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Conversation Between Minezumi and Pia Carrot
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  1. Pia Carrot
    December 9th, 2011 4:49 PM
    Pia Carrot
    0_o inactivity? I'm gonna be selfish for the first time in a long time. I NEED YOU!
  2. Pia Carrot
    August 8th, 2011 2:43 PM
    Pia Carrot
    well it certainly is better than "Take good care your pokemon".
  3. Minezumi
    August 8th, 2011 2:28 PM
    We taught him well >:D
  4. Pia Carrot
    August 8th, 2011 1:20 PM
    Pia Carrot

    Im so proud of his grammar =3
  5. Minezumi
    August 8th, 2011 1:00 PM

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