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Conversation Between Juicy and Lozz
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  1. Juicy
    January 3rd, 2012 03:33 AM
    I hate that preview thing on fb, I always remove it. I tend to accept people pretty easily and then just leave 'em there. I've only ever blocked one person and that was because she was really creepy (When a 40 year old is updating her status many times a day about contemplating suicide and life not being fair and then starts calling you her soul mate I think it's time to run like hell). I was going to say that there's no need to hide that but then I realised that I have things that I hide from my friends and there's no real difference so I guess that's cool. Ohh, pressure! Now I know that if I never graduate I've become less entertaining! Being stalked by a clown would be really scary more than awkward I mean imagine looking out of your bedroom window at night and having this staring in at you...

    Personally I'd be a teensy bit scared and never sleep again.

    But is it? You'll go to wherever your plans are only to find that there is a hot guy just about to watch a kid's movie and you're dragged to watching it as well instead of doing whatever you planned. I'm all for publishing a poetry book! We could call it umm, I can't do names... I can do poetry but not names.
  2. Lozz
    January 2nd, 2012 10:58 PM
    I wish you could post links here like you can on fb, where is shows I cute little preview and everything. I was 97% sure your name was Charlie, as I am aware of your other account- but that 3% of me was unsure. Hahahaha I am so careful about who I accept on fb! I have to know the person fairly well... And also, I tend to hide a lot of the... Nerdier aspects of my personality from the majority of my friends, which creates another barrier hahaha. But it's ok, I have every confidence you will graduate to fb friend if you continue to be so entertaining hahaha. It would be super awkward to be stalked by a clown! Least inconspicuous stalker ever!!

    I feel like my period of being a boring person is over. I am at the airport right now, waiting for my plane to sydney and I already have plans for the next three nights haha. Two of which involve excessive consumption hahaha. Your poetry skills amaze me, we should totally publish a book hahahaha!
  3. Juicy
    January 2nd, 2012 06:20 AM
    Spam is always fun :D Links are easy to insert though, if you want to post a picture just click that button right above where you type your post that has a picture of 2 mountains and a sun. Paste the link in the box that comes up and click ok. BAM you've posted an image. My first name is Charles but most people call me Charlie which is where my other account's username came from, Charliezard :P I'm really not afraid of stalkers (Seriously, I'm not exactly the sort of person who would get stalked xD)... Although if I did think someone was following me around I would probably get quite scared and avoid quiet areas. I think most people would. But when it comes to the internet I don't really have any problem posting my facebook around or telling people my full name (If it comes up in conversation, I'm not going to go randomly telling people everything because I'd look like a freak and be open to annoying people). When you say hilarious stalkers I can't help but think of being stalked by a clown and dear god that is creepy as hell.

    That happens with a lot of great childhood films and stuff although I can't exactly think of an example right now. Just think, in Thailand you'll end up sitting next to some hot guy watching some Thai children's movies. How is that not interesting?!

    Your poetry skills are quite good so turn it into a job, you should. But the pay is quite low and your days might go slow but just know if you want to you could.

    How was that...?
  4. Lozz
    January 2nd, 2012 05:47 AM
    I will spam you with funny Harry Potter cartoons then. Though, I find it difficult to put links in posts on this forum.. yes, I am seriously inept. So it will have to wait until I decide you graduate to another form of communication. This may take some time, as I don't even definitively know your first name. I am afraid of stalkers! Even hilarious ones!

    Fern Gully is such a GREAT film. However, I find it has slightly lost its appeal since my childhood. If my life has deteriorated into kids movies and hot boys, I hope it leads somewhere more interesting... hahaha. I doubt it though. I'm heading back to Sydney tomorrow, and things will likely pick up again, in the five days before I take to the skies, and fly to the Maldives. (probs should quit law and just start writing poetry). OPEN YOUR DAMN CAN!
  5. Juicy
    January 2nd, 2012 04:41 AM
    I love laughing as well! Although I find it really hard when someone expects me to laugh... If you show me a funny video and are watching me watch it I will not laugh, I just can't. Why thank you, I try my hardest and fail miserably only to be funny when I'm tired as hell and not thinking straight! Psh, what is a normal hour to sleep at?

    Ahh, don't get me wrong either I never thought you could make a website (Not an insult or assuming you suck, I can't really make a website either unless it's with a site that makes one for me) I just thought that your friends knew how and threw one together with you for a laugh. I'm glad you're a fan of it! Although if you experienced it about 4 years ago you wouldn't have been, I lost many good friends to it (Trust me, it was bad enough to lose good friends. I was REALLY annoying and I hang my head in shame at myself of the past). I'll know to send you a VM when Pandora's Can is open next time, I only choose indirectly with my actions and sleeping times. I have never seen Fern Gully but after googling it I can see how that's a weird movie to be watching. If this is any indication of the new Lozz you'll be spending nights watching strange, old, children's movies with hot guys instead of partying all year!
  6. Lozz
    January 2nd, 2012 02:28 AM
    Hahahaha I love laughing! Congratulations on being funny! I have to sleep at a normal hour tonight, if possible! I am so tired.

    Yeah, it's just a fb page that people post stuff on. If you were mislead to think I actually had the abilities to create a webpage, I'm sorry about that. Creating the fb page was enough of a struggle, if I'm going to be honest! hahaha Can you please get tired enough to unleash Pandora's Can... because I think I'm a fan of it. God. ATM I am watching Fern Gully with one of my brother's hot friends... weird scenario.
  7. Juicy
    January 1st, 2012 06:59 PM
    Good, laughing is awesome! My fall asleep mentality was to have a quick rest before I get back up and get ready for bed... Next thing I know I wake up and it's 1pm and I never got ready for bed at all...

    That's good, pandora's can is awesome (I need to use some other adjectives but awesome is awesome). That would have been a fun page, couldn't you have gotten rid of most of the lame, not awkward moments people had by having a vote page? Yeah, uhh I don't think I can top that with awkwardness xD My life has been pretty dull but even so I think that wouldn't be too easy to top (I'm not going to try either, it would just be awkward... which is what happens when you try and top someone's awkward situation in regards to the awkwardness it contains). Pandora's can doesn't have anything to say to that because I'm not tired. As I go through the day my energy use will act as a can opener and make it's way around the top of the can before it drains the water out and then levers the top off and pours the weird stuff out onto whoever happens to be talking to me at the time.
  8. Lozz
    January 1st, 2012 06:15 AM
    HAHA I just laughed so much I had a coughing fit. So not helpful to my 'fall asleep now' mentality! hahahaha! ATM I have no issues with 'Pandora's Can' ...but I'll let you know if this illusion starts collecting rust (killed that extended metaphor). Just because they didn't make a page exclusively about me, doesn't mean a page wasn't made. hahaha... it kind of got killed by a lot of lame people posting stupid things they've done that they apparently consider 'awkward.' Trust me... until your parents are trying to by the apartment right next to where you woke up the weekend before, you don't get to say your life is awkward. Massive slap in the face when I figured that situation out... aka, when I realised I was in the same garage. What does Pandora's Can have to say about that?
  9. Juicy
    January 1st, 2012 06:10 AM
    I should sit on a throne and let people ask me questions or live a life of seclusion in the mountains while I do wise old man stuff. You've opened a dangerous can telling me I can say anything, pandora's can infact! You can never stop the evil from pouring out unless you ask it to stop! But I wonder if anyone ever thought of asking pandora's box to seal the evil back? If so did they say please? Having a webpage like that would be weird, it could be fun but it definately would be weird, especially if it became big. You could be famous! You'll walk down the street and people would be like "You're that awkward girl" which they could then shorten to TAG and then you'll think they're playing tag so you'll be all like touching them back and saying tag back and then running. Man that would be awkward.
  10. Lozz
    January 1st, 2012 06:01 AM
    You are so wise. You're like a baby Jesus. hahaha, never feel like replying is dangerous! just say anything... for example. My bathroom has frogs in it. It is so sad. Damn the country! Also, never be afraid of accidentally saying something retarded to me. You are talking to the girl whose friends almost made a webpage about all the retarded/awkward things that happen to me. Trust me, there are a lot! haha

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