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Conversation Between Wobbu and Miau
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  1. Wobbu
    4 Weeks Ago 10:45 AM
    That's a good enough reason for me :P Even though I did plan my final team before the games were released, I used random Pokémon that I caught so I could have a full team of six at all times (since a couple members of my team took as far as Mt. Pyre to catch). But once they evolved into their final form, I would switch them with another newly caught Pokémon.

    And Fire Fang Poochyena is the best :P
  2. Miau
    4 Weeks Ago 09:50 AM
    Nope, I just caught one very early in the game, and she's adorable, so I kept her, especially since I really do like Masquerain and wanted to use one. I also have a Poochyena with Thunder Fang, that I caught with the new sneaking up feature.

    I really didn't plan my team before starting the game, and the idea was to just catch Pokemon and use anything that caught my eye until at least after they evolved. Thing is, I tend to get attached to my little pixels, so I'm not sure when I'll be changing my team to try out some of the Pokemon I have stored in the PC
  3. Wobbu
    4 Weeks Ago 09:33 AM
    The game gets really good after you defeat Norman and can surf over to Eastern Hoenn, imo. And Surskit and its evolution are really cool Pokémon; I used one in my AS playthrough until I ultimately replaced it with Xatu :P Are you using it in this playthrough since you couldn't use it in your Emerald playthrough?
  4. Miau
    4 Weeks Ago 04:32 AM
    Haha, thank you very much, though for me that'd be like wishing to win the lottery without buying the tickets. I haven't been a very diligent Pokemon Trainer lately, let alone breeder. I'm slowly playing my way through AS, no guides or anything, and it's especially fun since I've only ever played Emerald a long time ago, and only up to Norman's Gym, so lots of things are new to me, including the Pokemon. I'm using a Surskit right now
  5. Wobbu
    4 Weeks Ago 07:28 AM
    Same to you! Hopefully 2015 will be the year of gratuitous shiny egg hatching :P
  6. Miau
    4 Weeks Ago 07:06 AM
    Thank you! Happy new year, hope it's a great one!
  7. Wobbu
    4 Weeks Ago 05:00 AM
    Happy birthday MIAU!!
  8. Miau
    August 11th, 2014 10:49 AM
    Thank you!
  9. Wobbu
    August 11th, 2014 02:06 AM
    Happy PC anniversary :D
  10. Wobbu
    July 31st, 2014 08:56 PM
    Suddenly I'm involved in six VM convos atm, and two at the same time is struggling enough for me... So once again I'm taking forever to reply to everyone >_>

    I received many powers from that bond guy who hangs out in the hotels and PokéCenters. I never used them because I thought they were a one-time use item (so I wanted to collect them all rather than losing them) but, if they are rechargeable, I'll definitely use them :P

    I have a spare Lucky Egg in Black 2 that I can transfer, but I can't remember if items are transferable... I have yet to use the Friends Safari (and ilias_ is the only person who I've registered an FC for haha) but I can live without Lucky Eggs. They do make things easier but most evolutions occur before Lv. 30, which doesn't take too long to reach. Grinding on the E4 gets that accomplished in no time flat.

    Female Chimchar are just as rare as shiny Chimchar, it seems... As soon as I get back home and have access to my 3DS, I'll see which Pokémon I need and send you a message. Thanks ahead of time :D

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