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Conversation Between Hiroshi Sotomura and MegaMaccer
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  1. Hiroshi Sotomura
    June 5th, 2009 5:44 PM
    Hiroshi Sotomura
  2. MegaMaccer
    June 5th, 2009 5:39 PM
    Uhh, I can't see it >.< I think you have enabled only your friends to see the contact info section? What am I saying, you're an admin Just let me know where the "Send Message" section is
  3. Hiroshi Sotomura
    June 5th, 2009 4:47 PM
    Hiroshi Sotomura
    There's a menu called "Send Message"…
  4. MegaMaccer
    June 5th, 2009 4:36 PM
    I've got a review together, I'm just wondering how I get it to you... I can't send a PM, due to the lack of a contact section in your profile Would you like me to send it via VM?
  5. Hiroshi Sotomura
    June 5th, 2009 2:29 AM
    Hiroshi Sotomura
    You can submit a review or do an interview, but you'll have to wait for a particular issue depending on the queue.
  6. MegaMaccer
    June 5th, 2009 12:22 AM
    Ladeedaa... Review or interview? I need to know
  7. MegaMaccer
    June 4th, 2009 8:28 PM
    Great I have a review I wrote for the RHN, but I believe that isn't going to exist now that this is up... Or you can give me a project. I'm pretty quick with my reviews, or interviews. Whichever you would like
  8. Hiroshi Sotomura
    June 4th, 2009 8:20 PM
    Hiroshi Sotomura
    Go ahead. You'll need to submit something within the next few days, though. (Or a week, maybe. The first issue can do without some of the main things?)
  9. MegaMaccer
    June 4th, 2009 7:37 PM
    Hey there Hiroshi, I'm just wondering if I could apply for a job in your Hacking Newsletter? I worked on the RHN doing reviews, and I was also an interviewer. Just let me know if I'm in or not
  10. MegaMaccer
    March 10th, 2009 7:29 PM
    Sorry about that Haraken, its all cleared up now, the guy got back online and sorted it out. Sorry for mucking you round
  11. MegaMaccer
    March 10th, 2009 7:12 PM
    Hey there, I know you may not be the right person to ask, but this is urgent. There is a post on my hack, Pokemon Torzach, and I need it removed. It is revealing valuable information about the hack, that we don't want the public to see. I need it removed ASAP, it is by Milk, and he accuses us of sprite theft, and we never stole anything. If you could do it, it would be awesome Thanks in advance

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