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Conversation Between Mockingjay and The Prince of Sweet Sorrow
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  1. The Prince of Sweet Sorrow
    April 18th, 2012 12:04 AM
    The Prince of Sweet Sorrow
    Aww.. how long will you be late? 1 hour?

    I always drink coke with spicy food. Always, I don't even eat if there's none in the fridge..

    LOL WHERE?! xD

    /fall on knees Pretty please? oh I'm sure you wouldn't be able to resist my pretty please face.

    Um, because. I'd love doing all that.

    Only run? o-o

    I slept like a brick. No dreams, nothing.. lol maybe it's because I sleeped late. I'll PM you about my ideas though.

    We'd be able to talk so much more.
  2. Mockingjay
    April 17th, 2012 05:14 PM
    Oh, tomorrow I have to stay after school to take a test I missed when I was sick a few weeks ago. :P

    Lemons are just gross. ;-; Spicy foods? I like spicy foods if there is water nearby... :D

    Cloudy weather is annoying. Unless it's just a few clouds. I like to point out clouds and scream, "IT'S A GIRAFFE!"

    It all depends, Ray..it all depends. I really like my hair for myself!(:

    I'd cry from being red. Why, Ray?! You sir, you.

    Exercises? Please. I don't dance around with soccer moms. I run. xD

    I have some ideas...but you start it out!

    Maybe I should get MSN ... lol.

  3. The Prince of Sweet Sorrow
    April 17th, 2012 03:26 PM
    The Prince of Sweet Sorrow
    That's beyond awesome, oh my whoever. I'm so happy right now~ I'll just see you tomorrow at 5, then.

    They're tasty when combined with good stuff.. and yeah you're not supposed to drink that stuff anyway. xD
    I like spicy food... very much. My mom was always saying I eat pepper with rice.. -.- lol

    Cloudy weather gets me down sometimes.. I can't feel happy if it's cloudy, I feel unconfortable and have literally no desire to do anything. Just lay on my bed and look at the ceiling.

    I don't care what you say. Angel hair 8D You would let me fondle it, yeah? :}

    That flatters me alot~
    I'd go behind you, grab your waist, slide my hand onto yours and raise them - shoulder high. Then I'd whisper: "Would you take offense if I planted a kiss on that beautiful shoulder?"
    Like a sir. :D

    You go do your exercises, I'll try to have nightmares when I go to sleep. xD I really wanna do this with you, write our own book. Anyway - sweet dreams to you too, when you sleep. ^^

    It's late yeah, I'll be online at 5 your time no matter what. We can talk for an hour then.. but then again we won't talk much, since it takes like 20 mins for a PM~ xD It was nice talkin' to you :D
  4. Mockingjay
    April 17th, 2012 03:15 PM
    Spring break next week for me, hahaha! No school, no worries~

    Ah...lemons. I don't like lemons, or anything sour. I don't see why people like sour stuff.


    hahaha, I love my Mudkip...it stays permanently in my bed. :D. But no, it isn't angel hair! Angel hair makes me think of straight hair that flows with the wind. That's how it's usually portrayed; I don't see curls that often, unless they're babies.

    I'm sure that you can, Ray! I don't doubt it one bit.(:

    Hey, my dad's going to be home soon. I'm going to the gym and whatnot. So, I think that you should sleep after you read this.. xD. Goodnight & sweet dreams to you, Ray! Unless you WANT to have some nightmares...because, after all, we need some ideas for our "book!"

    If you can't fall asleep or whatever, I'll be back in an hour o:. I suggest sleep, though...it's late over there!
  5. The Prince of Sweet Sorrow
    April 17th, 2012 03:06 PM
    The Prince of Sweet Sorrow
    I hate it too. I'll just stay for one more, okay? ):Don't worry, summer's coming.

    No, not really. She just mixed dish-washing cleaning stuff with lemons and sprayed the plant, she's done more stuff like that, but I don't really pay attention to be honest. lol

    Oh, screw families. There are alot of things I don't like about them, I can't even list them.. SO HOWS WEATHER GOIN'?

    It is, I saw that Mudkip; the angle of the photo just compliments your hair. Angel <3

    ): I can prove it. I can pull off some sweet stuff~ :B
  6. Mockingjay
    April 17th, 2012 02:56 PM
    Why must there be a 8 hour time difference! Noooo!

    Yeah, whenever they smell a plant from however far away, they eat them to death. It's such a shame. :\. Did she plant certain plants that make the bugs go away as well? There's quite a few stuff made from foods and whatnot that will make bugs go away xD

    My family knows I have reasons to not smile, though.. at family reunions on my dad's side, it's "Jessi's mom this" or "what did that crazy woman do now?!" On my mom's side, however..there's just someone crying or something.

    Well, maybe so, but not all the time. It depends on how I feel at the time. I'll just run up to my friends and go like "TOUCH MY HAAAAIRRR" but 10 minutes later I'll slap them away. :o

    Angel hair, though? Haha, my hair isn't angel hair...

    You lil piglet, you! I'll make bacon out of you!(:

    Oh, fair gentleman...bwahaha.
  7. The Prince of Sweet Sorrow
    April 17th, 2012 02:31 PM
    The Prince of Sweet Sorrow
    Okay, no need for rushing. We've got all the time in the universe. ;D But I gotta sleep..

    And they ruin your plants, right? My mom had some trouble with them until she made up her own insect-killing stuff which wasn't harmful to the plant itself. She's awesome 8D

    I can imagine.. I smile as a getaway. I can get on their good side; PROFIT!

    o: but I'd fondle it all day.. would you let me? If not.. I'd be like "Must.. resist.. touching.. ANGEL HAIR!"

    Now that's completly reasonable. I guess I'm more of a pig, to put it this way. xD I hope you don't really believe that, though. I'm a gentleman in heart.
  8. Mockingjay
    April 17th, 2012 02:17 PM
    aaaaaaagh. I'll do that later or something. I have to do my chores, so I'm trying to hurry this reply up lol

    I personally hate insects as well. They're just a bit too annoying. They sting and bite and get EVERYWHERE. You attack one, it's like suicide. -.-

    I just give blank stares. I don't smile in awkward situations like that. haha.

    I don't like when people touch my hair, unless I let them. I don't even let my dad touch my hair. backhanding him like crazy.

    I don't eat anything when I watch something! I eat only at breakfast, lunch, or dinner..unless I skipped a meal and I'm completely hungry and need to make it up.
  9. The Prince of Sweet Sorrow
    April 17th, 2012 02:05 PM
    The Prince of Sweet Sorrow
    I can imagine.. lol Well why don't you mimic your angry voice?

    o: That's one serious trauma.. My mother was afraid of cockroaches and well, when we went on holidays, dad wasn't there to clean up the place. So I shouldered the duty and became HEROOO
    I don't know how that's relevant, but that's a kind of trauma as well; now I HATE all kinds of insects - no they don't disgust me, I just hate them. It's personal - I even believe they don't originate from Earth.. they just can't! some have over 40 legs or eyes, seriously?!

    Sweet mother of whoever. I'd just fake a smile and look away so they don't notice my eyes having that murderous sense in them.

    They're just trying to control you.. family's annoying at times. :/ it's like they actually love what they're doing and have absolutly no clue whether you like it or not, or they simply don't care.. ignorance is a bad thing.

    What do you usually eat when watching something, then?
  10. Mockingjay
    April 17th, 2012 01:51 PM
    It won't work like that...it just won't work... :\

    I don't know why they scare me. I might have fallen down when I was a kid or something.

    "Oh, Jessi-girl, you've gotten so big! You're so beautiful now! I remember when you were a hyperactive baby, screamin and hollerin in church. You got away with EVERYTHING!"

    To which I reply.."I don't remember any of that..."

    and this is some family member that I don't even recognize lol. They always try to touch my hair.

    I LOOVE fluffy blankets o:. I don't like popcorn...but I never eat it, anyway.

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