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Conversation Between GolurkIsDaBomb and Starsprite
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  1. GolurkIsDaBomb
    July 30th, 2012 09:50 PM
    Okay. For the kittens! Hey, now I know where I'll get all the money from, meh heheheh. Admission fees!!! (good thing you can't read this)

    Meh. All I feel is tiredness. Nothing interesting is happeni-OHMOTHERFUDGINGHEFI VISVCOJDSN VJFOSN DCIOAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You probably wouldn't get it.
    We should probably suggest this to the army (and then we'll make lots of moolah!
  2. Starsprite
    July 30th, 2012 09:07 PM
    Well I mean, your so- is nice and all, but copious amounts of money would make it even better. Just think of it this way, I'll donate 70% of it to charities that feed starving kittens. 70% of a lot. Seriously, the judge is going to say, "My ruling is that GolurkIsDaBomb has to pay Starsprite a lot of money, exactly to the dollar." Oh. Sounds lovely! Especially all those kind, caring souls who will be enjoying a good time with me.

    You will now feel a mild discomfort, slightly akin to death by radiation poisoning while burning in an oil fire. Don't worry, it will go away very shortly.

    You know, I just realized how ironically un-ironic using intentional irony is...if that makes any sense. This is like a revolutionary new discovery in the world of encryption!
  3. GolurkIsDaBomb
    July 30th, 2012 08:58 PM
    Well I am signing away my so - shouldn't that cover it? Of course! You'd have fun bouncing around and so would the audience! They're laughing with you, not at you!

    I'm GolurkIsDaBomb, and I approve this message.

    That's not what they think. They're the ones who do or wear things to BE ironic, because they are so ahead of the curb. Damn it! I can't see a damn thing with this stupid line in the way. :D
  4. Starsprite
    July 30th, 2012 08:53 PM
    Fine, fine. But I'm suing you if I get some sort of nasty disease. Just remember that you had everything to do with this. Both? Are you sure it's both. Because I don't find that sensation to be quite as appealing as you seem to.

    Er...why yes! Sell your so is what I meant. Come on now, sign away.

    But they are for purely ironic purposes! Not that I'm really a hipster, but you don't know that because there's a line over this sentence.
  5. GolurkIsDaBomb
    July 30th, 2012 08:43 PM
    Oh come on now! You just need to have a little spirit, and hope! You. Can. DO IT!!! Go for the gold! Both.

    Sell my so? Sounds good! :D

    But hipsters are so...so... so ASDFGHJKL!
  6. Starsprite
    July 30th, 2012 05:01 PM
    Well I think I'll just refrain, since I'd get sick before I got large. Would that be fun for me, or for a large audience? D:

    Okay, now I just need you to sign here, here, here below the line, here in the box, here, here under the number three, and here to sell your so- finalize this transaction. Okay?

  7. GolurkIsDaBomb
    July 30th, 2012 04:55 PM
    Well, you'll never know until you try it! :D And being large would be fun! You could bounce around like a beach ball


  8. Starsprite
    July 30th, 2012 04:51 PM
    Well me too, of course. I'm not the type to eat entire cakes at a time. Now if I could, and there weren't any consequences (getting sick, getting very very large, not liking cake anymore) I might, but until then...

    Two weeks. We got a deal?

    *ironically evil laughter*
  9. GolurkIsDaBomb
    July 30th, 2012 04:42 PM
    Mmm well as much as I like cake, I tend to only have a slice instead of the whole thing... XD

    Good point. Maybe even two months, perhaps.

    You =

  10. Starsprite
    July 30th, 2012 04:01 PM
    Doesn't everybody do that when they eat cake though? xD

    5? Hardly. I was thinking 5 months.

    Oh, well it's very exclusive. You probably haven't heard of it.

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