all of his cells as they originally existed. It's also been mentioned that, since Wolverine had been reduced to a skeleton (or injured to an absurd extent) sooo many times, his regenerative abilities have adapted to perform faster and better than other mutants with the same skill. So yeah, Logan is pretty broken but hey, he's the main character. :p And in my opinion, he's way less broken than some superheros. I mean, Xavier has died, like, died died, at least four times now. But, Wolverine is only broken because he's in a universe of mostly non-broken characters (save Hope, but she doesn't even know she's broken). Unlike Thor, who is literally a God. Like.. omnipresent, all powerful, lightning bolts from the sky, God. But, when paired against his brother Loki, Thor seems rather tame due to his tendencies towards order. But, pair up Thor and Wolverine.. and there's no doubt Wolverine would "lose" (not die-- just be beaten to submission, which is like the same thing lol). At the end of the day though, all the characters, good or evil, will keep coming back. That's why we played those games as children. They were too much fun and told too good of a story to just let them die.

    Topping my personal list of broken heroes is definitely Superman though. Easily. It's like... DC just gave him powers as they thought of them. :/ It partially the reason DC began the New 52. Everything just got so messy that they literally started over. It was like... 700+ issues of Green Lantern just vanished. Hal Jordan is dead. The New 52 wasn't really a good move for some characters, but it really needed to happen for others. Batman got a total revamp and it's one of the best current Batman comics in existence. They're on like issue 16 or 17 right now-- so it's not too late if you want to jump in. ;) I highly recommend it!

    Well, Spiderman is dead. Like, Peter Parker is gone. Dead. Died. Like actually for real. ;( Now a bunch of "avanging Spiderman" books have come out and they even did a "Spidermen" run with Ultimate Spiderman (Miles Morales) and Peter Parker. But what's hard to wrap your head around is the fact that there is like.. a billion universes in the comic world. Peter Parker only died in the most important universe. He's still alive in the past and whenever they see fit to revive him for storyline purposes. But the singular universe that was The Amazing Spiderman, no longer contains Peter Parker. u_u;; I'm not even a huge Spiderman fan, but it's still sad.
  8. Patrick
    February 6th, 2013 06:27 PM
    (as in, not the generic, ever-present, socially inept internet boys)
    I'm a bit unclear on what this means, here. However, I will say that for me, I've always been better at socializing iRL than on the internet for some reason. Save for my first internet experience, and one more a few years later, it would seem as if I was the guy who was typically ignored all the time. I never really understood why, but I usually assumed it was because I tend to be such a straight man type of guy online. Younger people gravitated towards those who were random, and older guys liked the buttholes and internet tough guys, I suppose. I'm making assumptions, but only because I don't know what the real reason could be (though to be fair, I do see this on a few forums I've lurked at for years). :P It never mattered, though. When things didn't work out online, I'd just go back to the real world, as it were.

    I always said that I don't have an online persona. The way I act online is consistent with the way I act offline. At least that way, I'm at my most sincere. :)

    I actually looked more into those things after homework, specifically about Wolverine, and considering how old some of that material is, I guess it wouldn't be a spoiler. The way the guys told me about it, I would've thought all this new came from recent publications. I had to see scans of Wolverine's regeneration for myself. A lot of people apparently post the napalm (or was it an atomic bomb) example of him being burned down to his skeleton, and then regenerating from there. That does seem kind of broken.

    It reminds me of games we (we being myself and kids I grew up with, though maybe you did this too) played where we'd pretend to be a character, or at least play with toys, and they could never die or get hurt because they always had something ridiculous preventing them from taking damage, and we kept trying to one up each other. The more I think about it, the more the Adam West Batman was exactly like that.

    I guess that's better than being killed off every week. I read that they've been doing that to Spiderman lately, unless I read that guy's article wrong.
  9. Fairy
    February 6th, 2013 04:43 PM
    Well, I did the charity work to ultimately donate to autism research. ;) So my personal interaction with the children was rather limited. And let's face it, all children --autistic or not-- are fascinated by colorful bits of string and shiny objects spinning at the end of that string (going fast too! @_@;). As for the art therapy well, I would be lying if I said it wasn't a burden. It's difficult, no doubt. But, well you know, greater good and whatnot. Like I said, it was art therapy aimed at healing grief in children which, well, let's just say I can relate to that. I spend a lot of time being involved in my community so at the end of the day it falls under the umbrella of my utopia-inspired societal reformations. :p

    You have the right vernacular for story telling. I agree that it would be your strong suit. You're very articulate, and from what I can gather, you seem to be pretty good with people (as in, not the generic, ever-present, socially inept internet boys) so I can definitely see you moving forward with idea presenting / launching / and organizing. Just from these conversations, that's pretty apparent, imo. Your perfectionist is showing. ;)

    Ah, the Incredible Hulk. Such a classic. <33; And don't worry, you didn't spoil anything! ;) I have to admit, he's not my favorite, although I do tend to air on Marvel more than anyone else. But yes! Many a legend surrounds Mr. Banner! As for him dying, you know just as well and I do that he can, they're just using the good old literary devices they use cause he's just not supposed to die yet. You know the formula man, I don't need to explain it to you. :p There is so, so much great storytelling in comic books.. I just.. I need more than this VM box to explain all of it. And hey! I'm sure you know of The Walking Dead through all of that nonsense AMC stuff. Try reading the book if you want a real story.
  10. Patrick
    February 6th, 2013 09:19 AM
    I forget what all I wrote in that article, but I'd agree that sound judgment works better. I always liked Sugi's newer version of Jigglypuff over the old one, for example. Less wall eyed. The Nidos are a mixed bag. They became more streamlined at the cost of losing whatever made them interesting to begin with. All the males are softened (though the Male Nidoran actually looked less angry in the original art), and the females became generic sacks of potatoes.

    Actually, I dunno if I wrote it there or in the quick facts article, but I at some point realized that the anime design for Nidorina was actually based on the Red/Green sprite, and not Sugimori's art, which is why the whole thing broke down in the first place. Had the anime payed more attention to the source, I don't think she would've ever had that problem. It's probably also why Nidoran Female became a lump of clay and lost all that anatomy she once had.

    Ahah, that episode, "Wherefore Art Thou Pokemon", terrible consistency, but still one of my favorite episodes. It goes through the trouble of making Nidorans Male and Female adorable, and it's really the only Nido themed episode for any of the family, so it gets credit just for those merits.

    Yesterday, while hanging out with friends, I learned a lot more about comic book characters than I ever thought I'd need to. XD Again, all this information is useful to me, the observer, so I always listen in even if I'm totally lost because I can always use it for characters. :P I've learned mostly about Marvel characters, and then some of the Justice League stuff. For example, apparently the Hulk is absolutely unstoppable. I was told that Bruce Banner can never die. Even if you shoot him, before he dies he'll transform into the Hulk, which will in essence heal Bruce. They then told me how at some point, someone went inside the mind of Hulk/Bruce, and that there was an inner Hulk inside him that ended up breaking the guys arms, and his arms ended up being broken outside of Hulk's mind, too. Weird stuff.

    Ultimate Hulk is even more broken considering he adapts, sort of like Darwin. Then I was told that Wolverine regenrated from a single cell... lot's of amazing things here. Hopefully you knew about these already so that I'm not spoiling anything. I find all of this amazing, it's even more fun to learn about when people just give me the punchlines to the universes. XD I guess it's kind of like cheating, though.

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