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  1. Rest
    6 Days Ago 08:12 PM
    Yeah, I can understand that Birdman doesn't roll very well with a couple of the film critics but there's lots to recommend when it comes to other types of people. I love Deakins (his work in Jesse James was stupendous and it's a shame it shared the category with TWBB in the year it was nominated) but that field definitely has to go to Lubezki this year. The characters besides Keaton were drawn in very broad strokes I thought... the acting was certainly very solid but the lack of character detail pulls it down a bit because there's not much to work with from there. I also quite liked Naomi Watts! Her reaction to Norton's character wanting to bang her on-stage and then the ensuing argument was very, very, very funny. I also quite liked Emma Stone here (don't like the monologue part but the quieter portions were very engaging, and her presence was alluring though I think I'd credit it to the director himself for making it work) and Norton as a caricature of his supposed real self was sometimes-hilarious and sometimes-grating I thought. Birdman definitely needed more Amy Ryan, though that might be bias because I adore her. I don't imagine I'd nominate them in their own categories though.

    A friend is a huge Björk fan and I borrowed his iPod to listen to it. I'm not Björk-versed as the only other albums I've listened to from her are Vespertine (which I listened to quite a long time ago and have a very faint memory of it) and Biophilia (which was -okay-) so I can't do a fair comparison whatsoever, but there's a lot of very captivating, sweeping soundscapes and I enjoy the romantic lyricism. Think I'll listen to Björk's other albums now that I'm intrigued!

    I've seen videos, and Tune-Yards has the best kind of energy when it comes to a live setting I feel. There was this one video where she was playing Powa live and my hair was raising all the way 'till it end where she was hitting her highest vocal notes. Would LOVE to see her live.
  2. Mr Cat Dog
    1 Week Ago 05:48 AM
    Mr Cat Dog
    Ooh, lots of stuff to get into!

    American Sniper is, by quite some margin, my favourite of the BP nominees, which I would not have predicted going in. Despite its tremendous box office so far, I don't think it's much of a threat, especially given that it's been heralded as a 'conservative' film (which I don't really agree with; it's much more subtle and balanced than its detractors are giving it credit for) and the Oscar voting body tends to be left-leaning in its politics. I imagine it'll win its sound categories and maybe Editing, but the others will probably be consolation prizes (although I would love it if Cooper won). I saw Selma straight after Sniper and liked it a lot also. David Oyelowo was robbed, but I'm not as aghast at its respective lack of nominations haul as other people are.

    You described my main criticism of Birdman wonderfully. When I was watching it, I was a bit overwhelmed by the technical virtuosity of it all and the acting that I sort of didn't really care about the speechifying portents and the whole 'not really saying all that much'; I completely agree with your assessment in that regard. I just loved the performances (although, outside of Keaton, not the ones that got nominated, with Naomi Watts and Zach Galifinakis being my runaway favourites) and the general feeling that I had while watching it. That it has stayed with me when I thought it would fizzle out quickly is a testament to its appeal. It will definitely win Cinematography, unless voters decide to finally honour Roger Deakins for generic blandness in Unbroken. It doesn't really deserve Screenplay, although it might win that too. I don't see it winning Picture, although I don't have a firm idea of what will. Maybe Boyhood, maybe Imitation Game (in a King's Speech style situation), maybe Selma if the backlash becomes so severe. It's quite fun not knowing where the season is going to go for once!

    How are you listening to the new Bjork? I run very hot-and-cold on her - loved Post/Homogenic but kinda despised Vespertine/Biophilia - so don't want to buy it straight from iTunes and it's not on Spotify yet.

    And on to more music! I'm so happy you liked my list. TDB was one of the ones that I only discovered a few weeks ago in the year-end list devouring that I do, but I bought Nikki Nack on the day it came out AND went to see Tune-Yards in concert when she was promoting it and it was by far the best concert I've ever been to. So energetic, so fun, so brilliant! I even took a friend who had only listened to her stuff a few hours before for the first time and he was bopping along and getting really into it, I was so proud!

    Re: favourite tracks, I don't understand how 'Numbers' isn't everyone's favourite FKA Twigs song. It's just so good! The whole album is good, obviously, but that's the one that I keep coming back to. It's a shame I couldn't get a better YouTube clip of it; everything else except that one seemed to have much higher quality pages!
  3. Rest
    1 Week Ago 02:07 AM
    Love that you put in Transgender Dysphoria Blues and Nikki Nack in your top 15 (which honestly could have made my list if I just made it longer, hahah), and I LOVEEEEEEE the Holy Vacants addition. I'm really diggin' it ;]

    Your favorite tracks off LP1 and Black Messiah are also my favorite tracks in fact! My day just isn't complete without me playing Sugah Daddy or 1000 Deaths at one point in the day.
  4. Rest
    1 Week Ago 09:28 PM
    Eyy man, my understanding is that it's Boyhood's to lose BP-wise, though I've heard of Birdman and American Sniper being predicted (the latter due to the sheer momentum it had from precursor to Oscars). While we're on Birdman, I watched it just yesterday. JESUS. It's the best-looking film of last year, I think? It's a technical and visual feat front-to-back, I literally couldn't look away. The claustrophobic, maze-like and cobwebbed theater setting, lush effects, the one-shot-style cinematography, the editing are all so cool and audacious. Otherwise though, I think it's missing a certain je ne sais quoi to it that could have turned it into something great. It's a cool film but I was struggling to get "something" out of it. Idk? It's also really angry and abrasive. There were certain points where I thought that it could have really used a breather from the shouting matches and the agitato.

    BTW. Listen to the new Bjork album. NOW. It's magnificent and massive and beautifully weird.
  5. Mr Cat Dog
    1 Week Ago 10:14 AM
    Mr Cat Dog
    Also, I love Holy Vacants even more on a second listen. It's sort of like a Metallican Viennese Waltz, with bits of Jack White thrown in for good measure.
  6. Mr Cat Dog
    1 Week Ago 09:30 AM
    Mr Cat Dog
    I wish I had your zen mindset at your age! I'm getting it now, slowly but surely. 4 years ago, I was hella pissed off at The King's Speech steamroller but now I wouldn't really be all that bothered if The Imitation Game goes for the British-biopic repeat this year.

    One of the nominees I'm most eager to see is Princess Kaguya (the other being Best Original Song nominee Beyond the Lights). Ghibli films always open really late in the UK so I'm probably going to have to wait until April/May to see it. Although the Animated Feature category is wide open thanks to the absence of The Lego Movie. That one could go in so many different directions; it's wide open races like these that restore my faith in 'awards season'!
  7. Rest
    1 Week Ago 09:24 AM
    I totally get you. I used to be a bit bitter about bad films getting the lion's share in nominations, and bad films getting nominated at all (I was pissed about Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close getting BP but I'm whatever about it now) but I can look past things like that happening these days. I can enjoy the fact that Jonah Hill is now a two-time Oscar nominee and Jackass is an Oscar-nominated film series, hahaha.

    Well, like I said I haven't seen most of the nominated films but I do enjoy that Steve Carell's an Oscar nominee now and I love the nod for The Tale of the Princess Kaguya in Animated Feature, which almost makes up for The LEGO Movie exclusion. Otherwise, everything looks pretty OK, like you said. Nothing surprising from what we've been seeing in the awards season so far.
  8. Mr Cat Dog
    1 Week Ago 08:29 AM
    Mr Cat Dog
    Now we're all cross-purposes! Yay!

    As I've gotten older, I've sorta managed not to care as much about the actual nominations themselves but just get wrapped up in the spectacle of the whole thing, if that makes sense. At the end of the day, the films you like aren't 'improved' by getting Oscar nominations, much like the ones that are 'snubbed' aren't castigated. When I started off being all obsessive about this, many years ago, I'd get really annoyed if something I liked didn't get a nomination, but now I've got to a stage where I can be happy with things I like (Grand Budapest, Birdman) getting them, and also not feel like crap when things I don't like (Imitation Game/Theory of Everything) get them also. Which is sort of why I often try and look for unexpected treasures, like the Inherent Vice costumes or Marion Cotillard or the like.

    I realise that's a very convoluted answer, but I guess they were OK. Tl;dr and all that!
  9. Rest
    1 Week Ago 08:04 AM
    And sorry for the late reply, I've just been away from my laptop, only been checking in via phone, hahah. I'll check The Hum out. I've listened to Album Time but it didn't impress or make a mark on me that much, I'll give it a re-listen again though, though I love anyone who has Black Messiah at the top of their AOTY list. It's such a triumphant and successful comeback for D'Angelo. Seriously, Ain't That Easy, 1000 Deaths and Sugah Daddy give me goosebumps all the time. Super glad you liked Holy Vacants, it's a near-perfect album in my eyes. It's rock music morphing into so many different forms of anger and madness.

    Nope. I watched Black Coal Thin Ice via more "surreptitious methods". We have zero art films going through Malaysia besides the local crud so I have to resort to shiftier methods of watching them, heheh.

    What do you think of the nominations this year? Good? Bad? I can't tell really because I've only watched one of the Best Picture nominees (Boyhood, hahaha). By this weekend I'll go on an Oscar marathon though. Whiplash is next in my queue of film-watching.
  10. Mr Cat Dog
    1 Week Ago 07:59 AM
    Mr Cat Dog
    YES FUCKING YES are the exact three words I screamed at my laptop while my brother looked on very confused. Would rather it have been for The Immigrant but I'm happy either way.

    People seem dismayed by the lack of Selma noms (which I'm seeing on Monday so can't comment) and Nightcrawler ones (which I've seen and, for the most part, agree with). My favourite nominee is probably the Costume Design for Inherent Vice. I found the film a bit of a mess, but those costumes were absolutely gorgeous and perfectly in sync with the film's weird vibe. How about you.

    (Also, Pazz and Jop is introducing me to lots and lots of good music this year!)

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